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New Names Added to First Generation List

Porn Valley- I spoke to AIM’s Sharon Mitchell this evening. She’s come up with a newly revised list of first and second generation performers. The first generation of female performers who had sex with Darren James since the date of his last negative PCR-DNA test will be quarantined for 30 days until they can be re-rested.

They include Jocelyn, 3/19; Lauren Rox, 3/24; Annie Cruz, 3/29; Vanesca, 3/30; Persia, 3/30; Miss Arroyo, 3/30; Kayla Marie and Jessica Dee, 4/7; Skyler Banks, Patrice Petitie, Candy Ray, Desiree Clark and Kayla Marie [again], 4/8.

The list of second geration performers so far include Carlos Mendez, Mark Anthony, T.T. Boy, Sean Michaels, Julian St. Jox, Mark Davis, Conrad Taylor, Duane Cummings, Marco T., Shane, Judy Starr and Mark Ashley. Mitchell expects the second generation list to grow as more information comes in. “We know there’s many more.”

“There’s still some people on the second generation that we’ll find out tomorrow,” says Mitchell who tells me she got a lot of cooperation from the industry today.

“Everybody was extremely helpful as much panic as there was. These women are at very high risk and this is a real situation that they’ve been exposed to. This is new for a lot of them. I was fortunate enough to have some of the veteran actors come in and hang out at both clinics today. They were really helpful in calming down the new people. I talked with Red Light and Cherry Boxx and Hustler and VCA and Playboy and they’re not going to shoot until we get this complete second generation list.”

Gene: There’s a lot of confusion among directors about the second generation. They don’t know if they should be using that talent or not.

Mitchell: I wouldn’t until the first generation clears out. This is serious.

Gene: We’re talking about coming to a grinding halt for all practical purposes.

Mitchell: Some of the earliest girls will clear out. The earliest girl will clear out next Tuesday and that will give us an indicator. Plus I’m going to get the [James] viral load test back tomorrow or early Thursday. That will give us some window into what type of viral load we’re looking at and when this exposure took place. But as near as I can figure, I’m think Darren’s exposure date must have been somewhere around the second week or third week of March. And he got the spider bite that was masking the symptoms.

Gene: Can you pinpoint where he might have picked this up at? We knew he was in Brazil.

Mitchell: I talked to T.T. Boy who was very helpful today. He and Mark Anthony were both helpful and they were both there today going over the partners and kind of describing the scenes that they had done. And there was a lot of non-condom work with the women. They did have tests. But they were ELIZA tests and you know from our past experience that can mask the antibody for quite some time.

Gene: When I hear Brazil, the first thing that goes through my mind is John Stagliano.

Mitchell: Thank you. Remember if any of those girls had a yeast infection or any type of bacterial infection, any kind of fluid coming from there is going to be 75% more transmittable if they had HIV than if they didn’t have that bactrial infection. The shedding of those white cells in that chlamydia-gonorrhea-yeast infection, things like that, bacterial vaginosis really increases an HIV transmission rate. It might have been rough sex. One of the girls might have had chlamydia-gonorrhea. I don’t think they check those tests down there. But my first guess would be Brazil. I talked to one of the actors and they didn’t one to go into detail but he said to me there were other high risk behaviors. He wouldn’t elaborate and I wouldn’t know what that meant. That could be anything from transsexual and homosexual activities to needle play. Anything.

Again, I’m only going by the accountability of the industry. I haven’t even gotten close to talking to this person about his private encounters. For right now, I’m so concerned about this first generation. because the type of sex that is in the industry now is on an exponential tink growth. When I was working anal was a big thing. Now it’s common practice. If one or two of these young women comes up positive as a result of this, that whole second generation is in jeopardy.

But it’s really taking a chance to shoot those second generationers right now. It really is. Until we at least get some of the first generation cleared out in the next few weeks where we can all breathe a little easier. I think it’s going to be like walking on eggs. I know it’s a lot of people and I know it’s a lot to ask. I understand the economic situation but we’re dealing with HIV. This is a very serious matter and major considerations for the companies as well.


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