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Never Before Seen Pics of AriaXXX

(LOS ANGELES, CA) — I spent time speaking with Aria of She’s so sweet, fun and sexy, I’m sure she’s going to be one of the adult Hall of Famers in years to come.

Sun: We all know you from your recent karaoke Tuesdays at Sardo’s. Of course both you and Wankus have talked about how it all started, how you guys were basically just singing on his show the last time you were on and decided to make it a night out, right?

AriaXXX: Yeah, it’s so funny because it started out as just this idea to get together because I thought Wankus had a great voice and that it would be cool to do karaoke. And now it’s this huge industry event.
*laughs* That’s so crazy.

Sun: I’m thinking that karaoke isn’t really a new thing for you, is it?

AriaXXX: No, actually, I’ve been going for years! I’ve been going since I was 15.

Sun: 15? You were at bars at that tender age?

AriaXXX: Yeah, it was great, I’d go with some people into karaoke bars and I didn’t get carded or anything. Then we’d drink and sing all night
long. There were a LOT of karaoke places on Rhode Island, but not so
many in Florida. I love it in Los Angeles because there are plenty of
places to sing at.

Sun: What do you normally like to sing?

AriaXXX: Actually I love to sing country but I think it scares people, especially in LA so I pretty much sing everything.

Sun: I know plenty of people have seen you in Wicked’s Makin It. Have
you done anything else that kind of mixed singing and porn?

AriaXXX: Yeah I was in VH1’s Porn to Rock. And this really isn’t adult industry related, but I also did some demo songs for Faith Hill.

Sun: You seem to be branching out a lot these days, aren’t you also
doing fitness competitions? That’s not any of that gross She-Man stuff
is it?

AriaXXX: No no! When I compete it’s in the “figure” competitions. What that means is basically it’s all the pretty girls that work out and have
muscles. We’re all still VERY feminine but we’re very toned. Kim
Chambers also competes in figure competitions and she’s very feminine
and pretty too.

Sun: So is it really hard to do the competitions? What’s it like?

AriaXXX: Well, I only started to train 3 months before my first show. It was somewhere between late February and early March. The show was in May and I placed 4th, and I’m going to do another show in November. As far as it being hard, well, it’s just a lot of self discipline. I have to eat small meals all though the day, and I have to weight train every day and do cardio twice a day.

Sun: A lot of people don’t know this, but in your days as Marie Silva,
you wrestled a lot. What was that all about?

AriaXXX: Oh, well, I basically wrestled with a lot of girls and a few guys for and Basically, we wrestled and
then they taped it and either featured it on their sites or sometime
sold them as videos.

Sun: So basically that was way back in the day or have you done anything recently?

AriaXXX: Well, I did do some stuff fairly recently with California Wildcats. I also did some work last year for Extreme Wrestling with Keri Windsor,
Taylor St. Claire, and Angelica Sin.

Sun: Would you say that your current fitness competing is kind of an
offshoot from the wrestling?

AriaXXX: No, not really. I mean, I’ve always been very physically active, but they’re different.

Sun: Kind of makes you think that you and your husband, Jack Spade,
must have an aggressively physical relationship then.

AriaXXX: Not at all! We do have a pretty interesting physical relationship

Sun: Do tell.

AriaXXX: Well, we’re both talent, and we’re swingers.

Sun: Well, that just means that you have sex with other people
professionally and privately.

AriaXXX: Basically.

Sun: How does something like that start though? I mean, you didn’t
meet while you were both talent.

AriaXXX: No, we met back in Florida several years ago. We were friends for a year and a half and then we got engaged right away. We were engaged for like 6 months and then we got married. After we got married I mentioned to him that I had messed around with this older couple when I
was 18. It was funny. He was like, “And WHY did you not mention this
to me sooner??”

Sun: What happened after that little revelation?

AriaXXX: We went to visit that couple and we hung out and played pool. I got some girl/girl action and they just watched. And took pictures.

Sun: Speaking of which…..seems like we have those pictures right here, for all the readers of TPT! These pictures are never before
seen, right?

AriaXXX: Right, they were the first naked or semi naked pictures I ever took. Ohbmy god, I look so different.

Sun: How did the swinging thing move on from there?

AriaXXX: My first scene ever was for Seymour Butts and Jessie Jaymes. Jessie and her husband are both swingers, so they kind of introduced us to the whole scene.

Sun: And who’s idea was it to start the swinging? His?

AriaXXX: No, it was a mutual decision. Like I said, I had kind of already been into it with that one couple. They had introduced me to another couple that I had sex with. It was weird, it was in the girl’s parents house, too. *laughs* I mean, we both were really sexual before we even got into the business. I was into girls and bondage before the business

Sun: So do you guys just have sex with other people together?

AriaXXX: Well, no. We do have sex with other people. You know, if one of us is too busy, then the other one will just get a free pass. The free
passes go both ways. But we’ve moved on from the free pass stage.
It’s pretty much completely open now.

Sun: Basically meaning sex for everyone then?

AriaXXX: Yeah, it’s great. I mean, in a way it gives us time to focus on other things sometimes. We don’t have to wait for each other to release

Sun: But do you still have sex with each other?

AriaXXX: Oh yeah, of course. I just mean that if we need to talk about things or do things we don’t have to rush and have sex and then move on to everything else.

Sun: Okay, so have you ever really thought about what you want to to
after porn?

AriaXXX: I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I still want to pursue the fitness thing. I also would really love to direct and produce my own
lines. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with filming and cameras
but I think it would be great to bring the intensity that I like to
have in my scenes into other people’s scenes too. Besides, to help out
the talent, I can always jump in there and show them how it’s done….

AriaXXX has been in over 300 adult films and has an incredible web site at You can also catch her most Tuesday nights singing Karaoke at 9:00pm, Sardos in Burbank.



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