Mike South back posting, blog more active than ever now

Of course this attention whore Mike Strother/Mike South/Tom South couldn’t stay away. He claimed the site was going down and that he is done and then his ‘guest bloggers‘ come out of the woodwork and make the blog more active than ever now. Of course none of the articles have anything to do with porn and he uses pseudonyms to post the articles but everyone knows it’s gotta be him posting – He never had that many guest bloggers before and no one even donated to his fund. So save the sob stories. If South was cared about he would have been able to generate some donations. He’s even commenting on his own articles. “Fishing and biking” my ass! He hasn’t got the means to sit back and do nothing.

The self proclaimed “One of the most powerful men in porn” couldn’t generate money for a few reasons. For one, no one would ever give him their personal details so he can out them. Everyone remembers this scumbag paid off drug addict Jon Felosi so that he could get into Porn Wiki Leaks and harass it’s members a few years ago and make himself look like a hero. Well, he just ruined his credibility and trust with that move and came off as a scumbag because no one trusts him now. Ol’ “Uncle South” isn’t the warm, gentle soul that he tries to make himself out to be. On top of which he is involved in bukkakes that feature random guys off the street and even puts himself in some films where he shoots the scene in sleazeball motel rooms using a tripod – all untested of course.

And so the South shit show will continue indefinitely.



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