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Mike Kulich on Amber Lynn’s Show Gives the Skinny on Showcase Studios

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Amber Lynn thought it would be great to have Monarchy Distribution’s Mike Kulich on her show.

“You make porn- you’re a pornographer,” she said. Maybe Kulich wouldn’t have put it that way.

“We try,” said Kulich.

“I started in the business working for IVD, Frank Koretsky so I built a good rapport with a lot of the other companies, distributors and stores so when I started my company, my goal was to offer distribution for people who shoot for their own websites and are primarily Internet based companies. I cater to those people, and I shoot a couple of movies a month that are ours

Kulich explained how he’ll work with independent people who shoot their own content, market themselves and how he’ll package the final product. Kulich mentioned that he also works with Kelly Shibari where he packages her product and distributes for her.

Kulich this week visited the San Diego Jewish Community Center as a guest lecturer. Kulich addressed the audience along with Rabbi Gary Katz for an event entitled Taboo Talks: Jews and Adult Entertainment.

Kulich said there was maybe 200 people in the audience and he was nervous although he has appeared on adult forums.

“I’m fairly religious,” added Kulich.

“They make very smart business people,” agreed Lynn wondering if women were passing out at the presentation. Kulich, 26, said he enjoys reading the history of the adult business.

“It was cool to do all my research and talk about Reuben Sturman and Fred Hirsch and talk about the business back in the Seventies and Eighties,” said Kulich.

“Reuben Sturman was the adult industry.”

Lynn said when she started in the business she shared a booth with Ginger Lynn and Reuben had Vidco and Steve Hirsch at Vivid. Kulich said he also talked about how porn is perceived from a Jewish perspective.

“They even asked me if there was anything in the Torah that prohibits pornography. I had to say there’s nothing in the Torah that condones it. The Rabbi agreed with me. We all make deals with God. I do it every day.”

Kulich noted that the last 10 years haven’t been kind to the business and that a lot of companies have sold their older content and gone out of business.

“We’ve bought a lot of different libraries and have licensed content from older companies that were around the Nineties and the early 2000’s so we have a pretty vast library,” Kulich noted.

“We’ve started a company called Showcase Studios where someone like Amber, if she has the market and fan following and she wants to sell her own product, we’ll make a custom video of just her. It’ll be scenes throughout her career from 2012 all the way back to the 1990’s.”

Kulich said the first such video was made for Kiki Daire which contains five scenes.

“The dates of the scenes are from 1998 to a scene she just shot last year. So it’s good for her fans,” said Kulich.

“A lot of her fans contacted her and said, ‘I want a DVD where I can see you throughout your career.’ Because if they want something she just shot and want to see something she did ten years ago they’d have to buy two separate things.

“With this they can buy a DVD of her with scenes throughout her career. The great part is they can only buy it from Kiki. There’s no other place where they can get it. We’ll custom make it for them [the performers]; we’ll design everything with them.”

Lynn asked how permission was secured to redistribute the project.

“The companies that we have contracts with we have non exclusive DVD distribution rights for everything,” replied Kulich.

“We can take a scene they own from the Nineties and put it in any movie we want. This is a good way to try and monetize the old content but also put it into the hands of a girl.”

Lynn said she’s seen what Kulich is talking about and that it looks fresh and really nice.

“It’s great for girls who are out on the road dancing,” she added.

“They want to bring a new DVD for their fans or give them away on their website or sell them whatever they want to do.”

“We charge such a low price to the girls that it gets down to the point where they can give it away as an award,” said Kulich.

“If you have a wish list and someone buys you a $20 gift you can send them this DVD and it really doesn’t cost you much and it’s a great way for them to brand themselves.

Asked how he can be contacted, Kulich said because the website hasn’t been launched yet, the best way to get a hold of him is on his twitter, XXXMonarchy.

“Just tweet me and say you’re interested; we’ll go into our database and see everything we have available through our licensing contracts that stars the girl. We’ll tell you what we have and if this is something they’re interested in doing we’ll edit it, design a box cover, market it, and everything.”

Asked if ever thought about being talent, Kulich said other than appearing in a BTS in a Cesar Capone movie, he never gave it a thought.

“It was something that never interested me.”


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