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NEW YORK, NY — One of only a couple gay porn stars to have ever been asked to appear on “The Howard Stern Show,” gay XXX icon BRET WOLFE made a surprise appearance on the syndicated talk radio program, Monday. WOLFE appeared as a part of a segment called “Who Has the Best Ass?” in which Glutes Magazine editor JOHN KENNEDY had to pick the best of three backsides. [Glutes just came on the newsstand, Kennedy told Stern.]

Kennedy’s also the editor of Muscle Mag International. Stern asked what brought about Glutes Magazine. “There’s been a heckuva lot of “ab” magazines out there,” Kennedy said, noting that the ab niche has run its course. “The next big muscle area that is popular with women especially is the glutes area. “We’ve decided to do a whole magazine on glutes.”

Kennedy said he wasn’t as much an expert on that area as a connoisseur. Kennedy explained that it was a womens training magazine, devoted to the ass lifestyle, but not a girlie magazine. Kennedy said women are presented in thongs. In such a way as to turn other women off.

“So the whole magazine is about ass,” Stern concluded. It was asked if it was possible to take a bad ass and turn it into a good ass. There didn’t appear to be a positive response on that one. Stern also asked if it was possible that Kennedy would run out of material after one magazine.

For the game, Kennedy was told he’d have to pick the best ass out of three women. Stern described the first ass as “respectable ” but one that didn’t get much sun. The Number 2 ass was described by Stern as tanned but big.

According to Stern, the number 3 ass was “okay.” Kennedy thought ass number one was a trifle flat with a fold at the bottom of it. “A really, really good ass wouldn’t have a fold, that crease there at the bottom, but it’s still a nice-looking backside.” According to Kennedy, the number 2 ass looked like it was “a trained ass” that still has some testosterone in there.

“She looks like she’s been showing that ass somewhere, somehow. “She had a little wiggle that showed a little bit of experience.” Asked to explain about the testosterone, Kennedy said both men and women have testosterone levels. “The firmness in an ass is often the result of having a good amount of testosterone.”

Kennedy, however, thought ass number three was flat. “It’s more like a runway backside that doesn’t have a lot of interest to it. Asked to make a choice, Kennedy said the middle ass appeared to have been trained and has a curve. It was revealed that ass number two belonged to Nicole Bass, the world’s largest female bodybuilder. It was then revealed that asses number one and three belonged to men, “Gay Ramone” and gay male porn performer, Bret Wolfe. Wolfe, was ass number one. Wolfe questioned the observation about his ass having a crease. “The lift is wrong?”

Stern remembered having seen Wolfe before. “I’ve seen you before,” Stern thought. “Fifteen videos, you’d have to have seen me at some point,” Wolfe replied.

Asked if she had ever done a girl, Bass, who’s appeared in a series of S&M videos from Extreme Associates, said she probably would. “If there’s any woman out there in the audience who’s pretty, attractive…” Bass said she was very attractive but wanted a woman much prettier. Stern imagined that women would be afraid to do it with Bass. Bass, nearing 40, said women want to see her naked but she wants a woman who’ll go to bed.

“I’m going to be 40, I have to do something different! I’m getting older.” Bass swears she’s never been with a woman. Stern wasn’t willing to buy that. “You’re such a mystery to me and God knows what you’re into.” Asked if she ever had sex with her husband, Bass said just the night before. Bass swore she also had an orgasm. Stern wasn’t buying it for an instance. Stern said he heard that men in the gay side of the business don’t make as much as a regular porn star. Wolfe said that’s true. “It’s a different industry. There’s a difference in who are watching.” Wolfe was asked what he made.

“If I say it I’m going to get in so much trouble,” Wolfe laughed. “If you’re just getting started in the business, you will get anywhere about $600.00 – $1,000.00 a scene. You’re generally doing one to two scenes.” Wolfe said the bigger stars such as himself who have won awards like Newcomer of the Year which he won last year, make more. Wolfe cited such films as “After Shock” from Falcon, “Resurrection” from Hot House, and “White Trash” from MSR, as movies where he is prominently featured, with his specialty being that he is a self-proclaimed power bottom. “I take a lot,” Wolfe told Stern. Wolfe said he talks about it on his website where he keeps a journal. Wolfe said he also has a column on

Wolfe said he doesn’t make a living entirely from porn. “I bar tend.” Wolfe says he’s never been with a woman but has kissed twice. Wolfe mentioned that he’s been on Jason Sechrest’s talk show [on KSEX]. “I was dared to eat…” Wolfe was bleeped. “I want to forget it, it was so wrong!” Stern thought Wolfe had been talking about Ryan Seacrest. Wolfe had to explain the difference between the two, that Jason was a reporter and columnist in the adult industry. Put another way, Wolfe said he was challenged to do oral [on Alana Evans]. “The whole time I was thinking of high school anatomy class,” Wolfe said. “I was focusing, trying to remember. I managed to do it.”

Bass thought Wolfe was a very attractive guy for being gay. Bass observed that there was a girl in the green room who was all over Wolfe, touching his back claiming that she could convert him. Stern observed that any one describing himself as a power bottom wasn’t likely to change. 


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