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Miss Arroyo: “That Woman Gave it To Me”

Porn Valley- Wankus wanted to have Miss Arroyo on KSEX, Friday night, particularly in light of her outburst during the Worker Health and Safety hearing earlier in the day in Van Nuys. It didn’t happen. Miss Arroyo has been wanting to come on the show for some time and Friday night would have been perfect.

But Miss Arroyo was on the phone time-on-length with Katie Morgan Friday afternoon. Morgan is part of Dick Nasty’s Nasty Modeling group, which repped Miss Arroyo.

The impression is lent that a Miss Arroyo appearance could get really mondo and so she doesn’t come on the show.

Miss Arroyo’s emotional outburst occurred while representatives of the adult industry, including AIM’s Sharon Mitchell were presenting testimony. Duke Floored reports on that Miss Arroyo was upset she wasn’t personally told about the hearing and called to testify. She also feels that AIM sold her a bill of goods with the PCR-DNA test.

“That’s the first time I heard that the test was no good. If the test is no good, then we should be using condoms,” Miss Arroyo tells reporters. [Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the CDC’s stance on it:]

Duke Floored, goes on to quote Miss Arroyo as saying: “They [AIM] didn’t call me and tell me my test was no good. They didn’t invite me to the hearings. I didn’t want to f—ing talk because I didn’t want to insult her [Mitchell]. She didn’t f—ing tell me that the test was f—ing bad. She’s telling people this is not an epidemic. She’s not telling people about the state of mind people are in. Afterwards, you are going to need counseling. I’m going to beat my HIV but that woman gave it to me. That woman enables people. She told the [gossip] sites my real f—ing name and that I’m HIV positive. And that it’s O.K. to put my picture up. Isn’t that against the law?

“But it’s not against the law because Sharon Mitchell said it’s O.K. It’s not against the law because we tested at AIM [and have to sign certain privacy rights away.] Now she’s telling people it’s O.K. to shoot without condoms. No it’s not. It’s time to start protecting people. Think about somebody who watched that movie [where no condoms are used]. I want to sue her for using my real name. Five seconds after she told me I was positive, she made a phone call [to the gossip sites]. She doesn’t protect people with HIV. There was nothing wrong with my test. There was something wrong with Darren James’s test. He shot for three weeks on a test that said he was negative when he was positive. Her PCR test didn’t pick it up.”

Gene sez: Though he couldn’t have her on his show, Wankus asked Katie Morgan, second hand, to lend some feeling she got out of her conversation with Miss Arroyo.

“She’s a very emotional person, anyway,” Morgan said. “That’s just her. She’s upset but she’s calming down.” Morgan said Miss Arroyo wants to but blame somewhere but there isn’t anywhere to put it. Wankus likened it to Lara Roxx and Morgan said, “Don’t get me started there.” Wankus asked Morgan what she meant. “I have to be good, okay? I represent other people too,” Morgan said.

Wankus chided Morgan for not embellishing on the issue she raised with Roxx. Morgan said Arroyo was in a situation similar to Roxx but that Miss Arroyo was “much less malicious.”

Wankus noted that Roxx was turning her condition into free enterprise and saying it was all the adult industry’s fault. “When I don’t really think it was.” Morgan said Miss Arroyo was looking for job and looking for a place to move to. Asked if she was stable enough to move on, Morgan said if she gets a job and gets settled. “She just has to figure out what she wants to do,” Morgan said. “She hasn’t really moved forward…much.”

Wankus noted that Jessica Dee, who was also repped by Nasty, has received directing jobs particularly with Platinum X. “Everyone’s been saying she’s one of the most stable, relaxed cool chicks about this whole situation,” Wankus continued. “But then other people say wait a second. That’s a front. She’s really unstable about it.”

Morgan said Dee was doing alright that she had a contract going and a corporation in place. “She has to get her citizenship going. She’s doing alright. But she actually lost her country over all this.” Morgan surmised that it had to do with Dee’s finncial condition in that she can’t afford to travel back and forth to the Czech Republic. “And she said they were being kind of hard on her in the news back there, too.”

Asked if she were in similar straits would she be freaking out at press conferences, Morgan said she didn’t know. “My thing with Sharon is she’s not perfect but I don’t care. She’s at least doing something. And I know I wouldn’t be in the industry without her. I don’t think many people would. I know lots of girls that wouldn’t have come in without the testing.”

Wankus also asked Morgan if she thought people contracting HIV was in any way Mitchell’s fault. Morgan said no and Wankus said he felt the same way. “Lara was blaming her and now it sounds like Miss Arroyo was blaming her today. Why are they blaming her for something they did?”

Morgan said the problem is people forget. “The girls, especially. Sharon Mitchell is like the Bible. I know she doesn’t want to be; and she doesn’t mean to be but she is. When things go wrong they turn back to her and it’s not her job. It’s just not. It’s like blaming your doctor because you get sick. What do you want?”


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