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“I’ve done some mainstream movies, but I’m not trying at all to be in the mainstream. If it happens, good and if not, that is good to… I feel pretty happy with my life at this point.”—Alexis Amore

Adult performer and radio host, Alexis Amore is not one to rest on just these laurels. She has set out to achieve the same success she has in those endeavors by taking it to the next level in the business world by coming out with her from all accounts, highly successful Alexis Amore calendar.

Armed with leading lady looks, a feisty personality, and a come hither stare – that comes across in all of her movies, you will not want to miss her adult movies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Alexis Amore….

NB: You were born in Higuereta (Lima Peru) and lived there until you were nine years old. What was it like growing up there?

I don’t really remember much since I was very young, but I do remember it was beautiful and quiet .

NB: Do you go back and visit your country now that you have achieved some stardom? If so, how do they treat you?

I visit Peru a lot, but I don’t say anything to anyone except for my family. My family loves me and respects my decisions in life and work, but we are Latinos and Latinos are very conservative. Since I’m very popular in Peru (second most searched – Googled) person besides the President, I think things can get crazy! (Big laugh) One day, I want to appear in Lima and meet my fans, but for now I want to just relax and enjoy my vacation with family with no paparazzi drama.

NB: At the age of 15, you got into modeling. What are you fondest memories of that time?

Oh I think the excitement of getting new clothes and just having my photo taken for the world to see.

NB: How did you break into the Adult Movie Industry?

I was working for Playboy TV as a model and we had some adult film star as guest for a show. I just asked lots of questions and I contacted Vivid Video and here I am now. (Big laugh)

NB: Which scenes between male and female that you have done today, have been harder to shoot?

None… I always work with people I like and I had a list of people I wanted to work with. My scenes have always been good and fun.

NB: Is there any star from the old days of porn to current that you wish to work with?

Yes, I wish I had worked with Mika Tan, Kristen Price, Nina Mercedes, and Mary Carey to name a few.

NB: Is there a sexual act to date that you have not done on film, but you really want to try?

Nope I think all my fantasies have been done. (Big laugh)

NB: Do you ever see yourself transition from the Adult Movie Industry into mainstream movies?

I’ve done some mainstream movies, but I’m not trying at all to be in the mainstream. If it happens, good and if not, that is good to… I feel pretty happy with my life at this point.

NB: You have not only, of course, been in front of the camera, but behind when you directed. Do you like acting or directing better? Why?

I love both! I started as a performer and I loved it. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I was always under contract with great companies. Directing is so much fun. I love putting my ideas out there for my fans to see.

NB: How long have you followed boxing?

I think since I was very young, but now I appreciate it so much more

NB: Who is your favorite boxer of all-time?

Well, I don’t really have an all-time favorite, but I do like Manny Pacquiao a lot.

NB: What is the most exciting fight you have ever seen?

I think all the fights are very exciting. I love all the action and how people get when there’s a fight on TV

NB: If you could make an adult movie with a boxer of your choice in the lead, who would you pick and why?

(Huge laugh) Well, I don’t know… I would have to do more research.

NB: You have ventured into the business/marketing side with your calendar line: Alexis Amoré Calendars. How has it done to date?

Amazing! My calendars were not sold in stores. I did all the promotion and sell them out of my home, which did great. I love my fans.

NB: How did get the gig at Playboy Radio Español Sirius XM 569?

I have worked for Playboy before I did any adult movies. For me, the radio gig was an easy fit and it didn’t hurt that Spanish is my first language. I did radio before, so it worked out great.

NB: Tell the readers a little about what a typical show is like.

Well it’s not phone sex line. (Big laugh) I give advice and we talk about everything…grom sex, life, sports, and politics. We also have guests to including adult stars to mainstream actors, singers, and athletes.

NB: What is one thing you can share with the NewzBreaker readers that has never been heard before?

Well, a lot of people don’t know this, but I love to cook.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you want to have?

Well, I like my Salsa music for the CD. The movie would have to be a horror movie and no special title.

NB: What is the one question to date, you have never been asked, but wish that you were?

I don’t think I have any. Thanks to my show, fans ask me a lot of stuff.

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

“Go big or go home!”

Alexis wanted to add the following to our interview:

Check out my official web site: Follow me on and my show on Playboy Radio Sirius XM 569 Monday, Tues and Fridays. I send love out to all of my fans…

If you’re looking to get your talent interviewed for, contact “Bad” Brad at [email protected]


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