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Miss Meadow: On Crank a Quarter of Her Life

Da Burglar posts the following interview on **She is by far the most candid and open interview subject yet***

“10 Questions with Da Burglar” – Miss Meadow Edition

1a) Meadow, you are friend’s with Porn’s most lovable, sexy stoner, Sierra Sinn, and you have developed your own reputation as being a super sexy stoner . Everyone wants to know, does Pot REALLY enhance your sexual pleasure or does it just make it easier for you to do porn? Or both?

Meadow: “Both for sure, weed even makes me horny sometime. I cant perform unless Ive just smoked a fresh bowl of ganja. I pretty much cant do anything without being blazed though. If you wanna see me smoking some herb, go to and I am the 420 girl of the month.”

1b) Where does the best Pot come from, in your opinion?

Meadow: “The Pacific Northwest for sure, but Im from there so of course Im gonna say that. Alaska and northern Cali both grow some pretty nice headies though too.”

**Da Burglar adds: “Now that I am living a couple hours North Of San Fran, I can personally attest to the quality of Northern California Dope….fuck wine country people, make the drive to Humboldt & Mendocino…”** ….And now back to Miss MEadow

1c) You are refeshingly, commendably honest, Meadow, on your Myspace Profile, that pot has helped you stay away from other more addictive substances. Can you tell your fans a little more about your experience in this area, and do you feel you can help other girls in porn avoid the trap of addiction by sharing your story?

Meadow: “Well I was on crank for almost a quarter of my life and I have almost a year clean now. Meth really fucked me up, as it has a lot of my friends and family and I am just thankful I got out of that lifestyle. I went to rehab and when they weighed me in I was 79 pounds and I looked like a Holocaust victim. It took me a while to stay clean after I got out, but it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Then I got my prescription for marijuana because another medical use for it is helping people recover from addiction. Now I just toke up anytime those old demons start stirring up inside me, fiending for dope. I also learned in rehab that it takes a meth addict 11 years after their last use for their brain to go back to normal. Speed literally will turn your brain upside down and backwards, I still suffer from meth-induced psychosis. So thats something to think about if you are battling your own addiction and need help.”

2) Which porn movie Meadow have you starred in or recently shot that you are most PROUD of as being your BEST? Tell us about it and what made this one so great/awesome in your opinion?

Meadow: “Well, I dont usually watch my movies but lets see.I did American Bukkake 29 a little while back with Hilary Scott, Im sure that was great since it was so much fun. Everything Ive done for Rockman Entertainment kicked ass Im sure. Every scene Ive done for Extreme has been fun too. Those are some of the top of my head but I dont keep track of my titles as well as I should. Its the stoner in me, I guess.”

3a) Meadow, do you actually ever TRULY achieve orgasm when you perform in your movies? If so, name a specific scene or Movie in which YOU DEFINITELY achieved climax, so your fans can rush out and buy it if they have not already seen It.

Meadow: “This is really sad but for the longest time I didnt think I could even have orgasms, but it turns out I was having them all along but I was expecting something else. But now I have them all the time, even multiples sometimes and I love them. I almost always have an orgasm when Im working because its not the same if you fake it. Pretty much anytime you think Im having an orgasm, I actually am.”

3b) Do you prefer men or women as sexual partners, and which is easier for you to shoot in porn, Girl/Girl or Boy Girl? What’s the toughest most demanding scene you have shot?

Meadow: “I love both men and women in bed but on camera, g/g is easier, off camera I like a dick in me but I still like girls there on the side to play with too. Just ask Sierra. The toughest scene I shot was with T.T. Boy and I was 18, my first day in California, and I had just shot my first scene ever with Ed Powers a half an hour before. If you are in the industry, you know that T.T. and Ed are opposite spectrums of porn. Well, I didnt know what to expect because I didnt know T.T.s reputation. Agents will purposely send brand new girls to him or guys like that because they havent been influenced by the other girls or whoever and dont know what to expect. Anyways, to make a long story short, I ended up in the hospital and my pussy was so injured I couldnt walk for 4 days. I do have a tender pussy though, so Im not completely blaming anyone for the record. Thank god shes a little tougher than she was back then though, hehe.”

4) I have been asking all porn chicks this question. Jenna Jameson has a Life Size BLOW UP DOLL that TRUE fans of Jenna can purchase and violate all day and night, and so long as they periodically wash the doll, sanitize it, and avoid DONKEY PUNCHING the Jenna Doll, the relationship with the Jenna Doll will last a long time. Would you ever want a “Miss Meadow Life Like Blow Up Doll” to be made, and if YES, would you allow Donkey Punching of Your Miss Meadow Life Size Blow Up Doll in the Terms of Use/Instructions that come with it?

