New York Hot Sex

Gimme a grande soy latte with a shot of hot sex, please.

A new mag called NYHS (short for “New York Hot Sex”) will perk up patrons at select Starbucks across the city today.

The free monthly, whose content delves between the city’s sheets, also will be available at Tower Records and a selection of delis, stores and nightspots.

“We are not porn,” says Loren Feldman, 37, president and editor in chief of the magazine.

“We are about good food, friends and places to hang, and New York is itching for us.

“There was 9/11. The economy sucks. You can’t smoke in a … restaurant. This is the sexiest city in the world, and we want to promote the pleasure it can bring rather than the heartache.”

The premiere issue features explicit articles about male go-go dancers, the 10 sexiest New Yorkers (Susan Sarandon tops the list) and life on an amateur porn set.

By comparison, the seven snapshots of Suzi, the mag’s cover girl and “Hottie of the Month,” provide much tamer visual stimulation.

The NYU graduate and model/actress/screenwriter appears either fully dressed or covered up where it counts.

“In glossies like FHM and Maxim, the girls all have massive boob jobs,” says Julie Levine, 38, who used to work in the music and entertainment division of Ford Models and is now NYHS vice president.

“They are busting out all over and it’s not sexy, it’s just fake,” she says. “We celebrate real women, rather than the images that have contributed to the collective neurosis of women all over the country.”

“The ‘sexy’ esthetic in New York is so much more sophisticated than in places like L.A.,” says “hottie” Suzy McCoppin, originally from Michigan.

“The whole hydraulic breasts, big blond hair, is so trashy and trailer park. It’s a caricature of women. In New York, everything is natural.”

“She’s a strong, smart, sharp, beautiful woman,” says Feldman of McCoppin. “What’s more New York?”

NYHS also includes a dose of cultural criticism, ads and local listings. The first press run will be 50,000 copies, and the project is self-financed.

“New York is not America,” says David Gluck, founder and executive director of Manhattan’s Museum of Sex, in sizing up the new entry.

“New Yorkers have entered a more mature phase on their perspective on human sexuality,” he says. “It has just become part of the lifestyle spectrum, like, ‘Oh, a Pakistani lives down the block. So does that S&M guy.’

“That this new magazine exists and will be at a place like Starbucks just proves that sex has become part of our normal lives.”



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