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New Chapter in the Life and Times of Tony Batman- Learning Acting from Burt Reynolds

Tony Batman, writes: Some people will say it’s hard out here on the road. It can be hell going from city to city every week never calling any one place home. I have found that after doing just that for more years than I care to mention with more than a handful of female co hosts that have names you can recognize, that I still love it, I still get excited to hit a new town, walk into a new club and look at the stage for the first time.

Even if you love doing something you eventually need to take a break from it, this goes for relationships to as far as I am concerned. The past three weeks I have been “hold up” at my friends house in West Palm Beach, actually Wellington Florida.

They have a beautiful house here in South Florida and live in the middle of several horse ranches; they on the other hand have 6 dogs instead. All the dogs are friendly and entertaining.

A special perk of being here in the area is that every Friday evening in Jupiter the legend Bert Reynolds holds class at his awesome Museum, the “Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum”. The acting class has Burt Reynolds giving advice and showing acting techniques to the students that have signed up. They also write, Direct, Produce and Perform full shows at the Burt Reynolds Institute For Film and Theatre, which is also housed in the huge South Florida museum.

As I walked into this building for the first time and seen all the people in their chairs, sitting quietly, jotting notes as fast as their fingers would allow them to, and rehearsing lines on stage while Burt Reynolds overseen it all from his big black leather chair. I was star struck for a few moments, I smiled for no reason, I was taken aback for a few moments. This changed to excitement as Mr. Reynolds as he is called in class began to advise on how to deliver a line. There was a discussion on how to act in a scene if you know the cameras will be in split screen, angle of your head, so many little things that you have to do properly for the shot to come out properly. After a few runnings of the scene it was all over for the night.

The best part of that night was listening to Burt Reynolds tell stories after class. There has to be 100 books inside his head with all the things he has done. A fun moment in the night was when Mr. Reynolds gave this big shot out and thank you to my friend Aaron Wells for all the work he does at the Museum and the Theatre. It was awesome

I have also taken up jogging while here in South Florida. I began with 3 miles a day, then it was up to 5 and now I am attempting to make 10 miles a day. It’s not easy and I have to drop down and walk several times but progress is being made and I am getting a great bronzed tan outside as well.

On July 8th this is all a memory for a while as we kick back in to the travel mode and began touring again. The first show back will be the Exxxotica Los Angeles July 9-11th in Los Angeles CA of course. We will be performing on stage the Screaming O Stage Show and manning the Screaming O Party Booth, with DJ, a handful of hot girls and plenty of demonstrations in the booth.

From Los Angeles I make my way to the Windy City of Chicago where we will help host the pre opening party for the Exxxtacy Chicago Show. The party will take place at the Chicago landmark Gentlemen’s club “The Pink Monkey”. The next night at the Exxxtacy Chicago show we will be performing the Screaming O Stage Show and taking questions during the Scandalous Women Q & A show.

After a couple of days of Chicago fun we take the Tony Batman caravan to Indiana for the famed Nudes A Poppin Festival at thePonderosa Sun Club in Roselawn Indiana. I am co hosting both Saturday and Sunday July 17-18th with Ron Jeremy, Sunny Lane, Adara Michaels, and special guest Bad Boy Dennis Rodman. This “Beauty Pageant” is one of my favorite weekends of the year and a perfect way to get right back on the tour after we are done with the weekend.

This will be the start of an entire new chapter in the” Life and Times of Tony Batman” and we are ready to meet all the new people, see all the new places and to return to some of our favorite places and tell a whole new story from a new outlook.

Here we go again everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


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