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More on the Van Halen Party-final

Porn Valley- Give Tony Batman of KSEX credit. He’s been giving some of the most entertaining and informative reports out there about the Eddie Van Halen party from this past Saturday night. Batman was filling in for Taylor Wane Monday night on KSEX and filled Dick Nasty on what happened. Nasty didn’t attend.

“I don’t mind being invited,” laughed Nasty.

“This was different- this was extremely different,” Batman told him. “This was a very good time and everyone showed up- like the heads of the families. It was almost like a big meeting- I’m not going to say a mob meeting- but all the heads of the businesses were there. Xbiz founder Alec was there. Steve Hirsch was there. Steve Orenstein was there. Paul Fishbein was there. Theresa Flynt was there from Hustler.”

Nasty said he’s heard a few snippets of gossip from some of the girls in his modeling agency who apparently got into arguments with girls from other agencies.

For his part, Nasty said he gets along pretty with all of the other agents in the business.

“I have no issue with any of them as far as I’m concerned,” Nasty said. “They may have an issue with me that I don’t know about. I don’t go out of my way to steal girls. It’s a give and take thing and I try to get along as much as I can.” Batman said he deals with a lot of the agents in booking girls for KSEX and never heard a cross word about Nasty. Batman also reported that he resolved issues with Derek from LA Direct which involved a girl from his agency being on KSEX although Batman didn’t exactly run the booking past Derek.

“I will follow the rules from here on out,” said a contrite Batman.

Nasty said one of the problems agents confront is that the girls might get fed up with one agent then move thinking the grass is greener.

“Most of the time if the girl’s got half a brain they will quit one before they go to the other one,” stated Nasty. “On occasions they will go to the new one before they quit the old one which is not the way to do it. But we all know they change and there’s nothing you can do to make somebody stay with you, and there’s not anything you can do to make them leave. The point is if you treat them properly and they get work and they act correctly, there’s no problem.

“Most girls that don’t get enough work, it’s got nothing to do with their agent,” Nasty continued. “There’s usually something about you that’s wrong. Either you’re flakey, you’re late, you don’t do good scenes; you look like you’re wiped out on drugs. Whatever it is, that’s why you don’t get much work. It’s not your agent not booking you.”

Batman also supposed that it could be a month where there’s a run on blonds as opposed to a month of feasting on brunettes.

“That’s just the way it is,” Nasty agreed. “It’s one of those things where you have to take the good with the bad, and these girls have got to understand that not everybody wants everybody. it’s just one of those things.”

Back to the subject of the party, Batman was under the impression that most of the industry girls got there one way or another.

“The house was huge, and here’s the deal,” he continued. “Eddie Van Halen was scheduled to do a little guitar solo and Billy Idol was scheduled to play a full set while they were serving dinner in the beginning. Billy Idol didn’t show up.” Batman noted that Taylor Wane and Idol hang out a lot and he was hoping to get some info from her as to why.

“So Eddie got on the stage and he told the crowd, he goes Billy was supposed to come and play but he’s not; so I’m going to skip dinner and I’m going to play his set and then I’m going to do my set after that.”

According to Batman, Van Halen did almost a full concert.

“It was just awesome- it was a great deal; they played a lot of old Van Halen songs and old Eighties song. It seemed like everybody had a good time, They had fire dancers; they had women suspended from the ceiling.”

“I missed out, didn’t I?” Nasty commented.

“They actually hired girls to run around in bikinis and and be in the pool,” Batman continued. “I was quoted on Adultfyi that when I said ‘hired’ girls that maybe there might be some orgy that was pre-determined. But, no. That was not the case.”

Nasty wondered if there was any monkey business going on.

“There was a lot of groping going on,” Batman answered. “Not a lot of sex. Everyone was just having a really good time.” According to Batman the really cool thing about the party was the fact that Van Halen and Michael Ninn stuck around for the entire party and made themselves available to fans and friends the entire evening.

“Michael Ninn at one point in his career was a PA for me,” stated Nasty. “I don’t know if he wants anyone to know that, but it’s true.”

Batman said the trailer from the movie Sacred Sin is great and that Monica Mayhem is in the video portion of the trailer. He then proceeded to tell a story involving him, Mayhem and a couple of bathrooms.

“We’re all trying to go to the bathroom and there was a big line for all the bathrooms,” Batman continued. “So Monica and I, we’re like we really got to go. We ended up standing in line together even though I escorted Sunny Lane to the party, and Monica was escorted by someone else. Her celebrity friend which I can’t tell you her name.” Nasty pressed for details but Batman wasn’t offering any.

“You know what would be really cool?” Batman said continuing his bathroom story. “We’re at a rock star’s house. You get all messed up, you’re having a great party and you’re drinking a lot. Just pee in the yard. Why not. There’s people everywhere having a good time. People are staggering because the alcohol was completely free the whole night. I said to Monica let’s go. I bet I can find a tree for us. And she said no at first. I said are you going to wait in this line for an hour? Or are you going to go pee somewhere and enjoy the rest of the party? You can only drink so much when you’re full. Finally she agreed with me and I took her hand. We went up into the woods to go to the bathroom in private.

“That sounds good, right? We get up into the woods through the mountain and there’s like a hundred people peeing already. It wasn’t an original idea.”

An unexpected surprise, said Batman, was everyone being given a gift bag on the way out.

“This one came with a bottle of vodka, a collectors’ edition of Sacred Sin; a phallic glass dildo in a leather box and a $1,000 watch.”

Asked what he did Saturday, Nasty said he watched TV.

Batman said it would have to be the party of the year and would probably rival the AVN show. Nasty was just curious that if he was invited, why he never got the actual invitation.

“Then I can go back and kill whoever it was.”


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