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“I’m proud of the work I do – and that’s really all that matters. If I can change someone’s mood for a day, or bring something into their lives that effects them – that’s more powerful than any award or statue.” –Eddie Powell

This is the part of the interview where I usually write the lead in before the Q & A, but award winning Writer/Director Jacky St. James made my job easy by summing up Eddie Powell for the NewzBreaker readers. Thanks Jacky…

“There are a lot of great directors in the adult entertainment industry, but none as multi-faceted as Eddie Powell. While some succeed in one particular genre (like parodies, lesbian, romance, or gonzo) Eddie has excelled in all. I met him while working on the New Sensations’ Romance Series and cannot speak more highly of him as a director or a friend. He is a true artist, always striving to improve upon his craft – always going the extra mile to create something different from his last endeavor.

He is well liked and respected among his peers and is a Class Act – defying any pornographic stereotype one might have of an adult film director. He has taught me about the kind of filmmaker I want to be – and has been my mentor since I started in the business a year ago. What he can create from the smallest budget – is a true testament to his ability as an artist and a creator.” – Writer/Director Jacky St. James

Ladies and Gentlemen, MR Eddie Powell…

NB: Let’s catch the NewzBreaker readers up on what projects you are currently working on?

I typically have my hands in a lot of things at work. I just wrapped a feature film for the New Sensations’ Erotic Stories line called, “Normal” which I directed with Jacky St. James starring Penny Pax. I’ve also worked on several commercials for NS Novelties product line and am staying busy with several gonzo/all-sex films (My Little Panties, That Horny Little Cheerleader, etc.).

NB: Where did you grow up? How did growing up there lead to your interest in directing Adult Movies?

I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. I never had an interest in directing Adult movies, actually. Right before I got into the industry I was going to school for computer animation. My plan was to move to California and work in the mainstream film business for a company like Pixar.

NB: Before you started directing Adult Movies, what type of work did you do? How did that job lead you to directing Adult Movies?

I was in school for computer animation and a busboy at Planet Hollywood. The offer came to me from my brother, who at the time worked for an online retailer for adult films. The company needed someone to work in the web department doing web design and graphics – and my career evolved from there.

NB: NewzBreaker’s very own, Misty Emerald reviewed Anchorman A XXX Parody. You also directed Scooby Doo A XXX Parody. Have you ever had a star from the actual mainstream movie Anchorman or an actor that did the voice work for the cartoon Scooby Doo comment on your work?

No, unfortunately but that would be pretty cool. I’m a huge Will Farrell fan.

NB: Recently, I interviewed one of your colleagues Writer/Director Jacky St. James a writer, that I have a lot of respect for. In our interview, she said, “A lot of people discount porn writing – assuming that it’s easy.” Do you feel this applies to the directing side of the porn business as well?

Yes. The feature film experience in adult follows the same process as mainstream, but on a substantially smaller budget. We shoot a two hour feature over the course of four days with about three to four crew members. You are required, as a director, to wear many hats because of this. The demands and responsibilities are greater in some respects, because you don’t have the luxury of focusing on one thing. It’s a lot of work with limited resources.

NB: From your first directorial debut until now, how far has equipment and film itself come along?

The equipment has gotten a lot cheaper and a lot smaller. With the advent of low-light sensors you can pretty much shoot with natural light – so you don’t need a bunch of equipment to light scenes. It’s a lot easier now than it used to be.

NB: Do you use any “Eddie Powell” created techniques behind the camera that are unique to only you?

Unfortunately, no. My film techniques are taken from more established directors or from research I’ve done online. I do have a certain style though that you will see in most of my films. For example, I like calculated moving shots – so there’s a lot of movement in my features, even in the gonzo films I direct. I’m a technical person at heart, so I’m always learning how to make the most artistic shots with the equipment I have at my disposal.

NB: What former actor turned director in both adult movies and mainstream, do you feel leads the pack and why?

