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Olivia O’Lovely: “I Love Sex for Money”

Porn Valley- Olivia O’Lovely, was on The Wanker Show Monday night []. O’Lovely had done a live cam show earlier in the day and was asked about that. Wankus said some “cocksucking piece of shit moron asshole” was signed in as KSEX radio Wankus.

“He was acting like he was your friend or something,” said O’Lovely. Wankus thought that was pretty fucked up. “He was very polite,” O’Lovely assured him.

O’Lovely said she does such a show once a week on Mondays, 1pm [PST] unless she has to reschedule due to prior commitment. “You guys have to look at my site and pay attention.”

O’Lovely, whose done about 80 movies so far, professes a love for masturbation and describes herself as a clit-rub chick. O’Lovely started doing that at a very young age.

“My mom said I was always wearing holes in my panties when I was real young. I was touching myself all the time.” O’Lovely figures she got her first orgasm at the age of ten.

“My first sexual experience with a girl was eight. We were copying what was in a Hustler magazine.” O’Lovely said the other girl was 8 as well. “We got caught by our moms.” O’Lovely said she was scared of girls for a long time after that because she got in trouble.

“We were under the covers. We didn’t know that anybody was coming in.” O’Lovely’s mother walked in and pulled the covers back. “That bust my bubble. We were mortified. We knew we were in trouble.”

Asked if she would have experimented with cock had the opportunity arose, O’Lovely said she was playing house already at the age of 5. “We dry humped over clothes.” O’Lovely also seems to recall having put her mouth on a dick at that age. “But I don’t think I knew what I was doing.”

O’Lovely was then 14 the first time she had a cock inside of her. “I would have been 12 but I got caught by my mom,” she laughed. O’Lovely said the boy ran out the backdoor. O’Lovely sees it as an apple not falling toop far from the tree situation. “If I hadn’t caught her fucking all the damn time maybe I wouldn’t have been.”

O’Lovely say her mother now accompanies her to shows. It was also noted that O’Lovely was supposed to have joined Lisa Sparxxx in a blowbang several weeks ago which got cancelled because of a threatened vice raid. “I was going to help Lisa with a blowbang- a bukkake scene.” O’Lovely said she should have asked more questions not really knowing the full extent of the situation.

Wankus agreed that Sparxxx was very competitive on the local b.j. party rates. O’Lovely said she had a scene to shoot Tuesday with Reina Leone. “First time I’m going to get to play with her.”

O’Lovely said she then had a d.p. to shoot Friday with Shane Collins and Tyce Bune. “They’re the first two guys I did my first d.p. with, too. They got me fucked up.”

O’Lovely feels that double-anal or double vag scenes are pushing the gay issue. “I think it runs a thin line. If you’re getting pleasure off of fucking another girl while you’re rubbing that other guy’s dick, it’s good for you. But it’s gay. Then I have to wonder are you fucking guys in the ass on the side? What kind of disease are you bringing into this industry. I don’t want that.”

Asked about some of her favorite scenes, O’Lovely said She’s a Team Player features a real hot d.p. scene with her, Alex Sanders and Shane Collins. She also enjoys working with Ashton Moore. “We had a good time. That scene flew so fast.” O’Lovely wasn’t positive about the title, believing it might be Ashton’s Auditions 12. “I shot it in January.”

Wankus asked her if there was a scene with a guy that she would have done for nothing. “I love sex for money,” she replied, appearing to be genuinely stumped for an answer. Wankus was also curious about scenes with women that might have turned ugly. Speaking in generalities, O’Lovely said there was a three girl situation and one girl douched maybe a few times. “It just was horrid.”

O’Lovely said she was lucky that she didn’t have to go down on that girl. But the other girl did. “Her face was like my face when she first bent over. I didn’t even want to touch her with my fingers because it kind of seemed like I’d never get the funk off.”

Wankus described it as New Orleans swamp-ish and O’Lovely agreed. “It was rancid.” O’Lovely didn’t say who the performers were but indicated that it was for Metro. O’Lovely said she didn’t want to blast the girl’s name publicly because she already knows.

Olivia said the first feature she ever shot, Summer Mischief, features a memorable scene with her and Chris Cannon. “I had met him on a couple of sets. I met him on a Vivid set. I wasn’t doing a scene with him. He was really cool and he had a good personality. We ended up doing a scene and it was so hot. We were so sweaty. We kept going and going. Chris Cannon makes me really enjoy it.”

Among companies, O’Lovely said she loves working for DVSX. On the subject of scenes she’d rather forget, O’Lovely simply mentioned Ron Jeremy’s name.

“And Joel Lawrence. He popped several times prematurely and he couldn’t even pop at the end. He kind of needs to use soap and not hemp. he’s into natural pot. That’s cool if that’s what you like but…use some Secret goddamn it.”

Personally, O’Lovely prefers passionate, romantic sex with some nastiness to change the tempo a bit.


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