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Missy Monroe at KSEX- 3/22/05

Porn Valley- A mellow, perhaps, spaced-out Missy Monroe was a guest on The Wanker Show Monday night. Wankus noted that he’s run into Missy at several parties- the Britney Rears party being the most recent- but this is the first time she’s been on his show. “Everyone loves you. You’re a crazy party girl.”

Wankus mentioned the bukkake he and Missy had been discussing at the party. “It was like 87,000 people.” Missy, who did the project for JM productions, said it was more like 52 guys. “They jerked off on my face. It was awful fun.” Wankus remembered asking her at the party if there was a bad odor involved. “That much cum and a lot of these guys don’t take care of shit. But you couldn’t smell it because you were clogged up.” Missy said she got a lot of cum in her ears. “It was awful gross.”

Missy said she’s in a lot of JM movies. “You do the real crazy stuff,” said Wankus. Missy mentioned that she also did a Gag Factor and puked in it 24 times. “That’s a real big thing- people love that,” said Wankus. “They get to see the girl throw up then she sucks cock and then they throw up and throw up in each others’ mouths. But these are real popular right now.” During the bukkake, Missy said she just lay there with her eyes closed. “I really like cum a lot.”

Tyler Faith, who was co-hosting the show, said that would have made her throw up, Wankus explaining that Faith prefers taking it from one person she preferably gives a shit about. “Not some random dude who unloads.” For her part, Missy said she’ll give her fans what they want. Missy was asked if a random dude at a bar had any chance with her- provided he had game and was kind of cute. “I don’t mean like the normal AVN fan, 400 pounds and sweaty foreheads,” clarified Wankus.

“Maybe,” said Missy. “I’m single, so…” According to Missy, one of her exes was a fan of hers. Then she amended her statement to say that he became a fan after he started seeing her. Wankus suspected it was because she was that good.

“Maybe,” said Missy who seemed to be specializing in one word responses. “Do you know where you are right now?” Wankus asked her. “That’s the question.” Monroe said yes she did. Wankus reminded her of another time during Cytherea’s birthday party at The Key Club where he interviewed her. Cytherea watches were being given out and Monroe, being asked where she was at the moment, is famous for saying that she was at the party for the girl on the watch.

Monroe explained that she’s not 21 so how was she supposed to know the name of the club. “You’re not even 21 and The Key Club is serving you drinks?” asked Wankus. “You didn’t hear that here first.” After expressing her preference for the cock of Steve Holmes, Monroe explained how she got her start. “I was dancing in Vegas at Cheetah’s,” she said. “Then they changed the laws where you had to be 21 to topless dance.” Monroe said she started looking through the papers for an alternate line of work. Wankus asked if she thought about escorting. Monroe said no but that started doing nude photo shoots- single girl stuff. “Then I went to toys and girl-girl, eventually.”

Monroe suspects because she didn’t have an agent at the time, that’s why it took awhile before people heard about her.

Wankus had to ask about the scars on her knees. “Aren’t they awful?” said Missy who did a nine guy blowjob earlier in the day. Missy said she worked with another girl but doesn’t remember her name. “They all came in my mouth,” she said. “And I was spitting in hers.” Monroe said she’d like to direct. “I have a lot of ideas.” Her preference, she said, is to direct more mainstream. “I have some really original ideas that I haven’t seen personally in the industry yet.”

It was noted that Missy’s repped by L.A. Direct Models. “I like him [Derek] a lot,” she said. “A lot of girls are, ‘he’s so mean.’ He’s a great guy. He’s always there where you need them.” Monroe suspects that if you ended up being stupid, he’s going to be an asshole. “You deserve it, I think.” Asked about her own website, Monroe said and .net are bought up by other people. “This stupid guy in Vegas. I did a few photo shoots for him- solo sets. The next thing you knew he had my name bought. Wankus told her that it was a lot easier getting her name back than she’d expect and not pay and arm and a leg’s worth of extortion to do so.

Monroe was on the verge of being 12 when she first sucked cock, according to her. And she also swallowed.

