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“Naomi is probably mentally handicapped”

The following thread about Naomi appears on

> snake eyes writes: Naomi is probably mentally handicapped. i just watched her “speak” before the intro to her seen in Insemeenated by 2 black men 9, and well yea i’m sure she has an IQ around 60

> birdshit 1 writes: Well I will chime in and say that I have followed Naomi not in the literal sense but rather her wonderful performances. I think that staement is beligerant and uncalled for. My wish is that if she ever visits xpt that she will not notice this thread. Naomi I just love your work and I look so forward to seeing you next year! Good luck!

On a side note does anybody know what Naomi will be appearing in next? Well I heard or read that she will be performing with Bellodona however I can be in error about this. But if it is true wouldn’t that be wonderful? I mean Bellodona is so beautiful! Well I look forward to anything that Naomi is in!

>Huang W. Lob writes: We’ve talked on several occasions and she does not have a problem carrying a conversation. Naomi has a slight lisp, but is not mentally handicapped; actually, I found it to be endearing.

> Richard Hungwell writes: I would urge eveyone to actually watch the interview that is referred to…..She doesn,t appeared drugged like some of her more recent performances.But she does appear to be quite stupid ,,,bordering on mentally retarded…!!I know that seems harsh ,,,But watch it.,,,, sometimes the truth of reality can be quite cruel…Nice shitter though ,,If that means anything…!!!

> Luke’s teenage mustache: She’s Autistic. I thought that was pretty well known by now.

> Charlie @ Fox Magazine:Frankly, I don’t get any of this. Granted I haven’t seen the BTS interview that started the thread, but I’ve personally spoken to Naomi at least twice, have voicemail from her, and listened to an interview on audiotape which appears in our August issue. She does have a lisp, but she seems just as sharp, if not sharper, than the majority of porn ho’s I’ve met. She’s also had real jobs (I mean other than Wal-Mart level stuff.)

But that’s just my opinion. I think a lot of people have a hard time getting past her sort of languid demeanor, which I suppose could come across as druggy at times.

> snake eyes writes: you don’t get it cause you haven’t watched the interview, ok given you have to have that self respect part of your brain gone to do porn, she’s beyond that; btw, i don’t dis porn chicks cause they choose to do it, i’m just saying you’ve either come to a point in your life that you need some cash/drugs/attention you didn’t have previously, or you’ve just given up on pride but she’s fucking retarded, but in a hot way

> Crunktastic Daddy-o: She’s hot and is only getting hotter. Right now, I think she’s one of the best 2 or 3 performers in the business. Whatever you perceive as her “weirdness” is part of what cranks her up to the top for me … plus the ass … plus, er, the ass … and the ass, don’t forget that. I mean, she totally deserves the starlet award from AVN in January, if not the top prize … The only real competition is Gianna. For me, they are both “old school” in that they have a solid “70s vibe.” Love that shit. Lisp or not.

>bkushner writes: I watched this interview. She has a speech impedement that looks to be caused by a serious overbite. She is hot and still does it for me. I want to fuck her not have a conversation.

>birdshit 1 writes: Well I am in disarray. I mean maybe she is a little slow but not as extreme as you say she is. Naomi is beautiful and I have some of hee movies.

If she becomes diagnosed will Naomi still be allowed to perform and sell movies? Or do you think that she will not be allowed under medical reasons? Well I would still like to see her with Bellodonna in the next movie.

Well I don’t care because Naomi can count on me and I will continue to buy her movies. Well as long as she will make them.



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