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Nikki Nine on Adam Carolla-final

Porn Valley- It was family pride day on the Adam Carolla show as new Hustler contract girl Nikki Nine paid a visit, and her mother called on the phone.

Then, later in the interview, Nine’s ex boyfriend, Jason called in. And to bring it all to a boil, Carolla had religious nutcase Shirley Phelps on the air attacking Nine’s mother, Evelyn. Phelps, a bible-spouting head of a religious sect, endeared herself to the Carolla audience last week by referring to the slain Amish children as “brats” bound for hell who deserved what they got. On this show, Phelps said Nine’s mother was a horrible parent.

Phelps also told Carolla that he himself was a worker of iniquity and was going straight to hell. Phelps went on to call Nine “a filthy little pervert” and mimicked her laugh. Phelps also called Nine a brackish, ghoulish simpleton. Asked about Nine’s profession, Phelps said she didn’t give a rat’s ass about what Nikki does.

“She was raised by people who hate her. Why should I care about her? Her mother hates her that’s why she’s the brutish fool that she is.”

Phelps also predicted that Nine, “the little witch” will be burning in hell with her mother. Phelps has eleven kids and Carolla wondered if one of them got into porn.

“Like that would happen,” sniffed Phelps. “They wouldn’t be filthy brutes like this. The reason this girl is a filthy, brutish pervert is that her parents are filthy, brutish, foolish perverts and they hate her.”

Nine is billed as an 18 year-old porn “virgin” because she has yet to shoot a scene. Nine, an Orange County native, was asked by Carolla how she got signed if she’s never done a movie. Nine said she did a layout for Hustler and they liked it. Nine just graduated high school in June and Carolla mentioned that he went to school with Christy Canyon.

“Her sister asked me to the Sadie Hawkins Day dance in ninth grade,” Carolla recalled. “The point is when we found out, this chick that we had all been lusting after, did a porn movie- we sprinted to the store.” Along the same lines, Carolla imagined there are going to be a lot of happy seniors in Nine’s school.

Nine said a lot of people that she didn’t even know in high school are coming on her MySpace page and telling her how they always liked her.

“I never knew you- you didn’t talk to me.” Nine shoots her first movie, The Erotic Adventures of Nikki Nine in mid-October. But her first movie to come out will be Barely Legal 68. She shoots that the end of October.

“It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean,” said Corolla. “They’re going to shoot two films on one futon.”

Asked if she was nervous about doing her first porn, Nine said she was really excited and would be working with great people.

“Caesar Bonobo is going to be directing and he’s great. I love a lot of his work,” she said. However Nine didn’t know who she’d be working with and Carolla hated to tell her it was going to be Ron Jeremy.

“Baptism by fat and fire,” Carolla told Nine. For the time being, Nine said she didn’t know if she was going to be working with a guy or a girl.

“I really love working with girls, though,” she said. “It’s always a fun set when there’s girls on it.” Either way, Nine said it wouldn’t matter to her and that she totally loves her body.

“I’ve got a nice little box going on,” she said. Carolla then got Nine on a technicality when he asked what happens when she’s not attracted to the guy.

“I’d obviously pick the guy if I’m going to work with him,” Nine replied.

“How can you pick when you just show up- shouldn’t you be picking now?” Carolla immediately asked her.

“Well, yeah, probably,” Nine murmured. Nine was asked how many guys she’s been with. She thought it was an “outrageous” question.

“I can count them all on both of my hands,” she answered, noting that she thought she’d be a capable performer when it comes time.

That’s when her mother, Evelyn, got on the phone. Asked how she felt about her daughter making porn, Evelyn said she was nervous about it.

“This has been an experience for me as well,” she added. “I’ve learned more about the industry than I probably should know.” Carolla suggested that she and her husband might be on the set for the shoot.

“I don’t have a husband,” said Evelyn. “My husband passed away.”

“We can laugh now- it’s been eight months,” said Carolla wondering what happened.

“Did he OD?” Carolla wondered.

“No he died while we were having sex,” said Evelyn.

“The Widow Maker,” quipped Carolla. Sounding mortified, Nine yelled out that it wasn’t the truth. Evelyn admitted that she had Carolla on that one and said it was a heart attack, that he was 53 and was Nikki’s step father. Carolla didn’t think he would be as casual as Evelyn sounded if his young daughter got into porn.

“I would probably try to talk her out of it.”

To which Evelyn said that Nikki was pretty strong-willed.

“She knew what she was going to do and it wouldn’t have mattered what I said or what I tried to do,” Evelyn continued. “She was still going to do it so I could either destroy my relationship with my daughter and never see her again or I could make some peace with it and realize she is an adult. A young adult. She has to make decisions for herself.” By the sounds of it, Carolla didn’t think Nine’s mother had a choice in the matter.

“How about if she offered you the same money that you would get paid for the porn- would you not do it?” Carolla asked Nine.

“Probably not,” said Nine. On the other hand, her mother said Nikki was “hell bent” on doing it. According to Evelyn, she already had a clue where this was going because Nine does a Hansel and Gretel-thing leaving a bread crumb trail to the gingerbread house.

