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Nina Whett Now Leighann Ria Veigh-update

Porn Valley- Nina Whett has been both a blonde and a redhead. She’s worn her hair straight and in Bo Derek braids. Long absent from the porn scene, and still absent to some extent, gathering by her comments, Whett made a return visit to KSEX, Monday night and The Wanker Show.

Except Whett, former gal pal to Johnny Toxic, has re-invented herself and is now going by the tongue-tripping porn de plume of Leighann Ria Vaigh. In making the introductions, Wankus said Whett/Raigh was one of the first guests on KSEX in the beginning. “She was great- I love her.”

Wankus noted that Vaigh disappeared for awhile, Vaigh saying she loved her past appearances on KSEX and the debauchery attendant with those. Wankus was curious about the Nina Whett transition. Vaigh said she had to take a break for awhile. “I’m not doing adult any more,” Vaigh reported. “I just wanted to get away from the name because I was branching off into other things and the name was getting in the way. I’m not doing porn.” Vaigh said she still has a porn star sex life, however. “I just don’t do it on camera.” Vaigh also said she wanted to take the time to pursue fetish work including bondage.

It was noted that Vaigh’s last appearance on KSEX found her beating the shit out of the late Mike Rick, the founder of KSEX. “And his little British white ass,” Wankus added. “At one point he had his cock out and we couldn’t see what was going on. Because back then we didn’t have state of the art cameras. We had like one fucking shitty webcam.” Wankus said from the angles, it appeared that Vaigh was jerking Rick off or blowing him.

“Until we saw this white juice shoot across the room. He swore that he didn’t come, that it was Nina spitting to make it look like he came, for effect. Because he didn’t want to cheat on his wife.” Wankus said for months Rick got his balls busted about that, Rick claiming that nothing happened, Nina making it look like something did, however. Vaigh upheld Rick’s version of events.

“But I did spit on him,” she affirmed. “For the record I don’t want to taint his reputation.” Which Wankus took to mean that it still might have happened. Wankus said that was a couple of years ago and the last time he saw Vaigh.

Since then Vaigh, said she’s been trampling a lot of people [for an Internet video line] and causing a lot of mayhem. Generally a Dom, Vaigh said she’s been wanting to switch. “Every time I go to a job, they’re you’re a dominant! So they hire me for that.” Wankus said the generally accepted notion is that submissives are little, pasty redheaded cunts. “They assume that these submissive girls have to be these Jennifer Anniston-looking chicks.” Vaigh said she would switch in the bedroom- for the right guy. “Then I started kind of wishing that I’d want to get spanked and do it on camera, too. I realize that it is fun. I actually really like it.”

Vaigh explained that she had a bad experience one time with someone she thought she trusted. “They tied me up and kind of left me there. Then they came back and tickled me. I’m not into the tickle torture.” Vaigh said the codeword didn’t work and that made her very angry, as well.

Vaigh said she got a look at the website, “My God that turns me on. That looks like so much fun.” Wankus took that to mean that Vaigh likes to be dominated by anything that’s not human. Vaigh said, no, it was more like the fact that machines don’t get soft and tired. “They don’t prematurely ejaculate.”

Vaigh was asked about her personal life, noting that she’s currently with someone who doesn’t participate in the lifestyle other than with her. “He’s not really into it [the lifestyle] like I am,” she said. “If I want to do something, he’ll do it. He’s a pervert like me.” Vaigh told a story about how her boyfriend has a weight set in the living room. “It’s on an incline; it has a bench press. One night he tied me up with my legs all the way up with all four of my limbs…just hanging there and he fucked the shit out of me. That was a breath of fresh air when you can have sex and bondage at the same time in your own home.”

Besides working on your muscle tone, Wankus added. And lest she forgot to mention, Vaigh said she got tied up with guitar cord and that her boyfriend has a nice skinny body which she likes. “He has a big cock.”

Vaigh has also been dancing and featured recently at Stevie’s Secrets. Wankus asked Vaigh if people are now equating the new name to the former Nina Whett. Vaigh said she has a Yahoo Group and that a lot of new fans didn’t know her former identity. Vaigh says she also advertises herself as formerly Nina Whett. “Which I’m totally okay with.” Wankus made mention of a poem read earlier by Alexander The Poet dedicated to Vaigh. Vaigh couldn’t believe some of the inside info in that poem, particularly about her infatuation for serial killers. “I am obsessed with serial killers,” said Vaigh, noting that she had to go to a film festival and see a picture about HH Holmes, acknowledged as America’s first serial killer.

