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NorthStar Dumps Ducati-final

Porn Valley- In the war of principle between Skeeter Kerkove and Kevin Rubio of Ducati Productions, Rubio has taken the first bullet. This week NorthStar Associates announced that it has opted to terminate its distribution agreement with Ducati. Productions effective immediately.

“Product will still be available through NorthStar Associates for the next 30 days according to the contract agreement,”North Star said in a formal announcement.  “Product will no longer be available through NorthStar effective November 23, 2006.

“NorthStar Associates would like to wish Mr. Ducati all the best in his future endeavors,” said Marketing Director Michael Atkins.

The reason for the split was pretty obvious if you’ve been logging on to Adultfyi. Last week Rubio announced that he was suing Skeeter and Skeeter for breach of contract. Skeeter, no stranger to courtrooms, then went on the attack claiming that Ducati has been recycling scenes and selling them as first run releases.

I spoke to Skeeter Wednesday night before the word had come down from NorthStar and Skeeter was commenting on Rubio’s interview with me Wednesday. As part of his suit against Skeeter, Rubio alleges that Skeeter provided him a poor quality movie with Welcome to the Bunghole #2, and that it was below industry standards. Skeeter’s argument is if Ducati felt this way, why did he bother releasing the movie at all in October, 2005. Ducati’s lawsuit was filed in June, 2006, eight months after the movie had already been out.

Skeeter agrees with Ducati’s assessment that perhaps his porn stands and Ducati’s differ.

“But if I got footage of trannies fucking him in the butt I guess that would be his standard,” Skeeter muses. “If I got footage of the creepy child molester like he does in Pigtail Cuties where he calls himself, what, Rockin’ Rod, that’s a gay name and gay is beautiful, happy and joyous. I guess that would be his standard. But that’s the name he coined. So he can take his creepy talk with the girls and stick it where the sun don’t shine and it’s got company in there.”Skeeter goes on to say that he finds it odd that after WBH #2 came out last October Rubio would tell Kelly Wells one of the performers what a great scene she did.

“Did he say that because he wanted her to fuck him in the butt? I don’t know why he did it, but he did. But he said it. He released it and then why would he wait months to say anything bad about it? You get back 90% of your money in the first 30 days. After that it’s a little tight and re-orders for life. And when he started saying all that slanderous crap about me beginning in January is that him admitting that he’s not credible? Is that him admitting worldwide that he knowingly released a bad $11,000 movie?”

According to Skeeter, the whole Ducati mess is going to prompt audits of companies who bought the movie to see if in fact Ducati’s claims of losing money on the title are real.

“I mean you told Suzie Ink you’re a multi-millionaire and are buying a Huey helicopter,” says Skeeter. “He’s a very rich and powerful man but he brought this on himself. He told Suzie Ink that he was filthy rich, that he owned a house at the beach which I think is Peter North’s or somebody’s. Suzie Ink said guys kept walking in and out of the house and they didn’t know who Ducati was which leads me to believe he’s passing it off as his house. But he was going to by a Huey helicopter.”

Skeeter says he’s talked to too many websites to accept Ducati’s claims that he lost money on Skeeter’s movie.

“And there will be people saying what’s going on with Welcome to the Bunghole #3? We bought it for $13.50 as a new release but apparently it has some scenes in there that are years old.”

Skeeter says if Ducati wants to play games wait till a jury sees him in action in his own movies.

“He says in his movies, ‘You know what I’ve heard? I’ve heard you never even kissed a boy before. We’re going to have to take care of that’- and the girl looks 14. The jurors are going to freak. He’s all creepy and wants to be famous.” Skeeter says he’s talked to T-girls who have told him stories about Rubio and those will possibly be coming out as well since Rubio’s suit has apparently opened all doors.

As for his contention that Rubio put some overt moves on him, Skeeter says, “Kevin Ducati? I just want to grab his little hamster cheeks and tell him I won’t be your lover!”


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