Meadow: “Hell ya dude!!! That would kick ass and I could even violate myself!! And of course donkey punching would be allowed, what kinda girl to you take me for?”

Would the doll have a bong as an accessory? Would you want your doll to be a stoner too?

Meadow: ” Not only would my doll have a bong it would be her actual hand!! Wouldnt Wouldnt you rather have one of your hands be a bong or a pipe anyways? Who needs two hands?”

By The Way, What do you actually think of the travesty and crime against womanhood that is DONKEY Punching, and would you ever allow yourself personally to be Donkey Punched during a scene?

Meadow: “Hey, it the chick digs it then so be it. But only if shes into it and knows its coming and yes, I believe I have been donkey-punched during a scene, but it was part of the scene and I knew it was coming. And who says only woman can get donkeypunched anyways? I do it to dudes all the time.”

And Finally, if it were available, would you buy a “Life Size Da Burglar” Doll, complete with a huge dick and real wheelchair that doubles as a portable Barbecue Gas Grille and Shopping Cart?

Meadow: “I would be the first in line to buy one dude!! Will Wal-Mart be carrying them?”

5) Rank in order of importance (1 being the most important, 2 the next most, etc) the qualities you find MOST important in a man as a potential mate/partner:

Looks __8____

Love of Pot/Access to Pot __3____

HATRED for Donkey Punching __9___

Intelligence ___2___

Dick Size __7____

Sense of Humor __1____

Ability to Give Oral Sex to a Woman _5_____

Love for his Mother ___6___

Concern for the Environment _4_____

Cooking Ability ___10___

Money/Financial Situation _11_____

How nice a car or wheelchair he drives __12____

6a) Do you ever feel like you are being used by the Adult Industry to your detriment, or do you think you are using the Adult Industry to better yourself?

Meadow: “I think it goes both ways, we use the industry and the use us back. Its a win win situation really. They’re making their money, Im making mine, everbodys happy.”

6b) What do you like most and least about being in Porn?

Meadow: “I love that I dont lead a cookie-cutter lifestyle. I love that I can work a few hours and make what some people make working two weeks full time. What I least like about porn is fear of stds and shit cuz I am a raging hyprocondriac!”

7) Once you are no longer performing in Porn Scenes, What will you be doing to make a living/support yourself? Will you EVER get Married Meadow, and if so, are you more likely to Marry for Love or Money? More likely to marry a man Older than you, or the same age/slightly younger than you?

Meadow: “I would love to always be connected to the adult industry in some way, even when I am done perfoming. I have also always wanted to be a teacher someday though maybe at an alternative high school. I am also interested in maybe becoming a drug counselor so I can help recovering addicts the way I was once helped. As for marriage, I would never marry for money only love, and someday in the very, very distant future I will consider marriage with the right person. Age isnt really a factor either way though.”

8) Do you still have a sexual fantasy left, and if so what is it? What are the things, no matter how experienced or jaded or bored you might get with porn or sex, that will ALWAYS turn you on (i.e. maybe getting a foot massage, getting buttfucked in the restroom at a national sporting event, perhaps sitting in a Hott Tub drinking Champagne, jello wrestling with other hot chicks with a drunk Irish Midget as a guest referee, etc)????

Meadow: “I know most guys dont wanna here this, but I sure as hell am not about to start censoring myself now. Guy on guy action gets me so riled up!!! I also love it when guys let me make them my bitch. Thats awesome!!! Roleplaying is always fun especially when you play the incest card. Not that I condone it or that I want to fuck someone in my family, its just so naughty and taboo to pretend! Getting my pussy licked always makes me dripping wet too!!!”

9) What/Who is Miss Meadow’s Favorite:

Munchie Food: __sunflower seeds____

Sports Team: _boring_____

Book: _______

Time of Day to have sex: Im always ready.

MUSIC BAND: Fleetwood Mac and The Greatful Dead____

Amusement Park Ride: _the zipper_____

Men’s Fragrance: ___i like um natural, but clean___

Holiday: _Halloween and 420_____

Sexual Position: I like being on top cuz I love the control and I also love spooning.

Flavor of Pop Tart: _strawberry I guess I dont eat them that often._____

Mixed Drink and Brand of Beer: pinkladies & kokanee

Porn Performer (Male AND Female): sierra sinn & _dont_even ask cuz I cant decide.___

10) The last question is a reverse/turn the tables type question…Meadow gets to ask Da Burglar ANYTHING she wants…What does Meadow want to Ask?

Meadow: “Can I suck you off darling?”

DB’s Reply: “$78 and I am all yours…. ”


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