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Morality in Media Broke?

Apparently. AVN’s Mark Kernes wrote an article to that effect and includes these quotes from Organization head Patrick Trueman which Trueman sent out in an email:

“The economy is taking a great toll on non-profits like ours. I don’t like to approach you this way, but knowing of your keen interest in our work, I thought you would like to hear from us on this.”

“Money is what the porn industry has. We have people, in growing numbers and with a great willingness and spirit to fight the scourge of pornography. I know it is a sacrifice for many of you to give your hard-earned money to help us in our fight. But, you know that our small staff is making a major difference and we count on you. We need immediate help. There is no other way to say it. We have been very aggressive in our war on the porn industry and we are fighting on many fronts. We have stretched even the smallest funds to accomplish great things!”

Trueman later followed up with these comments:

“I wrote you yesterday telling you of our urgent need for funding. I profoundly thank those who gave. We are far from our goal, however. Frankly we need to raise $40,000 in the next 10 days. I know from past experience that that amount is possible. I also know that it will take some sacrifices on your behalf for which we are so grateful.”

“We have a very small staff, four full-time people. And we keep costs down. We even discontinued using our mailing house and all mailings, such as our newsletter, fundraising appeals, etc. are done in our office to save money. Your contribution goes a very long way.”

Trueman continues: “We received many contributions yesterday and it is so helpful. We are still far from our goal of $40,000 and our financial situation threatens us, but I am encouraged.”

“Yet, I was saddened by the comments of some. One woman contributor wrote of how her family was torn apart by her husband’s addiction to pornography and how it led to his suicide. I thought of how the porn industry tells us that porn is empowering to women. What an insulting lie!”

Trueman adds: “Our battle against NBC to keep The Playboy Club, from airing on prime time this fall is picking up speed. Right now we want to mail all the top advertisers on NBC to urge them to use their influence to stop the show… We are also researching and writing a legal brief for the U. S. Supreme Court case of Fox v. NBC, the most important indecency case to come before the Supreme Court in nearly 40 years. We have been fighting this case for years, knowing that if it is lost, network TV will look like cable TV, with nudity and profanity prevailing in prime time. I hope you see how critical our presence in the case is.”


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