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Mike Moz’s Breakdance Party- final

Porn Valley- Stormy Daniels was almost late for her own KSEX show this week, Daniels explaining how she had the show worked out with a guest- Austin Kincaid, who is in one of Daniels’ recent movies. “We had her all prepped and ready to get very nasty for you.” Daniels indicated that Kincaid was ready to accept objects in her orifices. But, said Daniels, LA Direct couldn’t manage to schedule their drivers properly.

“We tried to rush over and pick her up. The 101 was a parking lot,” reported Daniels. “We got halfway there and said, fuck it. We won’t make it. We have to go straight to the studio.” That, said Daniels offered reasons why she was both late and why Kincaid wasn’t going to be on the show. Daniels then offered promise that Kincaid might take a cab to KSEX. “It’s not her fault. She’s a very nice girl and she was very excited about being here. She was talking about it all week.” It was only a half hour before her show that Daniels found out that Kincaid didn’t have a ride, she said.

Daniels also apologized for looking like crap, explaining that Wicked Pictures was shooting its comedy of the year, that instead of spoofing Sci-Fi like it had done with Space Nuts, horror movies were up for grabs. “Like a Scary Movie idea,” she said. Daniels said her call time has been anywhere between 5 pm and 11 pm. “And wrapping when the sun comes up.” Co-host Mike Moz pointed out that people who don’t live in California might not realize how cold it can get at night and that Daniels was shooting scenes in the middle of the woods.

“I did this to myself,” Daniels laughed, noting that she and Jonathan Morgan co-wrote the movie. “But I also got to pick what part I wanted to play. I decided to play the part that had me wearing the least amount of clothes, so the other four main characters in the movie are all in jeans and leather jackets. “And I’m prancing around the woods in the freezing cold, in the rain- it poured one day- wearing nothing but a tiny little top and high heels. You try running through the woods in high heels and a school girl skirt.”

On Tuesday of the past week, the shoot was in Palmdale and there was a sandstorm, Daniels said. “You’re in the desert and you’d think you’d be warm. It was funny but still freezing. Daniels said she did a fourway that included Tommy Gunn and Voodoo. “I love Voodoo. It’s been like 2 1/2 years since I got to work with him and I love him. When he gets really excited he talks dirty in French. I don’t know what he’s saying but I don’t care.” Daniels said the movie was a seven day shoot. “And there was one night where we ran out “night”. So we had to move my sex scenes to another day.” Daniels said that scene was to be picked up later in the evening after her Wednesday night show. After that, Daniels said it was a wrap and that the movie would be out in September. “Just in time for awards.”

On the subject of awards, Moz pointed out that XRCO was coming up with Daniels noting she wasn’t nominated for anything. Moz said XRCO was weird this year in that Jared Rutter who used to set the program up was now with AVN.

“I think that Dirty Bob had something to do with it this year. I’m not really sure who organized it but I know they just sent out the dates.” Noting that she had been sick last year, Daniels said she planned on having fun this year to make up for it. Daniels left the award show early with a 103 temperature. “But I had to go because I hosted the first half of the show and I was so miserable.”

It was mentioned that all the Wicked girls would also be signing at Erotica L.A. On another subject, Moz said he and a friend of his, Mark Nicholson, who’s a production manager for Wicked Pictures, got together and decided to have a break dancing party. “It sounds a little goofy.”

Moz was of the personal opinion that a movie titled Breakin’ was one of the top films of all times. Daniels said there was something wrong with him. Moz noted that the film starred Lucinda Dickey along with Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers. Daniels said she was 5 when the movie came out in 1984. Daniels continued to ask Moz what was wrong with him. On a night that Moz didn’t show up on the Wicked set because it was too cold, Daniels said people were asking what was with the break dancing party. “I’m like I’m staying out of it,” she said.

