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Mike Barbella- Porn’s Ultimate Fall From Grace

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Few men in porn fall from grace the way Mike Barbella did.

In fact Barbella landed in an alleyway ‘mid the ringing clatter of trash can lids and groaning, junked up hobos.

Barbella was hot shit in the business at one time. He was the top dog in sales at Metro when Metro was a powerhouse out of Rhode Island. Something happened, though. It was drugs. It was Barbella’s temper. He could be the nicest, sweetest of guys then thunder would strike in his brain and out would pour a torrent of what-the-fuck. Was this the same guy?

No question about it. Barbella was a great salesman, but it got to the point that he couldn’t hold down a job. If Barbella worked for at least a dozen porn companies- JM Productions, Elegant Angel, VIP, Astral Ocean, Cream Entertainment, and the list goes on, I’m probably minimizing his stats.

I think the last porn saw of Mike Barbella was when he and Jeff Krull got into a literal wrestling match at Extreme Associates when Krull made some comments Barbella didn’t particularly like.

Barbella went on to start a computer maintenance company and was pretty good at fixing the damned things if they got hit with a virus. Barbella told me he picked up the knack when he’d be “tweaking” late at night and would start taking hard drives apart to see how they worked. Maybe they worked against him.

In October, 2008 Barbella was arrested by LAPD on kiddie porn charges.

Whether Barbella was operating sites, taking pictures with underage children or communicating with law enforcement posing as minors is not clear. But Barbella was taken into custody.

Predictably Barbella had a series of economic reverses and had been staying with a friend, Steve Volponi, who’s a salesman for Devil’s Film. Volponi, gave Barbella, who had been living there at least six months, the run of his house. But Barbella would sometimes disappear for several days at a time and when questioned as to his whereabouts would get sarcastic and start calling Volponi “daddy”.

The police, arrived in riot gear, at 7am on a Tuesday morning. They confiscated five of Barbella’s lap top computers which were on the premises.

Volponi, who answered the door was handcuffed briefly and questioned outside by the police. But it was quickly determined that Volponi was not implicated, although Barbella had been working off of Volponi’s web account. Volponi was also asked by the police if the handle “Big Daddy” was familiar to him which was apparently Barbella’s web name.

Barbella was then awakened, brought downstairs by the police who threw a blanket over his head. Barbella then went into a fetal position.

One of the cops who was doing forensics on Barbella’s computers was apparently shaken by some of the images he saw on screen and was asked by another officer if he was okay.

What the content was, was never made known, except Barbella’s case has been active for four years. What the resolution of the case was, has never been reported, either, which is very strange for kiddie porn cases.

It was rumored that Barbella for a time had moved in with his mother. But now he’s a registered sex offender and his last known address is Inglewood, California.


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