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Octavia Gets Caught in the Middle of KSEX Clamor- final

Porn Valley- Jason Sechrest made a deal with newcomer Octavia. He told her she could come back on his show Wednesday night. That’s because Octavia, [she’s from]who was Monday night’s guest on Sechrest’s KSEX show, got caught in the middle of some clamor between Sechrest and Lynn LeMay,

A furious LeMay called KSEX around 5pm while Sechrest was on the air. LeMay wanted Sechrest’s head for comments he made Friday afternoon and those he was continuing to make Monday. Sechrest said he was merely reporting what Sonny Malone had told him – that LeMay supposedly stiffed Malone for money. Meanwhile, Malone has chosen not to respond or comment on the story, leaving Sechrest to flap in the wind.

Sechrest, during a commercial break, also said he’d be damned if he was going to offer LeMay yet another apology. On another occasion, Sechrest said LeMay was cracked out at some Xbiz event. But because LeMay was a KSEX employee at the time, Wankus, then the station manager, told Sechrest to apologize to her on air.

As far as the Malone story goes, LeMay offered firm rebuttal on Adultfyi,, stating that Malone had already been paid $4500 for work LeMay considered inferior after having had to wait months for edited version of her movies. That being the case, LeMay then fired Malone and put a stop payment on another $2,000 check she had given her.

Having read the story including LeMay’s account of her firing Sechrest as her P.R. rep, Sechrest went on air to say how he did it basically as a favor to LeMay who was going through some hard emotional times. Sechrest said LeMay had lost a good gay friend in Jim Bristol.

“She was beside herself with the loss of a friendship,” said Sechrest. “I wanted to help her.”

Subsequently, Sechrest said he gave her a price much lower than he would ordinarily charge for P.R.. And, according to Sechrest, other facts in LeMay’s rendition are equally suspect.

“She is completely crazy,” Sechrest told his KSEX audience. “But there’s a lot of people like that in the industry who have completely lost their minds. Now she’s pulling random, crazy shit out of her ass. I was trying to help a friend. That’s all that was.”

And as far as LeMay describing Sechrest as being “desperate” for money, Sechrest said he’s never been desperate.

Sechrest, during his interview with Octavia, got drawn even more into the brouhaha and finally, during the last half hour of the program Sechrest got LeMay on air to give her side of the story.

Sechrest first left a message with LeMay singing in a Tina Turner voice: “I don’t want to fight no more.”

LeMay returned the call minutes later.

“I’ll say what you want me to say,” Sechrest told her. “You tell me what I’m wrong about.”

LeMay said Sechrest was wrong with his information about how LeMay stiffed Malone for money. LeMay said she had proof she paid Malone.

“I will lay the checks on your table,” LeMay said.

LeMay explained that the producr she received from Malone was unacceptable.

“It was badly done- I’m sorry I had to let her go.”

Actually it was Bud Lee who did the firing.

Sechrest felt a lot of this issue could have been resolved had LeMay talked to Malone directly about it. Except LeMay said she could never get a hold of Malone.

“What was the point?” asked LeMay. “She wouldn’t answer my phone calls.”

“You’re very passionate about this,” said Sechrest.

“I am passionate,” responded LeMay. “This is my company. “I am trying to be the best I can possibly be. All that I am asking is that people do the job I’m paying them to do.”

LeMay also conceded that she never gave Malone a specific date when the shows needed to be done.

“I said as soon as possible.”

According to LeMay, as soon as possible in her mind meant three weeks, six weeks, maybe two months at the outside which is the industry norm.

“But the months ticked off,” said LeMay. “She had the movies since January. Wouldn’t you be getting a little concerned?”

On the whole, LeMay said Malone wasn’t who LeMay thought she was and that Malone came off as God’s gift to the editing bay.

Perhaps it was coincidental, but right after the show, Sechrest was fired from his KSEX P.R. job, although he will continue to do his thrice-weekly program at 4 pm.


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