“All I know is that it started off in my apartment, and now it’s gotten so big they have to have a venue for this.” Daniels said there were rumors that Moz was installing a velcro wall. Moz concurred and said there would also be a trampoline. Moz said if anyone out there breakdances and wants to put on some shows they could e-mail him at [email protected]; or Nicholson at [email protected]. Moz said they were also looking for sponsors and would have press to cover the event. Mox invited potential sponsors to e-mail either him or Nicholson. “It’ll be a good time.”

Asked if he was going to break dance, Moz said he might do the robot and Daniels said Jessica Drake did it during the Wicked shoot. “She had to. It was in the script.” Daniels also quipped that she was going to get a custom made sports bra for the party. “It has Velcro on it so I can stick to the wall.”

A caller-in, Quincy, asked Daniels her opinion of how she got portrayed in HBO’s Pornucopia. “I actually think Pornucopia was very good not just for me but for the industry as a whole,” she replied. “They definitely portrayed us as being a legit business which, of course, we are.” Daniels said she got a lot of positive feedback from it. Moz agreed that the series had to sensationalize some elements to grab everyone’s attention particularly the episode about the porn performer who had been a former Baptist minister. Asked if she would ever do interracial, Daniels said everyone makes a big deal of the issue. “I don’t understand what the big deal is,” she said. “It’s not something I’ve ever said no to. It’s just that it’s never come up. I hate to say this but I do features and it just seems like I work with the same guys over and over.” Daniels said that most of the black guys she’d consider working with seem to be under contract with other companies. “And there’s nothing I can do about that. Lexington Steele is under contract. It seems like everybody.”

And because Wicked is condom-only, Daniels said it poses another problem. “A lot of guys that I want to work with= black, white it doesn’t matter- a lot of them won’t work with me because they won’t work with a condom.” Daniels said she’s also wanted to do a scene with male performer of the year Michael Steffano. “I thought it would be good for me and he wouldn’t do it. He turned me down because of condom-only.” Speaking frankly, Daniels said she was afraid of the size of Lex’s penis. “I got to hold it once. We were on set one day. He was there and I was watching him work.” Daniels said she asked if she could touch it. “He thought it was funny.” And when Daniels asked if she could put it in her mouth, Steele apparently told her to go sit in a corner. Quincy was also of the opinion that if Daniels did a scene with Steele it would have to win an award.

For what it was worth, Daniels said she planned on incorporating some interracial scenes for movies she was directing. “At least my next one for sure.”

It was also mentioned that Moz and Daniels took a trip to Louisiana recently. “I don’t think he ate hardly the whole week we were there,” she said. “It was too spicy for him” Moz pointed out that he ate the swamp bugs. Daniels translated that to mean crawfish. Moz was of the opinion that everyone in Baton Rouge is issued big pots at birth. Stormy said they’re Jambalaya pots. “And you don’t wash them- ever. You rinse them out but you do not wash them.” Nevertheless, Moz said he had to go to the swamp to see where the “princess” was from. “It’s kind of ironic that she’s the princess and she’s from the swamp.” Moz said there were tons of hot chicks there. Particularly Baton Rouge, Daniels added, because it’s a college town. Daniels said Moz was trying to make it sound like she forced him to go. “Which is not the case.”

Moz also confirmed the dates of the Tampa Show as October 6 to 10. Daniels went to the show last year but didn’t remember it, she said. Moz took that to mean she was inebriated but Daniels said she doesn’t do that.

Moz also brought up the fact that Sunny Leone signed with Vivid. Daniels said they met Leone in Sacramento during the Free Speech Coalition trip. According to Daniels, the only hardcore Leone has done so far is a layout with Daniels about two years ago. Daniels also reported that she saw Wicked’s newest contract girl Keri Sable the evening before. “She was having sex in the freezing cold. I left around midnight and they hadn’t even started her scene.” Moz was complimentary of Sable, and Daniels said Sable would come to the break dance party even though she’s too young to know the music. Moz said that held for Daniels as well.


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