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Mickey G: I Don’t Do It in My Private Life

Porn Valley- Mickey G was on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night with his girlfriend Roxetta. Minutes before, Roxetta had been on Taylor Wane’s show where she talked about one ex boyfriend who bought her drugs, another who gave her a car and an ex-husband who stole from his mother to take her traveling around the world. Roxetta’s now living with Mickey G who was formerly married to Missy who went holy roller.

“We’ve been dating for six months,” Roxetta told Wankus.

“Do you fuck him in the ass?” Wankus wanted to know.

“I never fucked him in the ass,” she said. Asked why not, Mickey G said he’s only taken it in the ass three times in his career but never in his private life.

“It was just a money-thing.” Mickey G also noted that one of those scenes was with Dee.

“She talks about it on her show a lot,” said Wankus. Mickey mentioned another of those scenes also being with Missy.

“I just did it because I’m not homophobic- it’s a pay check,” Mickey added, noting that Roxetta did a scene like that the other day and had all the girls on the set cracking up.

“She was fucking this guy in the ass- she goes take it in your little money-maker, you bitch,” Mickey related. Roxetta said the guy was complaining, that he didn’t want to take it up his ass.

“I was, like, that’s why you’re here,” said Roxetta. “I’m going to fuck you in your ass whether you like it or not. He was, like, ooooooooh, my butt, it hurts! I’m like, you bitch. Take it in your money-maker. And then I started fucking him really hard.”

Wankus asked who the male talent was and Roxetta conveniently forgot the guy’s name. Co-host Rebecca Love said she’d remember the name of a guy she fucked in the ass. Wankus then asked Mickey what he was up to.

“We’re working together as a team,” was his answer.

“He can’t work,” explained Roxetta. “He’s off the market.” Mickey explained that he turned down a job with Wicked the other day to work with twins.

“They’re the Vivid twins,” he said. “What it is, I think if you’re in a relationship in porn, one person has to be an anchor and has to be dedicated.” Noting that Roxetta and Mickey were living together, Wankus asked if she was paying the bills. Roxetta said she was.

“He works for LA Nite Life,” she added. “He has his own thing.” Mickey also let it be known he has other means of income.

“We’re doing some art and we’re doing some paintings,” said Roxetta who seems to have a thing for artists. “We’re planning, hopefully, to get it exhibited in a gallery. We’re painting very erotic art.” Roxetta indicated that Mickey’s skills are improving a lot.

“I went to art school and I went for four years,” she continued. “I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications. I did a lot of painting and that’s what I really like to do.” Roxetta thinks she’ll be putting samples up on her work-in-progress website,

Wankus recalled a situation involving Roxetta on the Sex Factor shoot.

“You kind of freaked out on the set because they picked some other girl to win or something,” he said. According to Roxetta it wasn’t that.

“The director told me that I was going to win if I did more explicit things than the other girls,” she said. “So I did much more explicit things and he lied so I got really angry about that. But I got Mickey to keep me in line now. I’m not going to get too hot headed.”

Wankus complimented Roxetta on how good she looked on that program, and Roxetta replied that she just doesn’t like to get fucked with.

“I guess that comes from my days when I was living with a biker,” she said. “Stand up for yourself or else you get beaten down. Other than that everything’s okay, and if no one’s lying to me or doing anything unscrupulous then I’m okay.” Wankus told her she was in the wrong business for honesty.

Mickey mentioned that he and Roxetta would also be working on projects involving the fetish world.

“Hardcore fetish,” Roxetta expounded. “One thing I don’t like about fetish, is that there’s so much pain but not enough pleasure. It’s like when do you get to treat the slave. The slave never gets treated.” Wankus agreed.

“I always like the reward after I get my ass kicked,” Wankus joked. “I was in prison once, and they finally sucked my dick after they all butt-raped me in the fucking laundry room. I appreciated that!”

“That’s funny,” said Roxetta. Wankus also congratulated Mickey on his recent AVN Hall of Fame entry.

“Did that make you feel, like, I’m fuckin’ old or that they finally noticed me?” Mickey said he’s won maybe eight or nine awards throughout the years so he’s been noticed.

“It just kind of made a little landmark to move up to the next level,” he said. “I’ve been focusing on production and directing. We’ll be coming out with some things this year that will be pretty good.” Love commented that Roxetta had some pretty interesting fetish pix up on her site.

“It started with a boyfriend that I had- I used to date this tattoo artist,” Roxetta continued. “He couldn’t get off unless I was tied up.” Asked how she and Mickey met, Roxetta said it was on a set. Roxetta casually mentioned that besides an ex-husband there was also some other guy from Australia she dumped.

“I got rid of them,” she said, noting that Mickey falls in line with her thing for artists.

“He’s a really good guy- I’m totally in love with him,” she said. “I’d do anything for him.”


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