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New Meat: Liv Wylder

Porn Valley. On Monday night Wankus did a phone interview with a new girl in the business by the name of Liv Wylder,

Wylder, 25, just started her members website in October, and she swears she answers her fan e-mails. “So far it’s doing pretty good,” said Wylder who finds most of her time occupied with keeping up her site. Asked what sets hers apart from others, Wylder answered, “I do!”

Besides the normal stuff, Wylder also features anal, fisting and pissing and she doesn’t work on screen with her significant other. Wylder said she’s hoping to get a webcam set up so she can do live shows. “But not yet,” she said. CoHo Rebecca Love commented that Wylder had a nice ass.

Wylder also likes working with girls and that was also the case even before she started porn. Wylder’s also good friends with Melissa Ashley, a KSEX favorite. “She’s such a sweetie,” Wylder agreed. “She’s the one that suggested I start my own site.” Wylder said she met Ashley about two years ago when she visited California. “That was a whole lot of fun.” Asked how it was like diving into Ashley, Wylder said it was amazing. Wylder, who’s from Memphis, said she would like to start making some pornos if someone hires her. “I have a pretty open schedule,” she said. Wylder said her husband, who handles the advertising and technical wares related to her site, would probably be pretty happy if she started working in the business. “He’s a kinky freak.”

Asked if she had plans to get a breast enlargement, Wylder said no. “I like them just the way they are.” Wylder said she was 12 the first time she sucked cock.

“Did you tell anyone on your daddy?” Wankus asked. “It was not my daddy!” Wylder laughed, noting that the guy was 13 and that she took the act to completion. Wylder said she also swallows and that her and her husband also swing. Love was curious as to where you swing in Memphis. Wylder said there are two clubs. “The problem with them is that there are usually a lot of old people.” Love agreed, noting that she’s done the out of towners. “Every once in awhile there’d be a good looking couple in there but for the most part, I’m not too interested,” said Wylder who likes her men older but not her women.

“Once you have to remove the diaper to go down, it’s a pain in the ass,” Wankus commented. Wylder was 18 the first time she was with a girl. “She was a friend of a friend and she was visiting from out of town,” she continued. “She came over and stayed the night at my house. I knew the whole time before I invited her over that I wanted to try to get her in bed. But I wasn’t quite sure what to say. I was kind of nervous.”

Wylder said she had her husband do the talking for her. “He went in the other room to talk to her.” Wylder said the girl, needing confirmation, came back and asked if she really wanted to do it. Noting that Wylder’s been married 7 years, Wankus thought that to be some kind of world’s record.

Wankus solicited a play-by-play of Wylder’s first lesbo tryst. “I was laying on the bed and she was kneeling on the floor next to the bed,” Tyler related. “We started kissing. I pulled her on to the bed. I pulled her panties down…” Wankus observed that Wylder was very aggressive and like an Ethiopian who found a pea in the desert.

“Once I knew she was okay with it…” Wylder said she started eating her pussy. “It tasted like cheesecake,” Wylder laughed. Wankus assumed she didn’t mean old, moldy cheese but sweet like cheesecake. Wankus then asked what it was like having another woman kissing her pussy. “It was awesome,” said Wylder who wasn’t inclined to compare anyone to the considerable pussy eating skills of her husband.

When she’s with her husband, Wylder said she prefers it hard and fast. “Fat like fast pumping- not over in two seconds.”

Wylder said her parents didn’t know what she did and her mom would probably freak and think she needed to get baptized. Which is to say her motjer’s pretty religious. On the other hand, Wylder said her father would probably ask for a password to her site. “Dad was really freaky when he was younger,” Wylder continued. “He’s actually my step dad. He calmed down when he married my mom.” Wylder doesn’t think her mom would disown her as much as just be disappointed with her though nshe wouldn’t be too surprised if her dad came across her pictures on the Internet. “But I would really be shocked if my mom ever found out.” Wylder said her mom’s kind of computer illiterate.

Wankus asked Wylder about the freaky requests she gets from fans. “One of them wanted to buy my used toilet paper [no.2],” she recalled. Asked how much she charged, Wylder said she didn’t do it. Another fan wanted her to pee in her panties. “Which I don’t have a problem with but then he wanted me to stuff them up inside. I didn’t think that was such a good idea for sanitary reasons.”

Otherwise, Wylder said she doesn’t mind the peeing. She also does custom videos. One guy, according to Wylder, wanted her to put on a fake cast and hobble around. “It was just a whole bunch of hobbling around. First it was pretend you fall down and break your leg and you’re screaming in agony and pain. Next thing you’ve got the cast on and are hobbling all over the place.” Wylder said the fan worked at a hospital and sent her the materials.


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