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Nikki Benz Evades Tera Issue-final

Porn Valley- If you were tuning in for the big story on Nikki Benz’s KSEX show Wednesday night, you didn’t get it. Benz and Teravision parted ways earlier this month but Benz didn’t get into any whys or wherefores; and co-host Tony Batman certainly wasn’t asking any questions. Sounds like everyone was kayfabe-ing it and mums was the word. Benz, however, did make passing reference to the split.

“I’m no longer a Teravision contract girl,” said Benz. “You know, not a big deal. I’m with LA Direct Models now. He’s my agent and I’ve already been getting a lot of calls and a lot of job offers.” Benz said she loves the fact that she’s “freestyling it.”

“It’s great, I love doing gonzo,” she said. “My contract was severed on June 6. Great 6-6-6. And so, you know, I went to Derek and I spoke with him and he took me on. Now I’ve been just getting a lot of requests to work with people. And you know what? I’m glad because I haven’t been exposed to a lot of the gonzo companies. And now I’ll get a chance to do that. I like the gonzo. It’s easier. You show up. You fuck, you get paid and you go home. Speaking of that, I did it today and my pussy’s still wet. I had the best girl-girl scene with Alektra Blue.”

Blue came on later in the show as a guest. Benz said the scene was shot for Gina Lynn Productions.

“Our chemistry was so good- I’ve known Alektra but I’ve never worked with her,” said Benz. “We used to party together- like go to a niteclub, have a few drinks, have a good time.” Benz recalled one time she got so turned on that she put her finger in Blue’s pussy at a club.

“But we never actually did it, but today was the day that I got to fuck her finally and the chemistry was so great, I’m still blushing.” Benz said she still had pussy juice in her mouth from the scene.

Batman noted that Benz has pretty much been under contract her whole porn life.

“This is your first shot to go out there and say, hey, I want to do some hard ass, nasty sex- gonzo. Somebody do me hard! That’s happening now.” Batman also asked Benz how many scenes she’s done since then.

“I’ve only basically started last week,” Benz replied. “Today was actually my first scene being out of the contract.” Benz said she had other scenes lined up and was loving it.

“It’s a lot different than being on a feature set,” she said. “Honestly, it’s a lot easier. I love it. You go in and just have great sex. And it’s like, wow, instead of doing all the dialogue.”

Benz is going to be at LA Erotica all three days.

“I’m signing for the Screaming O,” she said. According to Benz she’ll have her Teravision movie Test Drive DVD as well as some product from Pleasure.

“My Pleasure titles sell really well when I feature dance,” she added. “I’m going to have a variety of DVD’s.” Batman wondered if, when Benz went over to LA Direct, they were flooded with calls about her.

“Another agent that works at LA Direct- Robert- said that I was the first girl in the agency that has gotten such a big response from joining them,” said Benz. “That means a lot of people called and I think that’s great.” The last time Benz was on the road was in Tucson, she went on to say.

“It’s a different climate out there- it’s so freakin’ hot,” she laughed. “It’s crazy.”

Benz won’t be feature dancing until August. At the same time, Benz said she’s trying to limit the amount of work she does.

“I don’t want to work every day. I don’t want to get over shot- that’s what I’m saying.” Benz also got her nipples pierced.

“It was really painful but I like it and I think it looks hot,” she added. “If I had to do it over again knowing how much it hurts, I would never do it. But I like the results. I like how it looks. That was the most painful thing I’ve ever gone through. That hurt more than getting my breast implants. My nipples are so sensitive that when he did the first one, I wasn’t sure that I wanted him to do the second one. I was, like, wait. I seriously need an hour down time.” Benz mentioned that she was also on the VH1 Super Group show.

“VH1 flew me out- I had dinner with Sebastian Bach, Ted Nugent and Jason Bonham,” she said. “I got to meet them all and I was glad to see that little clip.” Batman said he heard Nugent making a comment that Benz had a great ass. Benz said she didn’t know if he was talking about her but that he was very loud and opinionated.

“The whole time we were having dinner he’d talk about hunting and killing deer and eating it- I’m like oh my God.” Benz flew home the next day but noted that Sebastian Bach has a crush on her and said so on MySpace.

“He totally knew who I was because he’s a porn-freak,” she said. “He loves porn. He messaged me on MySpace saying I have a crush on you but I couldn’t talk to you because my girl was there. That’s what he said.” Benz said she would do his wife, no questions if the situation called for a threesome. Batman made it sound like Bach was not that big any more. Because she’s more into hip-hop, Benz said she didn’t know who Bach was.

“I didn’t know who any of these guys were.”


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