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Nakita Kash: Patrick Ewing has a Very Impotent Wienie

Nakita Kash was the guest of Sports Swami this past Friday. Kash was wrapping up some local dancing engagements and Swami observed that she had brought the house down. Kash said she had to dance on wooden floors which is unusual for strip clubs and that it reminded her of when she was a little girl tap dancing. “I was a horrible tap dancer,” she said. “I could do ballet, gymnastics, jazz- any type of dance but tap dancing. I’m horrible at it.”

From Minnesota, Kash described the area as being very conservative. “It’s a very, very cultured state,” she said. “Very conservative but very diverse. All different nationalities are together. Different walks of life from farmers to yuppies to everything. The Minneapolis metropolitan area is everything. But I grew up in suburbia and life was all about extracurricular activities- what you get yourself involved in and get into college. But that wasn’t exactly my plan.” Kash said she didn’t vote for Jesse Ventura, either. “He talked a lot and didn’t deliver.”

Off the top of her head, Kash could think of two Minnesota natives who’ve done very well in the adult business- Christi Lake and Chi Chi LaRue. “Chi Chi LaRue has a fabulous career and barely anyone knows that he’s from Minnesota. There’s a little club in downtown Minneapolis called The Gay ’90’s. It’s your typical gay club with the best techno music. The best atmosphere and usually a huge population of gay people but still a good club for a mixed crowd. And that’s where Chi Chi got his start, I guess.” Kash said she’s worked for him. “I love him.”

Kash started out as a house dance in Minneapolis while she was still in high school. Kash was also a military police office in the Army National Guard, recalling an instance where for an amateur contest she invited the entire high school because you win by applause and she wanted to win. “All these people that I’ve know for 12 years are going to clap for me whether they think I look good naked or not.” Kash said it was a three-story club and she packed it entirely. But when the army found out she was dancing, it frowned upon it. Kash said screw the army I want out. “I’m making way more money this way.” Kash said she got out with an honorable discharge. “I didn’t get kicked out; I asked to leave.”

It’s only been of late that Kash has been doing boy-girl scenes. By her count 15 so far. “I’ve been a tease my entire career. It’s working so well for me,” she said. “Girls give up 200 scenes in one year. They’re done. Everybody’s done with them. They’ve seen everything that they want to see. They’ve done everything that they can do, possibly. What more is there? Fuck an elephant?” Kash said she’s carefully selected each process of here career. “I want it to last. I didn’t want to jump the gun and do everything right away.”

For her first boy-girl scene in 2001, Kash said it wasn’t so much about the money. She wanted a certain director – Michael Raven-who wrote the script for her. “He named it Cash after me. It was for Sin City.” And Evan Stone was the guy she worked with. Kash said she had lived with Raven and Sydnee Steele in Dallas. “And that’s where Evan is from; they discovered him, also.” Swami said his moles linked Kash romantically with Stone. Kash scoffed at the notion. Swami mentioned Raven’s horror film and Kash filled in with more details. “It’s for Lion’s Gate. He has a huge picture deal. He did a 14 day shoot for his first horror movie with them.” Kash said she met the lead actress and described her as oh my God, stunning. “I wanted to eat her- every inch of the woman.” Kash said the first time she met Raven he was literally shooting his first movie- in Dallas. Kash also credits Jim Holliday for guiding her career.

Kash said it was more of her decision to do girl-girl scenes in the beginning. “It’s my belief that you work your way in the industry. You don’t give it up right away. I waited 3 1/2 years to my first boy-girl.” Kash said she didn’t plan, originally, on waiting that long. “Two maximum, but nothing came my way that I really wanted to give it up for until Michael Raven and I sat down and said okay let’s do this.”

On the mainstream side, Kash said she’s done about 15 projects. “Which in two or three years is more porn than I do,” she laughed.

Kash was also very candid about the fact that she had been fucking Raven for four months. By inference, Swami also tried to romantically link Kash up with Wally Szczerbiak of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kash said that she had never even heard of the guy, but that sports players would frequent the strip clubs. Kash said there have been a few athletes in her past, names of whom she doesn’t even remember, but didn’t think she had gone out with any of the Vikings. “Most people don’t remember every one night stand that they’ve ever had.”

Kash said she only remembers one athlete. “He came in with this really hot redhead, and I had had minimal female experiences.” Kash said she was invited to come back with them. “For my own reputation I did not touch HIM. Just his girlfriend.” Kash said it was Patrick Ewing, “a very married man” who had the girlfriend on the side when he came into town. “And he has a very impotent wienie.” Kash said Ewing kept blaming it on the fact that he never had two girls in bed at once and was really nervous. Swami suspected that was also the reason why Ewing would choke in the big ones.

Asked about her current romance, Kash said she’s been with someone for over a year. “And we plan on being together for the rest of our lives.” Far from being a suitcase pimp, Kash said her boyfriend’s status precludes her from ever working again. But Kash seemed to be of the opinion that she would continue with her career but stop before she was 40. Kash said she may have had visions of owning a production company. “But those dreams have pretty much faded,” she said. “I have other aspirations in life, but not exactly involving adult.” But she preferred to remain vague on the subject. “You’ll know about it when it happens.”



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