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Muhammad Ali ‘on life support’ and his family is rushing to his bedside as legendary boxer’s condition takes turn for the worse

  • Muhammad Ali is on life support at an undisclosed Arizona hospital
  • He was taken to the facility on Thursday after he began having difficulty breathing and developed an ‘unshakeable cough’
  • The legendary boxer’s family is now rushing to be by his bedside 
  • Veronica Porche said that her two daughters with Ali, Laila and Hana, were flying out to see their father on Friday 
  • Ali’s second wife, Khalilah, also said that one of her daughters was rushing off to see the boxer in the hospital on Friday  
  • He has been hospitalized several times recently, including in January 2015 for a severe urinary tract infection initially diagnosed as pneumonia


A source told Radar; ‘The family feels that even if he somehow survives this setback, he’ll be left in a vegetative state.

‘He can’t stand due to stiffness in the legs. Before this incident, he would sometimes freeze upon standing, like his feet are stuck to the ground. Now he cannot even do that.’

They then added; ‘Doctors fear he’s in the early stages of dementia. Or possibly beyond that.

‘The family has gathered around him and is prepared for the worst.’

Ali has been married four times, most recently to his current wife Lonnie, and has nine children – seven daughters and two sons.


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