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Nikki Benz and Lucy Lee Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- Nikki Benz and Lucy Lee were guests on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night. At one point in the evening, Lee almost poked Wankus’ eyes out with her chopstix when the subject got on the issue of stereotyping.

Likewise, Wankus hadn’t seen Benz in a long time and went on with the fact that she hadn’t “myspaced” him.

“No love for the Wankus.” Benz also seemed to have her nose out of joint with that comment

“I asked you to be my friend,” said Benz. “I took the first step.” Benz is now with Tera Patrick’s agency and Wankus said he wanted to see if something could be worked out so she could be available for the Team Tyler movie, Faith’s Fantasies.

The shoot has been re-scheduled for next week because Faith is sick. Benz said if her schedule is free, she’d be very interested in doing it.

Lee claimed she had been on KSEX before. “I was there with a girl who didn’t speak English.” Wankus couldn’t recall the instance but figured it must have been a show done on a location from the way she was describing it.

“I really want to know what you’re fucking talking about,” he told Lee who couldn’t seem to add any more detail to clarify matters. Wankus said he’s received a number of communiques from the Tera Patrick agency as to when he was going to have Lee on his show.

“For some reason we were never able to schedule it- finally you’re here.” Benz also wanted to clarify that she and Lucy were available through the agency for still shoots but were exclusive as talent for Teravision Productions.

“I got that but maybe I didn’t explain that right,” admitted Wankus. Lee said they just shot two movies in Hawaii including one called Test Drive which stars her. “I got to drive a Ferrari,” she continued. “But only in first gear, though,” she laughed.

“Usually you’re in the passenger seat working the rich man,” Wankus quipped. Lee was asked how she made the connection with Patrick and Evan Seinfeld. Lee explained that she had worked on one of Patrick’s Vivid movies a couple years ago.

“We didn’t really talk. But when she opened up the agency, she requested to work with me and we started working together. Then we started doing content shoots. I think she liked working with me. Then we started talking about a contract. They offered it to me and I went, hell yeah.

Asked if she’s worked with Seinfeld, Lee said no but that she had a movie coming up on the 28th and the 30th called Appetite for Destruction.

“Evan will be in it performing with someone but it’s not me, though.” The first time Wankus saw Seinfeld it was on Oz. Seinfeld was naked, and it disturbed Wankus.

“When I saw Oz and Evan Seinfeld in a fetal position in the jail cell and his fucking pipes hanging out- that’s the most disturbing thing I ever want to see in my life,” Wankus stated.

“Did he ever get fucked in the ass in Oz?” Wankus wanted to know. Lee said she’d like to see that. Wankus pointed out that Tyler Faith used to fuck a lot of her old boyfriends in the ass.

“Like Lockwood and all them,” he added. “She told me she lost respect for them because they would beg for it- please, please give it to me. Tyler’s said it herself on the air here many times.” Lee said it happens especially when guys know you’re down with it. Wankus said last week he was laying in bed watching TV when Tyler started hugging and kissing him.

“All of a sudden, grrrrrrrrsh, she puts handcuffs on my hand. Whatever. I let her. Then out of nowhere she says close your eyes. I closed my eyes and I felt something weird in my mouth. She tried putting a ball gag in my mouth. I turn my head, fuck that.” Afterwards, Wankus asked if she was mad, and Faith said she was glad he said no.

“Otherwise I would have been her little bitch and she doesn’t want that.” Benz said a woman wants a man. Wankus suspected the episode was designed to see if he’d turn into her little bitch.

“Once a man gets it up his ass, he’s a bitch,” Benz agreed. “I’m sorry.” Wankus then wondered about Seinfeld’s scene on HBO. He called Seinfeld on air and left a message asking if he took it in the ass in jail on the Oz show.

“Everyone in Oz took it in the ass,” said Wankus. “Every time I turned it on someone was getting a blowjob or taking it in the ass. It was weird. That’s why for Tyler it was one of her favorite shows. She loves gay-shit. Modern day porn girls love seeing guys suck each other off. It’s got to be perfectly cut, sexy straight guys. That’s what they like. They don’t want to see gay guys.”

Wankus referenced a conversation that went on at the Team Tyler set last week about straight guys who do it for money on college web sites. “The point is if they’re sucking cock for $50, $100, they’re fucking cob swallowers.”

Asked how she got her start in porn, Lee said it was three years ago and she was dancing for Vince Yoyeur’s bachelor party company.

