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Not Your Sunday Best At 2008 The Exotic Dancer Expo

Las Vegas,NV. – Tony Batman, posts

We began out trip to the 08 Exotic Dancer Expo Sunday afternoon, leaving from our cozy Los Angeles area to travel across the desert to make it once again to Las Vegas. We had a new guy on the A Crew this time, his name is Jon Jon, and we were not sure what to expect from him. If you remember the last AVN show in January we went through two brand new camera guys in just two days, we were hoping for a better result from Jon Jon.

I checked into the Mandalay Bay hotel and the guys checked into the Orleans Hotel which I will tell you more about later since I spent a couple of nights there as well. We were to attend a party at Mel Schwartz house somewhere right in Las Vegas, He had a new girls that just completed her first scene for him and he was showing her off. My friend and also a producer Grant rolled into the Mandalay Bay to meet us before we left for the party.

Now I have to set up this scenario for you. Jon Jon’s job for the week is to drive the car and to protect me from any harm that may come my way, I think I’m well liked in the business but you just never know what you are going to run in to these days with the crazies. So I am sitting in the bar at the Mandalay bay by my self when I run into Danni and Tony from Sugar DVD, they just came from the party at Mel’s house. I ask how it was and how the new girls looked, they said Nice. I am thinking oh no, this might not be good but Mel’s get-togethers are always good, you have to remember the old school guys to know how the new school works.

Anyway, the point here is I’ve bee in Vegas for 3 hours, I’m already sitting in a bar by myself , I have a body guard that is off at a different hotel and I am planning on meeting a new porn girl that might not be the next shiny object in the industry. I close my eye and hope this trip dose not stay on the course it is already on.

Jon Jon arrives at the Mandalay Bay, Grant arrives, and we are to meet the rest of the crew at Mel’s house. We go and make our way in to see a porn playing on the big screen TV showing the girls first scene, she is going a good job at the sex and it makes me feel dirty watching it which is good for a porn movie.

I meet the young lady on the screen and we go outback to talk as I smoked a cigarette. She tells me she just started but had big plans.I ask what her name is and she says its now Kaity Steel. Its fun when a girl first gets her name because anything can happen from there. The 19 year old seems to be nice she had that “I just came from a small town look” and attitude and either she was a good listener or she had developed a little crush on her first male talent opposite in her first scene, she did everything he told her to.

It was also the first time I had met him, not surprising though, it’s a much bigger business than anyone even knows.

I don’t have a prediction on Kaity’s new career, I do know its hard to google a misspelled name, and she did get to know her that well. Maybe I will get another chance to meet her and we can get to know each other better soon.

I tell Jon Jon I’m ready to go back to the hotel and we all get in the car and make out way to Mandalay Bay, Rachelle Laree made it to Vegas already and was staying at the Luxor which connects to the Mandalay, I was suppose to room close to her but that’s another long story we can’t veer off into right now. I get dropped off at the Mandalay and tell Jon Jon to go back to his hotel and get some sleep. By the time I called Rachelle she told me she was going to sleep and could not meet me.

I decided to have a drink before bed and I headed to the circle bar, now known as the Eye Candy Bar, at the Mandalay Bay but as I was walking there I met up with Porn Star and DejaVu contract Star Sunny Lane, Steve from Xbiz, and Jax from Sugar DVD. We all hung out for a bit and then I ended up saying good night and I went to bed. It was a long day and I ended up sleeping alone on day one of the Exotic Dancer Expo 2008. Definitely not the beginning we were hoping for.

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