“I had to go see it and I took somebody with me- they hated it,” she said. “They were bored out of their minds. It was a documentary about this well known serial killer. It was a long, long time ago. He had this house and it was full of torture chambers and battery acid. And he did all kinds of experiments on humans. I have a morbid curiosity.” Wankus assumed that there has to be some kind of sexual turn on involved. Vaigh agreed, saying that not only is the subject intriguing but that she could hang out in a crime library for hours.

Wankus had a test to know if you’re a serial killer or not. “This girl met this guy at a funeral. It’s the funeral of her mother. This guy is her fucking soulmate. She knows he’s the one but they’re so intrigued by themselves that at the end of the funeral they didn’t get their names or contact numbers or anything. They were just so in love with each other from this initial meeting that they forget to contact each other. She goes home realizing she has no other family left except a sister and doesn’t know how to contact this guy. But he’s my soulmate. So she kills her sister. Why?”

Vaigh answered that she was hoping the guy would be at the funeral. Wankus said that was the correct answer. “You are a serial killer! No one ever says that.” Vaigh confessed that she had heard that one before. And Wankus laughed that it was a good thing she said that imagining the headlines the next day. “The fucking authorities would be investigating your background.”

Vaigh also said she would be having a website up shortly, “But the guy working on it is really taking a long time.” While she won’t be shooting porn, Vaigh said she’ll be shooting live shows on the Internet with her partner. “And that’s the only way you’re going to see me doing hardcore.”

Asked if she was allowed to bring other women home, Vaigh answered by illustration. “We went to a swinger party,” she said. “I’m not lying. I went in there and fucked every guy’s girlfriend, in front of everybody.” Vaigh said she was with three girls when a guy came up to her. “I go uuuuugh. You’re a man. Uuuuugh. He goes, huh?”

Vaigh said she wasn’t interested in doing any of the guys there. “I didn’t touch any of the guys.” Vaigh went on to say that the guys were on the unattractive side. Vaigh also suggested that guys, 5′ 2″ with 2-inch dicks entertaining the idea of going to swing clubs should stay home.

Wankus said he also heard that Veigh had some issues with John T. Bone. Wankus explained that Bone had been on KSEX awhile ago and was somewhat nice. “But a lot of people after he was on my show talked about how much they hate his guts,” he said. “I don’t have the experience to know why. I know he’s fucked people over money, allegedly.” Veigh claims Bone had attempted to, with her. “But in the end he paid me,” she said. “He tried that bit where they write you a check a post date it.” Veigh, affecting Bone’s British accent: “I would like you to cash this check in about two days. Can you wait two days? I go nooooooooooooo. I cannot wait two days. I would gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today. It doesn’t work like that.”

Veigh said it was more like Bone’s mouth that needs to be stuffed with a sock and a ball gag. “Because he tends to talk a lot of shit and that’s what he did to me. And I heard about it, what? And then when you confront him, he won’t admit it.” Wankus said he confronted Bone on the show with stuff that he said about Kendra Jade. “He said, oh, I never said that. I don’t remember that.” Veigh said trust her, she’s heard Bone say things about Jade.

“He talks about everyone, and there’s no reason to believe that he wouldn’t talk about me when I wasn’t around. Basically I have nothing against the guy. I just think he’s a jerk.”

Wankus said Bone was shooting Trannies in Brazil and suspected that he was happy doing that.

Veigh went on to note that some of the stuff she’s been shooting can be found on “Hopefully it’s out.”

Veigh also went on to tout a film of her that’s never been released which includes Nancy Vee, the late Ty Longley of Great White, Dave Hardman and Jennifer Leigh. “I never released it and I’m going to release it myself.” Veigh said it was shot in 1999. “It’s old but it’s good.”

Veigh started in the adult business in 1997 and mentioned that she was in the VH-1 show Porn to Rock special. “They showed my episode like 56 times.”

Asked for her impression of porn today, Veigh’s glad she got out when she did. “I would have to say that the direction some of these companies are taking I don’t necessarily agree with.” Veigh said she likes the girls to gag. “I like if a guy chokes them but when they start puking on him, that’s when I press the DVD button.”

Veigh said the HIV episode from last year was pretty scary. “I was even scared and I hadn’t been doing anything for a long time. But some of the people on the list were people I had slept with. So I was kind of oh my God! I got to get my test.”

Wankus said something about wanting to see a demonstration of what Veigh is doing these days which is trampling. Veigh said the only way to see it is to feel it.

“I’ve already seen how this game works,” he laughed. “You start out with a little this, a little that. Next thing you know your fucking balls are tied up in a knot, and they’re stepping on me with high heels and they’re bringing in the neighborhood and they’re all stopping on you. Fuck all that!”

Veigh promised she wouldn’t step on his balls or his johnson. Wankus also went on to state that he wasn’t going to be licking Veigh’s boots. “That’s what you like these fat guys to do. I ain’t doing that shit.”


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