New Misty Stone ‘Signature Starlet’ Doll Now Available @ $2,500 from 1am USA!

St. Louis company 1am USA presents the Misty Stone ‘Signature Starlet’ Doll available for $2,500.00!



Scale: 90%
Height: 58.3 inches (148cm)
Measurements: Bust = 31.1″, Waist = 24.4″, Hips: 33.4″
Model Name: Misty Stone
Model Number: SS-Misty
Doll Type: TPE with Metal Skeleton
Weight: 68.3 lbs.
Sex Organs: Vagina, Oral, and Anal

Doll Includes: Wig, and Random Outfit


1am USA is a leading importer of quality XXX love dolls carrying a wide array of dolls that will fit any budget and any need.


1am USA

Phone: (314) 896-4-1am (4126)
Email: [email protected]


Order Ships in 20-25 Working Days

* Free Shipping to the USA and most major countries


1am USA is a leading importer of quality XXX love dolls.  We carry a wide array of dolls that will fit any budget and any need.  We work hard to get you the highest quality products at the lowest prices!  We realize there are other choices out there on the internet, but we want the opportunity to show you how with every phase of your love doll experience, we can show you our honesty and dependability so that you can be confident that you made the right choice in purchasing from 1am USA.


1am USA is located in St. Louis, MO.  We work directly with our manufacturing facility in China to ensure that we provide you with the best customer service so that you have an exceptional experience while transacting with us.   We are committed to providing you with prompt and outstanding service when you choose to shop with our company.

We make every effort so that you are 100% satisfied.




    • This doll is FUCKING AWESOME and Misty is a true beauty! Hopefully many get sold and she makes a killing off it. Remember she also has a Fleshlight model at a more economical price. No reason for any of her fans to be left out. Misty is KILLING IT! Good for her!

    • Ahahahahahahahaha! Can you imagine a Foster Fleshlight? Neither can I. A Foster doll? Sure, some company can make one and we’ll buy it and take turns punching it in the face until the head comes off!

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