Ben Affleck is a great director, but if I was to talk about a director that I feel leads the pack it would be Robert Rodriguez of Troublemaker Studios. He wasn’t a former actor, but he does a little bit of everything from writing to directing to producing to visual effects to film scoring. He’s savvy on new technology too, and uses some of the latest techniques in his films. He’s a one man show and for me he leads the pack because he can do absolutely everything. I’m not sure many directors can say that.

NB: What are your thoughts on “MEASURE B”?

At the end of the day, it’s a choice and the choice should be left in the hands of the people working in our industry, not mandated by people by people who don’t.

NB: You have won multiple awards for directing. Which are you the most proud of why?

Eddie Vedder probably put it best after winning a Grammy Award back in 1996 – “I don’t know what this means. I don’t think it means anything.”

I’m proud of the work I do – and that’s really all that matters. If I can change someone’s mood for a day, or bring something into their lives that effects them – that’s more powerful than any award or statue.

NB: Do you have a mentor in the business that helped guide you as a director? Honestly, I don’t.

I’ve always done my own research and development on what I like – I don’t look to other people to guide me.

NB: Who do you feel is the greatest director of all time in mainstream movies and why?

Terrence Malick because he is a visual storyteller. The imagery he uses to evoke a certain emotion inspires the photographer in me. He digs into the subtext of the story and goes beyond what’s on the page.

NB: When you were handed your first decent check for directing an Adult Movie, what did you go out and buy that was a big treat?

I bought a 5D Mark 2 camera. At the time I was getting into photography and the camera took both stills and video. It was technology at its finest – and I could finally have the elusive film look that everyone was after.

NB: What are your words of wisdom to the young man or woman wanting to break into directing field you have found success in?

The adult industry is suffering right now, so I’m not sure it’s the best career move. However, if you are interested in filmmaking, I’d recommend you pick up an inexpensive camera with interchangeable lenses. Then, develop a short film with your friends and put it up on Youtube or Vimeo – you might actually find more success that way than trying to break into a tight-knit business with so few opportunities.

NB: What is the one stigma about Adult Movies that if you could change it in one or two sentences would be?

That we’re all crazy and drugged out. There are normal people in this biz. I’m one of them. I’m just an average guy that hopes to have enough money to buy a house on a lake one day. I don’t do drugs and I’m not crazy, but I work in porn. It happens.

NB: If you could direct any mainstream male and female actor in an adult movie, who would that, be and why?

Alan Arkin because he’s really cool and he has a great personality – he always plays the same role so he wouldn’t require much direction. I’d just let him do his thing and have a laugh at it. The female I’d hire would be Natalie Portman because she’s so god damn sexy.

NB: Do you feel the Democrats who as we know, hold the Oval Office need to do more for the Porn Industry, a huge tax revenue base, and an industry that creates many jobs?

Given that there is still a stigma surrounding the porn industry I think we’ll always be on our own. It would be nice for someone in political office to step up and recognize the positive things our business has done — and not just the negatives—but I doubt that will happen.

NB: If Mitt Romney wins the election and the Republicans take control of the Oval Office, how do you think it will affect the porn industry?

The same way it was effected when Bush was in office. Not much. If anything it’s just surface bullshit, but I don’t think he’ll actively do anything to harm our industry.

NB: What is the one question to date, you have never been asked, but wish that you were?

Do you want to do porn for the rest of your life?

NB: The floor is yours….

No. Eventually, I would like to move onto doing my own thing, running my own company, being my own boss. I want to be part of the American dream and run my own business successfully. Whatever it is I end up doing, it will be creative (photography, videography, etc.). I’m not cut out for a desk job.

NB: If you were stranded on a desert island, what is the one CD and movie you would like to have?

Bowfinger because it never gets old. It’s a timeless classic. And it’s a movie about making a movie on a low budget with a tiny crew. It’s the story of my life and it’s hilarious. I need variety. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, Rush, Liam Finn, John Doe, The Rolling Stones, Black Crowes. Can I bring my ipod?

NB: What is one thing you can share with the NewzBreaker readers that has never been heard before?

Wasabi is made from gravel. True story.

NB: Finally, do you have a saying you continue to live your life by?

“Keep calm and carry on.”

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