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Nautica Thorn Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Nautica Thorn was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Wednesday night. Thorn mentioned that she was dressed up for a date and was going to dinner after the show. In a game of 20 questions, Thorn said it was someone that she’s been out with before and that he’s “kind of” in the industry.

“So he’s a grip,” Wankus guessed. “Is he administrative?”

“I call him the baby sitter,” Thorn replied.

“So he’s a modeling agent,” Wankus laughed. Thorn said she had been going out with the guy for three months. Asked if she had been laid as yet, Thorn said she had but likes to spice things up with provocative dress. Thorn then removed her panties, and Wankus asked if the guy she was seeing was married or had another girlfriend.

“What you do is give him a hug and put the panties in his pocket,” Wankus suggested. “When he gets home, he’s in trouble and you’ve got him for yourself.” Co-host Michelle Lay was reminded of a story years ago where she found stockings and panties twisted up under her then boyfriend’s car seat.

“Did you sniff ’em?” Thorn asked.

“I stuffed them down his throat, though,” said Lay.

“I always told my men that if you ever cheat on me I’m going to cut off your dick, put it in a glass case, and put marshmallows in it,” Thorn said, noting that things so far have been going along well with the new guy. Lay’s advice to Thorn was not to tell anyone who it was.

“It’ll be ruined.”

Asked if she saw good future things with the situation, Thorn said she did.

“What’s weird is we’ve dated for three months- the first month we didn’t have sex, which was very awkward for me,” she stated. “Because if I’m seeing somebody, I’m fucking you the first day. That’s how it works.”

But Thorn said it was his idea, and she first thought he was gay. Wankus suspected that maybe the guy was just being respectful. Thorn agreed with that assessment.

“But a month?” asked Thorn. Lay thought maybe the guy was trying to make a point. Thorn said the point was she was horny.

“Please fuck me.” But Thorn said it was a good wait and that the guy was “kind of” supportive about what she does. Wankus took that to mean Thorn was going to start doing girl-girl scenes.

“Tell him to support you after he makes you quit,” Lay suggested. Thorn said they’ve talked about it.

“I asked that,” said Thorn. “Are you going to make me quit? Because then, right now, I’m going to break up with you.” Thorn said that being the case, she’d at least get another dog out of it. And she already has six. Wankus mentioned how he has going to start the poodle police- and take dogs away from porn girls; and that Cassidey was Number One on the list.

“She can’t handle a dog,” Wankus thought. “There’s a bunch of people out there who can’t.”

“My doggies love me,” Thorn replied.

“Then I’m going to get rid of all the dogs who work in porn,” Wankus added. “There’s only going to be a few of you girls left.”

A caller-in named Steve said he was looking forward to Thorn coming to Miami next week for the Erotica Miami. Wankus said he and Tyler Faith weren’t going to that show because it was a first-time convention.

“Most of the time, first-time conventions aren’t that great so we didn’t want to spend the money,” Wankus added. “We didn’t want to spend the money for something that wasn’t proven. You know how that shit goes. There’s a new convention every week so far.”

Thorn said she’s getting dragged out there and was getting paid to go.

“Okay- why not, free trip.”

However Wankus said he and Faith were going to the show in New York the week after because Faith was getting paid to go. Thorn said she was going to that show as well.

“Why don’t we have the one big one every year in January and call it a day,” Wankus added. Lay said she didn’t mind the one in Vegas as well as Erotica LA.

Asked what she did with her website, Thorn got rid of it.

“I was pushing it like crazy, then I sold it,” she replied. “I sold it to this guy.” Thorn agreed that maintaining a website is a pain in the ass and didn’t realize the extent of the work involved. Thorn was asked about her dance schedule and said she’d be in Pennsylvania next month but couldn’t think of the club’s name. Wankus told her if she had a website, it would be posted on there. Thorn did say she had a MySpace page but couldn’t think of the address, either.

Lay asked if it wasn’t something simple like Nautica Thorn, and Thorn said there might be at least seven different profiles under a variation of that name.

Later in the show it was revealed that Thorn was seeing Robert from ClubTerra who came on the show. Wankus, who knows Robert, was curious why Robert didn’t say anything to him about dating Thorn.

“She said you waited a month- what was the real reason you waited so long, respectfully to have sex with her?” Wankus asked him.

“She [Thorn] had a boyfriend,” was Robert’s reply.

“The secrets these girls keep!” Wankus roared saying that it made Robert a better guy because he didn’t play the game. Robert said the old boyfriend was staying at Thorn’s house but Thorn claimed he wouldn’t leave.

“I met her on set and I kind of punked her boyfriend there,” Robert continued. “I was basically saying I’m taking her. And that was that. Three days later we went on a date.” Wankus asked if he slipped her the tongue and Thorn said it was more than that.