“It was so funny,” she said. “I went home and told my mom. I said, mom, don’t be mad at me, please. But I have to tell you because it was so cool. I’m like I just gave head. She’s like, okay, we’re going to the doctors. You need some birth control.” According to Monroe, the guy was 15. “He was my neighbor. He was on the baseball team at the high school I went to. He was a senior and I was a freshman. That was really funny.” Monroe said she was then 12 when she got laid. It was the same guy.” Monroe first started getting her period at the age of nine. “I was in church. It was funny. I had a bloody dress. I’m like, oh my God. They totally thought I was like in The Exorcist or something.”

Monroe says by the time she graduated high school she probably fucked about 150 guys. “I fucked all of the football teams.” Questioned on the jail bait issue, there was one occasion, said Monroe, where she was 14 and the guy was 27. Monroe also notes that she carried a 34B cup in sixth grade. “All the boys started liking me at a young age.” Monroe said she’s dating but nothing serious. “I like going out.” Monroe said she goes to parties in a sense to promote herself and get work. Monroe mentioned that she has a contract offer from JM.

“So they want you to have sex with all their executive partners and everything else?” asked Wankus. “That’s what Ashley Blue said they did to her. I got to fuck all their friends first then I get a contract. And she did.” Monroe said she wasn’t told that, but that the offer was open. Asked if she was going to get her boobs done, Monroe said she was happy with them.

Noting that she was sporting a hickey from a scene, Wankus advised Monroe who didn’t get paid extra. “You need to tell these motherfuckers they have caused you work issues for the next few days,” he told her. “You got to get paid more for that shit.” Monroe sais she’d put makeup on it. During a segment in which he was interviewing Lisa Daniels, Wankus had to approach Monroe with the Genesis Skye controversy. Skye and Mnoroe had been roommates.

“She had come to me saying that her and Brett Rockman had lived together,” Monroe related. “She was looking for somewhere to live so I upgraded to a three bedroom apartment, put her on the lease which was stupid.” Having experienced life with Skye, Monroe said she had to call her mother and apologize for all the things she did when she was 15 and 16. “Because I felt like I was dealing with that now.” Monroe said she went out of town to Germany and Skye would have parties over at their place. “All this nonsense. I have nice stuff. I’ve worked hard and want to have a nice place and she just wasn’t respecting it.”

According to Monroe, Skye got a boob job so she naturally thought that Skye would be down for the count. “I wouldn’t have to worry about anything but I came back and I had people calling me telling me this is crazy.” Monroe said earlier that day she woke up looking for a lighter to light her cigarette. I’m reaching in my couch cushion, and I feel a bunch of clankety-clanketies. I’m like what the hell is that?” Monroe said she found Whip-its. Inside her DVD case, Monroe claims she found 8 grocery bags full of used Whip-its. “I don’t need that in my house.”

Monroe and Skye had words with Skye apparently telling Monroe she needed to leave. “She tells me I need to get out,” states Monroe. “I’m, like, you’re crazy. I’m about to kick her ass and in her face screaming at her. She pushed me to that point. She said go ahead and hit me. I stopped right there. I’m like why because you want to call the cops you little psycho bitch.” Monroe said she called Derek who’s agent for both of them. “Derek, this bitch is telling me to get out of my own house. I’m like freaking out here. You need to do something. You need to come over here, otherwise, I’m going to tear her into pieces. He came over and told her, listen, she was here first. This is her place. She’s been here seven months. You’ve been here a month and a half. She’s telling you, you need to get out. You need to get out.. Then she’s running out the room, you got your fucking way, I hope you’re happy!”

Missy said she was making a sandwich the next day when Skye showed up. “She came back screaming at me and she’s like telling me that she’s going to call the cops on me. I’m, like, what for? I’m sitting here making a ‘sammich’ [Wankus did call Monroe on her use of the word] and you’re calling me psycho and stuff and you’re not on my lease and you’re telling me you’re calling the cops?” Asked how it was resolved, Monroe said Skye was gone. “The minute she got the last thing out I had the locks changed.”

Tyler Faith was of the opinion that Monroe should get a restraining order. Monroe agreed and said that she was afraid that Skye might fuck up her car. “She moved into an apartment in the same complex.” Monroe said she’s now carrying a $2500 a month rental tab which is crazy whereas in Vegas she had the same amount of room along with a backyard for $1200. “It was a house.”



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