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Nikki Benz in Toronto for Sex Show

Porn Valley- On her KSEX show this week, Nikki Benz announced that she would be going to Toronto to be the headliner at the Everything to Do with Sex Show which takes place from October 20 to 22.

“I’ll be hosting contests,” she described. “Like a blowjob contest.” But Benz said it would involve strap-ons.

“It’ll be fun, I can’t wait,” she added. “The Screaming O made this happen for me.” After the Toronto show, Benz said she’d be dancing from October 26-28 at the Spearmint Rhino Rouge located at 1616 E. 15th St in Los Angeles. Benz directed her fans to go to her website, for more info. From there Benz said she was going to Chicago, Austin then Walcott, Connecticut.

Batman said while that sounds like a small town, the new club Rock Star is the big thing on the circuit.

“It’s living up to its name even though it’s a small town in Connecticut.” In December Benz is back in LA dancing at another Rhino location downtown, 2020 E. Olympic Blvd. Batman said he’d be going to Toronto in December and wondered what kind of weather to expect.

“It’s like New York City, same,” said Benz. “I don’t like the cold- I hate it.” Benz advised Batman that when he’s in Toronto, to go to The Brass Rail.

“I used to dance there,” she said, noting that outside, the club features a huge 2-foot picture of her in a pink bikini.Batman reported that for his recent birthday, MILFs came into KSEX and blew him.

“It was kind of a surprise for me- they’re older MILF porn stars. I didn’t know who they are. There was a lot of young ladies in the room, too. Actually the whole studio was filled.”

Batman noted that Lorrainiac was running the show and said, ‘We’ve got these girls who’ll blow you for your birthday but you have to do it in front of all of us.’ That’s no big deal- I do that all the time. I sit back, ready to go and these two MILF actresses walk in and start blowing me.” Asked if they were hot, Batman didn’t gave an answer- at least one that could be heard on air. Nonetheless Batman said they were very nice ladies and that he popped.

“The gums slide really well,” laughed Benz who added that nothing wrong with it that here’s a lot of hot MILFs.

“I just don’t like the word,” she said. “When you call someone a MILF, it makes them sound old. I don’t like it.”Benz wondered if Batman got any blowjobs while in Florida for the Tampa Show.

“Yes I did,” he said. “A couple of them- they hooked me up right. They gave me a king room. And because of the KSEX-thing and we’re huge, I did the young ones. When I got here back for my birthday it was MILF time.”

Benz talked a little bit about a movie she did for Vivid called: Sexpose Volume 2: Nikki Benz.

“I’m in all five scenes and, yes, there’s an anal scene of me,” she said. “There’s a scene of me doing two guys at the same time; I have a b-g-g scene and I have a lesbian scene.”

According to Benz, the anal was exciting that it was only her second scene as far as doing that. Benz said it’s probably her nastiest movie to date.

“And I’m doing two guys at the same time- that’s hardcore; and to do an anal scene that’s hardcore, too.” Batman assumed that the two-man scene was a d.p. and Benz said, no, she hasn’t done one as yet.

A caller named Eli then talked to Benz, and Benz recalled being on another radio show when Eli was on the line.

“The host was being such a prick- he was such a dick,” said Benz. Eli mentioned that the prick was an Australian named Jason Ellis.

“He was so rude,” said Benz. “That’s like my fan- Eli’s so fucking cool.” Benz predicted that Eli was going to be the first Mexican guy that she’d fuck.

Benz also mentioned that she talks to her fans all the time on MySpace.

“MySpace is such a great tool to market, and promote yourself and network,” she said. “I met a lot of people because of MySpace.” Benz noted that at one point she got her MySpace page deleted.

“But I made a few phone calls and they restored my account.”


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