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Monica Mayhem: Rude Hotel Workers in Philly

By way of, Monica Mayhem blogs: I know its been a while since I’ve blogged. But things just got too intensely busy, that I couldn’t seem to find the time to write. Not only have I been going back and forth with my book editing every day for weeks now, but I’ve also been on and off the road, feature dancing. I performed in San Antonio, Texas, which was cool, especially thanks to having some hot girls to hang out with.

I got home from Texas, and hit the Playboy Mansion the following night, for the ESPY celebrity charity poker event. I went with my friend, Carmen Hart, who I haven’t seen in over a year! Wow time flies. We had a great time there, running amok, as always, the Playboy Mansion never disappoints! There were mostly sports celebs there, and since I don’t follow sports, I wouldn’t have a clue who was who!

Two days later, I went to feature at a club in Philadelphia. Which was the smallest club I have ever seen! And you wouldn’t have found it if you were looking, cause its basically hidden in an alley with a small sign on a black door. I guess its known by the locals anyway. The stage was ground level and maybe 2’x6’. So it seemed a bit strange to have a feature dancer there. Considering the whole idea of a feature is to put on a big show. Of course, I still put my heart and soul into my performances, making the most of what I had to work with!

Philly is actually a pretty cool city, with lots of theatres, and pubs and restaurants hidden in side streets. The buildings on the street lit up in different colors at night – which looked awesome from my room on the 17th floor. I stayed at a very nice hotel – although the customer service was so rude!

Before I even got there, I had a fight with the front desk guy on the phone. I was trying to have a package sent, and he was extremely rude to me, I ended up telling him to fuck off. (Hoping that he wouldn’t remember my name when I arrived) LOL. I’m very giving and friendly if your respectful to me, but the dark side will come out if you piss me off!

I wont bore you with the sordid details of what happened with the package and the other RUDE people I’ve been dealing with trying to get it back. 30 of my movies, gone! I don’t give up that easily, so I‘ll keep on them, guaranteed!

On a funny note, I had a few friends come up to Philly from Maryland, and at 3am after I was finished on my last night performing, I dragged everyone out to get a real Philly Cheese Steak. It was delicious! And I thought I wouldn’t like all that meat and cheese, but it was just the right amount. Then we went back to my room, and I somehow started a pillow and mattress fight. HAHA. It was fucking hysterical. And no there was no sex involved with the 3 guy friends I was hanging with. Hard to believe from a porn star right? I just love to have a good time and be able to joke around without anyone complaining or being too serious.

When I got back home to LA, I found a letter from a collection agency, for a huge fine, apparently for not showing up in court for a red light camera ticket which I never received last year! I made the mistake of calling to find out what the hell this was – and yet again, another argument! FYI I would never purposely run a red light, I don’t ever recall even doing that – I cant wait to see the photo, the evidence! I bet they have conveniently lost it.

How can you fine me for something that I never received a citation for? And never even knew that I did! The system is so fucked up. I might need some anger management classes after dealing with all these bad attitudes lately! JK. Yoga and meditation. Deep Breaths!

So as I’m writing this, I’m still editing my book – which you can now pre-order through a link on the front page of my website . And I’m about to start getting ready for my show on tonight. Usually its on Thursday nights, but I guess I’m switching to Wednesdays from now on. 8pm-10pm pst. Except for next Wednesday when i’ll be at the Hustler/Free Speech Coalition event at the Whiskey a go go in Hollywood.

And hopefully, I’ll be able to take a day off tomorrow and hit Malibu! Try to relax for at least one day.
Stay tuned……

Monica Mayhem is also nominated for an Exotic Dancer Award go to to vote for her


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