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Porn Valley- At the time of this interview, Nubia was just coming into the business [July] and she was scheduled to do her first scene the following day. Nubia who is with was on KSEX’s The British Area Cumming Show with Taylor Wane and Dick Nasty.

Nubia’s first scene was scheduled with Mike Steffano.

“He’s won multiple awards so you’re starting off right at the top of the food chain,” Wane told her. Nubia is repped by Nasty, and Wane asked of he took her around on go-sees.

“As many as I could get to in the time available,” Nasty said.

Nubia, 18, was talking about how she considers herself a freak but not a whore who sleeps around with every person. Wane was of the opinion that Nubia had a great ass though Nubia didn’t think so. “There’s enough ass there to keep everybody happy,” Wane judged. “And you have a beautiful body.”

Wane thought Nubia was also a stripper judging by the fact that she “had the moves.” Nubia said she wasn’t. Asked what her game plan was, Nubia said she wanted to be a star and that it’s been her dream since she was 8. Wane assumed she might have looked up to Heather Hunter at the time but Nubia said she didn’t keep track of names.

“I watched porn because it was on TV and because it was the fact that the woman is being glorified,” Nubia continued. “And anybody who watches it sees that she’s so sexy and she’s so beautiful. She’s a woman.” When Wane was 10 she used to look at girly magazines wondering who those women were.

“They were sexually empowered and they seemed to be very confident and okay with their own bodies and that was hot.”

Nubia was about 3 when she began having sex with herself.

“I was humping Mickey’s [Mouse] nose,” she laughed. “The first sex I had was oral sex and I started when I was 14. It was puppy love and I was experimenting.” Then she talked about one time which was her second sexual experience.

“I was trying to lose my virginity,” she said. “I was scared because he didn’t know what to do.” According to Nubia the guy wound up sticking a pen up there.

“Like one of those Sharpie pens but the other end,” she explained. “It looked like it was going to go up there smooth. And it was the only thing I could find.” Nubia explained that she was using Vaseline and it got all over her ass cheeks.

“We were in the dark.”

According to Nubia, the Sharpie wasn’t going in her vagina but wound up going in her ass. She said it was a pain/pleasure thing. With that, she started a round of anal sex at the age of 15. By the time she was 16, she lost her virginity for real. The guy was 23. Asked if the guy was an experienced lover, Nubia said, “He should have been- he had a kid and everything.” With all of this being said, Nubia apparently prefers oral sex and sucking cock.

“That’s why I’m bi-sexual,” she says. “I really like sucking dick and I really like eating pussy.” Nubia talked about being in Vegas and how Vegas is a bisexual city.

“But I can’t even find a girl friend,” she sighed. “So I suck dick more than I eat pussy but I love them the same. I can’t choose.”

Nubia also talked about how she likes eating ass.

Earlier in the interview, Wane was wondering what Nubia was drinking, because she thought it was Malt Liquor. Nasty told her it was Squirt [nudge, nudge, wink-wink].

“Doesn’t that suck that you can’t drink at 18?” Wane asked her. Then they got off on some weird tangent about Mideastern women and hermaphrodites.

“Are you a hermaphrodite?” Wane asked her out of the blue.

“No, but sometimes I wish I had a pecker so I could know what it feels like,” said Nubia. “What does it feel like being in a pussy? I wish I could know. It’s a question of mystery.”

“How does it really feel?” Nubia continued. “Because men go crazy on pussy. They lose their wives.” Nasty jumped into the conversation and started comparing pussy to explorations in Star Trek. Nasty also went on to say that some girls feel better when you fuck them in the ass than others.

“The same applies to pussy.” Nubia said she heard that thin girls have long pussies and fat girls have short ones. Nasty also claimed that girls that have American Indian in them feel different when you fuck them.

In one of her many digressions off the subject, Wane asked Nubia if she thought it was gay if a guy fucks another guy in the ass.

“It’s officially gay,” said Nubia, determining that the guy who’s sticking his dick in another man’s ass is gay.

“If the man fucks the other man in the ass on one day and another day fucks a woman in the pussy or the ass, is that man fucking that guy in the ass- is he still gay the next day when he fucks a chick?” Wane continued to ask. “Would you still think he’s gay?”

“Hell, fucking yes,” Nubia replied.

“I’m just trying to establish,” Wane continued, “if a man fucks another man, is it gay? I’m not saying it’s wrong. I have no issue with it. I’m just saying is it gay?”

“It’s gay,” said Nubia.

Even though she didn’t mention his name, it was obvious that Wane was referring to Christian.

“If a heterosexual guy has the choice,” Wane continued, “I can fuck the chicks; I can fuck guy in the ass or get fucked in the ass by a guy- you have a choice and go, today I’ll get fucked in the ass. Tomorrow I’ll fuck a chick. That seems gay to me.”


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