Wankus asked if he pushed her to have sex with him. Lee said she wasn’t forced but she did have sex with him. “He’s hot. But I’m kind of easy, too.” Wankus said a lot of people like Stuart Wall from Smash got angry at him for outting them.

“I didn’t say you FORCED anyone- I just say you do the casting-couch thing,” Wankus said. Lee then said Vince does it as well.

“But he’s pretty rough?” Wankus told Lee he’s heard things like that []. “A girl said he got too rough.” Lee said she was then hooked up with an agent and started in porn from there.

“At least you got something out of it,” said Wankus. “You probably would have banged him in a club for a one night stand and not got anything.” Lee said she and Voyeur were kind of dating.

“He took me out to eat and shit like that. I went to his house- he has a really nice house in the hills, whatever. I was, what do you do? Then he sent me to his office.” The next thing Lee knew she was being put in movies. Lee’s first scene was a b-b-g.

Lee was asked if she did stereotypical features like Gooks with Spooks.

“They do that a lot with Asian girls,” Wankus noted. Lee said it was an Asian movie and half the ones she’s done are Asian movies. “But it wasn’t like that. I’ve done those, too.”

“Have you done No Tickee, No Washee yet?” Wankus also asked. “Have you worked in any movies where they didn’t focus on the fucking fact that you’re Asian?” Lee said of course.

Lee was also asked if her family and friends know what she does.

“Probably,” she answered. “But they don’t talk about it.” Wankus wondered if she told her parents she was a model, that 90% of the girls in the business stick to that story. Lee said her story was office work.

“If you look at me, I don’t look like a fuckin’ porn chick,” she stated. Lee said her parents live in Palos Verdes and she lives in the Valley.

“The Internet lives in everyone’s home,” Wankus hastened to remind her. Lee said her parents don’t watch porn.

“I can tell you that 100%.” Benz told her it didn’t matter if they did, that friends do.

Lee also said she’d do anal but wouldn’t do a gangbang. “The most I’ll do is d.p.- no more than two guys.” Asked if she’d kiss in a scene, Lee said it depends because some guys don’t observe proper hygiene. Lee mentioned that she’s shot between 350-400 movies half of which are Asian.

“But I’ve also done interracial,” she said. “Yes it is considered me doing black, interracial.”

A debate ensued about who got to play the maid role if Lee was in a movie. Wankus said America perceives stereotypes. Given a choice of who would play the Barbie doll and who’d play the maid, Wankus said Lee gets to the maid part because it was shallow-thinking. Lee objected.

“Asian people are not looked at like that,” Lee begged to differ.

“Listen, can I have my dry cleaning back?” Wankus asked her.

Lee was of the opinion that Hispanics are the ones playing maids.

“What are you talking about?” she asked Wankus indignantly. “Who’s going to come to your house and clean your house? Not me. Not my mom. Not my sisters.” Wankus said he’s had an Asian maid and told Lee not to get offended. “Calm down.”

Lee insisted that it’s not like that in the porno business. Wankus didn’t think so.

“Dude, I’m the one doing it,” Lee told Wankus. Wankus again told her to calm down.

“The way America perceives certain things, it’s always going to be the blonde Barbie [Benz] and character role,” Wankus went on to say.

When Lee made his point to some extent by copping to masseuse roles, Wankus said that was his point. “You play a character role. Don’t be mad at me- this is the way that America has put it all together. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

“Masseuse- happy ending- I’ll have suckee, suckee- same shit,” Wankus laughed. “It’s still insulting if you want to be pissed, but that’s the way it is.” Wankus told Lee his whole step family was Vietnamese. “So calm the fuck down- I’m not mocking your fucking shit.”

Lee admitted that she’s be through the Me So Horny-craze. Wankus kept telling Lee to calm down and not be so upset, that Michelle Lay said it best:

“I don’t do interracial because I don’t like how the community portrays interracial,” Wankus said, quoting Lay. “They say white bitches, black dick. If they could say it was a scene between a guy and a girl, I would do interracial in a minute.”

“There’s always with the races,” Wankus continued. “Whether you’re Asian, Spanish, it doesn’t make a fucking difference. You’re going to play a stereotyped role.” Wankus also pointed out that Rob Spallone’s latest movie was titled Spooks with Gooks.

It sounded like neither Benz nor Lee had heard the term “spook” before.


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