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Nikki Benz Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Former JKP contract girl and former Catholic high school student Nikki Benz, was a guest on KSEX Monday night. And you know- you just know, the first questions popped to her were about Jill Kelly Productions.

The last time Benz was on the show, she had short dark hair. “The poor publicist at JKP freaked out,” Benz laughed. “Because they signed me when I was a blond.” As a fan might see it, Wankus said he liked the blond hair better. Wankus asked for Benz’s thoughts on the JKP matter, noting that Benz has made public statements in personal support of Jill Kelly.

“But the company had a lot of behind-the-scenes bullshit,” Wankus observed. “Which led to its demise- and all you girls got out.” Benz said once Kelly herself left there was no reason for her to be there. “I wasn’t happy.” Benz was on the east coast dancing at the time and said she couldn’t make her departure until she got back to L.A.

“I wanted to leave awhile back,” said Benz noting that she saw disorganization. “It wasn’t Jill’s fault.”

Wankus, quoting Tyler Faith, said Bob Friedland fucked everything up over there. “And fucked everyone over.” Benz agreed. “There’s no love for Bob Friedland,” Wankus added. “He’s still on the run.”

Wankus noted that Friedland’s car was still in the JKP parking lot. Benz said that was freaky and Scott Hoover, the former publicist, was looking to see if Friedland was tucked in it. Wankus noted that Friedland’s house was closed down as well. “Everybody thought he owned this big house- he was leasing it. He was six months behind in his payment, allegedly. The sheriff locked it all up.” Benz heard that Friedland, wherever he went, supposedly took his dogs with him. Wankus suspects he could be in a ditch somewhere in Louisiana. “You never know.”

Benz sounded like she wanted to add more and was thinking it over. “Bob had a lot of enemies,” she said. “It’s his own fault.” Wankus said add him to the list, observing a Cindy Crawford incident when she was still with KSEX.

“She was flakey,” said Wankus, adding that there were supposed to be something like four Jill Kelly girls scheduled to come in and also flaked. “I went on the air and said something simple like well must be something in the water. These Jill Kelly girls don’t show up- some kind of shit.” Wankus said most of his attention had been focused on Crawford who was a host on KSEX. “Cindy went crying to Jill. Jill said, okay, I’m not sending my girls to KSEX anymore because the girls aren’t happy over there. It wasn’t Jill’s fault. She was just looking out for her girls.”

When some of the girls wanted to come back on KSEX because they had a good time, Friedland called Wankus. Wankus told Friedland the girls were always welcome and that he never had a problem with the company. “He goes if you want the girls on the show you have to make a public apology.” Wankus asked Friedland what he was apologizing for. “He goes you’re going to apologize for the comments you made about them publicly. I said the comments I made about them were true. Which was we had interviews scheduled and they didn’t show up.” Friedland insisted that if he wanted to work with JKP girls, he had to make the apology.

Wankus told Friedland he’d be willing to do that, provided Friedland make an apology for robbing a liquor store. Friedland told him he didn’t rob any liquor store. “Exactly, Bob,” Wankus told him. “I didn’t say anything bad, why am I apologizing?” Wankus said Friedland didn’t like him because Wankus didn’t like “his stupid, scandalous ways”. According to Wankus, most people over at the company felt the same way but couldn’t express it.

“Tyler [Faith] never hid her hate for Bob,” Wankus added. Benz said she likes the fact that Faith will get in your face like that.

Benz said she’s talked to several companies about a contract. “I’m kind of working out the final details.” Wankus took that to mean that she was playing off companies against one another. Benz aid she already knows which company she wants to go with. Asked if she was getting a better deal, Benz said probably everybody has a better deal than what could be had at JKP. Wankus went on to relate the fact that Bank of America held Kelly checks for seven days to clear.

Benz has been dancing. She’ll be at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino August 5 & 6. Wankus told her the dressing room was small as fuck, comparing it to a single person bathroom. “And you have to bring in all your feature trunks- it’s bad.” Benz said she was put in the one in Oxnard. “They put me in a bathroom beside a toilet and said change here.” Wankus said same idea. This weekend Benz is in Lansing, Michigan at the Deja Vu, July 21-23.

Benz will also be at The Hustler Club in Washington Park, Illinois, July 28-30. Then on August 18-20, she’ll be at Solid Platinum in Lexington, Ky. Wankus told her that should be a fun gig because guys put dollar bills in the gaps of their teeth. Benz said she’s been to Kentucky with the feeling she’d never go back.

Benz noted that she’d also be at The Foxy Lady in Brockton, Mass., September 29 to October 1.

Benz said she just started dancing so all the clubs are new to her. Benz said the first two days, the diehard fans come out to these gigs. Asked about the last AEE show, Benz didn’t think any of the girls had a good time. “The fans were great- it was just hectic.” Benz said she had to be in heels all day. “And I’d go back to the hotel room and cry because my feet hurt.” Wankus was inclined to comment that some of the fans are ridiculous for lack of hygiene and clammy handshakes. Benz said the worst part is when they try to hug you. “And you get that wet spot.”

Benz said she wanted to go to the Tampa show. Benz also said she’d give Wankus the heads-up when she signs her contract so she could shoot a just-in-case scene for Team Tyler. Benz said she loves working with Tyler Faith although she’s only done a couple of scenes with her. One was a chocolate syrup scene, but Benz said she’d like to do another without chocolate, thank you.

Benz has been in the business 2 1/2 years. Asked if she’s gotten sick of porn, Benz said she still has a lot to learn. “I’ve always been under contract,” she said. “It’s weird- I don’t even know a lot of people in the industry. I’m still learning a lot.” For the most part, Benz says her industry experience has been pretty cool. Asked if she’s had any Stuart Wall casting couch experiences, Benz says no but that she gets weird e-mails from people. “Some guy e-mailed me. I’m interested in booking you. I’m, okay, cool. I ask him who’s it for, what company. He’s, like, it’s for me.” Benz said she’ll ignore requests that are out of L.A. “Forget it. Don’t talk to me.”

Wankus said Faith will get calls to work for twice her rate then ask who she’s working with. “Oh, some guy we met down here in Miami. Twice the rate to end up in a suitcase somewhere in the back of a freeway.”

Benz didn’t think her family knew of her porn career. “They think I’m modeling- sort of,” she laughed. “Posing for all those boxcovers. That’s modeling.” Benz thinks her mother has an inkling. “But she’s afraid to ask me. I can’t tell her.” Benz, who’s from Canada, said she was with her family recently in Toronto and wanted to tell them. “I thought I would the last day; I couldn’t do it.” Benz said she’s been living in the states for a year and when she was with Pleasure Productions they always flew her. Asked if it was tricky going across the border, Benz tells them she’s a model. “They usually don’t ask.” Benz talked about the incident when Cindy Crawford and Tyra went to Montreal and Crawford, when asked what she did for a living, said she was a porn star. “They gave her a hard time,” said Benz. “They thought she was a hooker. You never say you’re a porn star going over.”

Wankus said Crawford has been looking trashed. “This is a girl that I thought was gorgeous when I met her. She just looks like Mr. Ed kicked her in the face way too many times. She just looks bad. Whatever train hit her, she’s got a lawsuit there. It’s the partying and the drugs. What a shame because she was hot when I met her.”

Benz said she has someone special in her life who was pretty cool. He isn’t in the business.


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