“He was teasing me for a month,” she replied. Wankus asked how it felt because she had been doing it to men all her life. Robert said he finally fucked the shit out of Thorn and made her pass out. Robert went on to say how he knew Thorn from the fact that she was in the first Reign of Tera.

“She ignored me- I hit her up on MySpace and she never responded,” he said. “Then, Reign of Tera 2 is when she was on it. She was digging.”

“Honestly I really don’t remember him,” replied Thorn to what Robert was saying. The assumption was that Thorn’s former boyfriend had been on the set. But Robert said he was on the set of Reign of Tera 2.

“He stayed in the car- I gave him a dirty look,” Robert explained. “Then she got in my car in front of him. Then she called me afterwards with her boyfriend in the car.”

Thorn started crying and Wankus asked if she was embarrassed about the details.

“She does that all the time when the truth comes out,” Robert revealed. Wankus said he was glad to see that Thorn is with Robert.

“Tyler is always raving about him- she loves him but I don’t have to worry about losing her to him, it’s a good thing.”Lay then referred to her original comment about Thorn not revealing who she’s dating.

“They’re going to leave her and be broken up,” Lay predicted. To which Wankus argued Thorn and Robert were volunteering the info and told Lay she was behaving like Ol’ Mother Hubbard. Thorn was asked if she agreed to be an excusive item with Robert and said yes.

“But I never told her she has to quit porn,” Robert swore on his behalf. “I told her only a couple of things she couldn’t do.”

“Kurt Lockwood- that’s the first one,” Wankus suspected. Robert agreed, “Kurt Lockwood’s off the list.” Thorn wanted to hear this list for herself.

“No interracial,” Robert told her. “Nothing that would degrade her.” Thorn said she doesn’t do that stuff any more.

“You used to do something with AMA,” said Wankus. “That was some pretty crazy shit.” Wankus wanted to know why that ended.

“It technically didn’t really end,” Thorn replied. “I’m still with them- not really. I get to work with other companies.” Wankus took that to mean it was a non-exclusive.

“It was exclusive, then it turned non-exclusive three or four months ago,” replied Thorn.

“Dennis [Ormond] and all them are still plugging away?” Wankus asked.

“It’s still good,” replied Thorn.

“Is [Bisexual] Britney still working- I haven’t heard anything from her,” said Wankus.

“Britney’s weird,” answered Thorn.

“That goes without saying,” said Wankus. “She came out of the box- I’m back.”

“Then she went back in the box,” mused Thorn.

“The scary thing about that is that it’s a boxful of pee,” laughed Wankus. Thorn said there’s been talk about booking Britney for a triple anal.

“She can probably do an 18 wheeler anal,” Wankus chuckled. “I don’t think she’s said no to anything in her life.”

Someone in the chatroom alluded to an interracial scene Thorn did. Robert said Thorn’s done Mandingo twice. But replying to a question, Thorn said Mandingo doesn’t get hard all the way.

“You can take 50 Viagras and that shit won’t get hard,” Wankus commented. “Way too much blood.” Lay said there’s rumors that Mandingo has passed out on set. Wankus noted that when Teagan Presley was at KSEX before she went on to Digital Playground she had Mandingo on as guest.

“He made her take it out,” laughed Wankus. “Grab it- play with it. Put it in your mouth. She didn’t put it in her mouth but she was playing with it. It’s pretty thick. Soft, it’s got to be 12-inches.”

Thorn was inclined to think it was more than that. Thorn said she didn’t know about Mandingo when she first got into the business.

“So when I got booked with him, he was in his white boxers,” she continued. “And I’m walking on set- I’m like, you’ve got something on your knee. I was terrified. This guy was coming out with a sledge hammer. Oh my God! I was a trouper.”

Thorn was asked if there were was a list of “Yes” or “No” guys. Robert put Tommy Gunn at the top for being respectful and cool.

“I hate the French guy,” he added. “Jean Valjean- I almost kicked his ass.” Wankus heard that Jean Valjean was pompous and Robert said he almost kicked Valjean’s ass.

“He was all over Tera so I had to grab him by his hair,” Robert noted. Robert also liked Evan Stone and thought he was really funny. Lay asked Thorn if she would work with Dick Nasty. Thorn didn’t think she’s worked with him.

“The reason why he’s good is because you can actually grab on to his walker and do a lot of different positions,” offered Wankus.

Robert claimed that Thorn tends to trip out sometimes because he works with Tera Patrick.

“I don’t trip out about you and Tera!” Thorn protested.

“About when I go on set,” Robert clarified. “She probably thinks I’m going to look at the girls like I looked at her when I first met her.”


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