Nicole Moore On YNOT Radio

Los Angeles, CA. — September 1, 2004 at 12:15 pm (PST) adult actress, host and super star Nicole Moore, will appear on YNOT Radio. Nicole will discuss her career, life with producer, director, and publicist Steve Banan, her close friendship with Ron Jeremy, Barnacle Bill the Sailor and her new career Body painting in the nude.

As the publicity rages on two fronts “Body Painting In The Nude” and “Barnacle Bill the Sailorâ„¢”, Nicole Moore has done over 60 radio interviews in the last month and plans a tour across the United States to appear on many radio and television cable shows. This Mark Davis for The Liberty Network.

Nicole Moore will be visiting New York in October and has been invited by several radio stations, to do live in studio demonstrations. Ms. Moore, who stunned the world a couple of years back when she announced on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, MTV, Jay Leno, What’s My Line, The BBC and over 400 radio and TV shows, she paints houses in the nude, has done it again. Porn star Nicole Moore now has started painting men’s and women’s bodies while she is totally in the nude.

“It’s much more fun painting men and women. I simply start the preparation by having them undress, then I undress in front of them. They must be totally pre showered and completely dry. Then I use my sponges and my hands to apply the base paint. They have a choice of five different designs and colors. It doesn’t matter if they are small or big, tall or short, I have enough body paint to go around. With sponges, brushes, and my body parts, fingers, hands, breasts and ass I create the design. Everything is done confidentially. I have just started this and I know it will take off big time.” If you would like to pre-book Nicole Moore for a session while she is on tour in New York, please email her at: or her official website


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