“I knew what she was up to.”

Carolla’s suggestion was that Evelyn give a knee to the groin of Nine’s guidance counselor in high school.

“Nice work, pops- fantastic.”

Carolla was curious what Hustler was going to pay Nine.

“You can’t afford me,” Nikki laughed.

“I could buy you out of this mess- of course we’d have to have sex in front of your mom,” advanced Carolla. “It would still be a nice compromise. I’m a celebrity.”

Evelyn mentioned that she worked for an attorney and Carolla asked if she was worried about them finding out about her daughter.

“If my boss finds out what she’s doing, then I should probably be wondering what my boss is up to when he’s away from the office,” Evelyn answered.

Carolla likened the situation to stealing a suitcase full of unmarked bills from a drug kingpin.

The biological father is still in the picture, according to Evelyn, who said he tries not to think about Nikki’s career choice.

“It’s not a topic that can be openly discussed with him.”

Carolla wondered if there was “a dusting” of molestation involved in that relationship with her father.

“No!” said Nine immediately.

“Porn is something you do when you run away, something you do when there’s been some abuse; something you do when you have no other options,” Carolla pointed out. Nine said porn wasn’t something she was going to do her whole life, anyway, and had plans for going back to school.

“This is like Nikki Nine pays for college through each DVD-thing,” she added. Carolla asked her about the long term ramifications and Nine said if the man of her dreams couldn’t handle the fact she was in porn, she wouldn’t want to marry him, anyway. Carolla wondered what mom looked like.

“Mom’s hot,” said Nine And Evelyn said she had two other daughters that were just as beautiful. Nine said she had one sister who could be a super model, that she was 6 foot tall and was 16.

“She’s gorgeous.” The other daughter is 12.

Carolla kept guessing at how much Nine was getting from Hustler. Nine said she was signed on for 24 movies.

“They must be paying you something in the $200,000 range,” Carolla guessed. Nine reacted as though he were close on the figure. Carolla said he was looking at having a midlife crisis in six to seven years and wanted to consider the 12 year-old sister.

“I think we’re going to cross paths about the right time,” he chuckled.

To which Evelyn said, working for an attorney, she’ll see that her daughter is well-compensated.

“You’ve got to set mom up for life,” said Evelyn.

Carolla kept telling Nine about the possible consequences of doing porn. Carolla compared it to watching a blindfolded man walking on a lawn about to step on a rake.

“Part of you wants to warn him, part of you wants to crack a beer sit back and enjoy the show.”

“But I think it’s so much more socially acceptable,” Nine argued. “I don’t think it’s so taboo now.”

It was observed that Nine was wearing a ring and she was asked if she had a fiance or a boyfriend.

“I’m single,” she said, noting that she uses it in case some creep approaches her so she can tell him she’s engaged.Reviewing her high school resume, Carolla asked Nine if she really had a guidance counselor.

“What did they tell you to get into- computers or porn?” Nine said she informed her guidance counselor, a woman, of what she was doing.

“I guess the counseling didn’t work,” Nine was told. Nine said the counselor was really good friends with her mother and that’s why she called her. Nine was then asked if she had to show her goods for the Hustler people. She claims, no.

“They just trust and signed you to a 24-picture deal without seeing what you do?” Nine was asked.Nine reminded everyone she did two layouts for Hustler including a Barely Legal that comes out in February, as well as a Hustler layout with another girl.

Nine kept stressing that doing porn was no big deal any more and said in the future everyone will have done porn. Nine mentioned that on Girls Gone Wild you see girls all the time that you might have gone to high school with.

“In fact I think it intrigues guys,” she laughed.

Nine’s ex boyfriend, Jason, then got on the line. Jason just turned 18 August 10. They dated in high school and Nine said Jason is now dating her ex best friend. Jason said he wasn’t cheating, that he broke up with Nikki one day short of a year. Jason said he works at Dietrich’s, some Orange County coffee shop and that he was on break. Asked if he was going to watch Nikki’s porn movie, Jason said for sure.

“With her best friend,” he added for effect.

Asked if that was hurtful, Nine said it was and that she was doing porn to get back at Jason. Jason was considered the winner in this deal because he could brag that he had Nikki at one time.

“Long before Peter North decorated her like a birthday cake,” said Carolla who was curious when Jason last made love to Nine’s best friend.

“I haven’t,” he said. “We’ve only been together for a month.” Carolla figured jason was full of it.

“Are you high? You’re going to junior college and you’re 19- you’re probably on top of someone right now. Please.” Jason insisted he hasn’t had sex with the friend. On the other hand, he had sex with Nine on the first date. Jason then claimed it was Nine who cheated on him when they were together.

“It’s not a guy at all.”

“I cheated on him with my best friend, now he’s dating my best friend,” Nine admitted. The best friend, according to Jason, still attends high school. Nine revealed she and the girl friend were watching an episode of O.C. when it just happened between them.

“It was something out of porn- we had a pillow fight then just started having sex.” Nine was also hoping her friend’s parents weren’t listening to the show.

“Reciprocating oral?” Carolla asked.

“That we did,” said Nine, noting that her friend is blond with big natural D’s.


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