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Noel Bloom Gone at Sex Z

> I’m told that Noel Bloom has been whacked at Sex Z Pictures.

> Porn Insider calls me: “There’s a whole different outlook now among the buyers. People are returning a lot of product and say they’re being inundated. There’s 350 new releases a week. The buyers are so inundated they’ve lost their sense of humor and aren’t returning phone calls. They’re moody and snippy and obnoxious. They’re looking to cut back. Guys at Evil Angels used to be able to say you’re taking 700 pieces at 15 bucks. But a lot of buyers are saying, fine, I don’t want it. It’s become interesting. The rumor is that Jack from Legend is back and he’s on the phones collecting. How are people surviving for 500 pieces? I hear one porn company owner’s brother is over in Amsterdam laundering money for drug dealers and whenever his brother needs a million or two, he sends it to him. Otherwise, a lot of porn businesses are hurting for money. One company had $30,000 in returns this month. Yet more new people are coming into the business and think they’re going to get rich. Nre release pricing is down.

> I hear that the Dept. of Homeland Security is getting involved in the Martin Del Toro case. Apparently Del Toro has been an illegal immigrant from the year 2002 when he fled Hungary. His subsequent green card marriage to Haley Paige has been the fodder for gossip columns in recent days. I’m told there’s a website about to be launched that’s going to air all the dirty laundry in the case.

>I hear that Eli at Alternative Modeling had a bird when he read comments made by Ann Kelly and Lexi Williams from his agency.

I’m told that he got nasty and threatening with the girls. Kelly and Williams were not only going to be tossed out of the Sherman Oaks house they were staying at, but they were being urged in a very specific way to call me to retract the statements they had made. Jeremy, the male talent, apparently loaned them money for plane tickets home. Prior to the shit hitting the fan, Kelly and Jeremy were on KSEX Monday night talking to Don Hollywood and during the course of the chat mentioned they were looking for an agency in LA to rep them. Hell apparently broke loose the following day.

> from the NY Post: “THE Tongue” is out of a legal tangle. Gene Simmons of Kiss and his ex-lover, Georgeann Walsh Ward, have “amicably” settled a defamation suit in which she claimed he made her sound like a “sex-addicted nymphomaniac” in a VH1 documentary, “When Kiss Ruled the World.” The settlement did not involve any money. During the show, as images of Ward appeared on screen, Simmons boasted, “There wasn’t a girl that was off-limits, and I enjoyed every one of them . . . I was a 24-hour whore. All I ever thought about was sex.”

> Hillary Scott Posts on ADT: Baby faced super slut Leah Luv is about to make the transition from porn whore to porn director for Anarchy Films this July. Look out for more details from Leah about her movie which is expected to be released August 2006.

>julesjordanvideo posts on ADT: In April 2006 RLD began advertising on its website,, the upcoming release of “Teen Spermaholics.” Since the title was an obvious reference to Mike John’s series “Teenage Spermaholics,” Mike’s company, Parallel Media, asked RLD to withdraw the film from the market. RLD refused, and then advertised two more films with titles that piggy-backed Mike John’s work — No Cum Dodging, which refers to Mike’s famous No Cum Dodging Allowed series, and Boobaholics, which refers to Mike’s Boobaholics Anonymous.

Parallel Media applied for a Temporary Restraining Order in state court, and the order was granted on May 12. The court forbade RLD from “advertising, promoting, marketing, distributing, releasing, selling or offering to sell” any film titled Teen Spermaholic or No Cum Dodging. When informed that RLD already shipped thousands of copies of Teen Spermaholics, Judge Barbara Scheper informed RLD that “they better get them back or they better inform the recipient that they are not to do anything with the movies or keep them in the boxes or they will be in violation.”

RLD later stipulated that Parallel Media owns the trademark to all of the titles in the Parallel Media Library, and that RLD had no rights to the titles.

In mid June the Court issued a permanent injunction, forbidding RLD from ever “advertising, promoting, marketing, distributing, releasing, selling or offering to sell” any of adult films titled “No Cum Dodging,” Teen Spermaholics,” “Boobaholics” or any other titles that are “confusingly similar” to any of the films in the Parallel Media library, including Semen Sippers, POV Pervert, South of the Border, Elastic Assholes and Sperm Recepticles.

> shark 1 adds: RLD has truly become a pathetic shell of their former self. Both Mike John and EE have had to go after them and won in court. I see their newest title put up today is titled ‘Dont Cum On My Face Cum In My Ass’. Jeez, yet another pathetic attempt to rip off a former directors title – in this case EE’s ‘Cum In My Ass, Not In My Mouth’. Absolutely no imagination, class, or ethics, and trying in vain I guess to irritate their best directors that have left the company. Kind of like breaking up with someone and they just cant get over it so they try and fuck with you to get even. Way to go RLD!

>chabba the hut writes: RLD is on the verge of bankruptcy. with these court payments and dwindling sales, it was inevitable. they hired a bunch of directors only caring about shooting crap like martin del toro and john strong rather than good product. once they cared about hiring the newest freshest girls. now they pump out the same product. none of their directors except jake or stafano cared. the only way theyre gonna pull through is with directors who care for their product. they should rebuild by firing del toro and john strong. they made a good move with luger. it’s time to rebuild.


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