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On Howard Stern: Shyla Stylez And Gianna Michaels Spin The Wheel Of Sex

from – Howard said that they had two porn girls coming in now. He said that Gianna Michaels and Shyla Stylez [pictured] were coming in to spin the Wheel of Sex. The girls came in a short time later. Howard said that they were very attractive. He said it was great to meet girls who actually enjoy having sex.

Seth [Rogen] asked them if they had day jobs on top of the porn. One of the girls said that doing what they do is their day job. They both agreed on that.

Seth asked who fucked the nerd. That was Shyla. Howard said they had just played one of her movies where she did a nerd. She didn’t know which movie that was. Shyla said that she wasn’t sure what movie that was. She said that they do movies and they don’t know what the title is going to be.

Howard asked the girls if they watch their own stuff. Gianna said she does. Shyla said she will up to a point but not the whole thing.

Howard told the girls that Seth admitted that he jerks off to porn so it’s nice to hear someone admitting to that. Shyla said she still enjoys watching porn.

Howard told the girls how this Wheel of Sex thing was going to work. Artie interrupted and said that they spin the wheel and then fuck a nerd. Shyla asked which one of them. Artie told her to just throw a rock in the studio and she’d hit one.

Howard said that Gianna has been in porn for 4 years. She was a secretary before that. She hadn’t even given a blow job to a man before she got into porn. She said that she had given one other one but it was very awkward. She said that the slobbering it up and stuff was all on film.

Howard asked George if he gets all sloppy like that. George said he does it very wet but very clean too. Howard said Gianna had never even seen porn before she got into the business. She said that she really didn’t know much about it at all. She said she ended up getting into it while walking to work one day. She said that she was asked to do some modeling and then into the porn thing. She said that’s how it all got started.

Howard said Gianna won’t do a ”cream pie” on film. She said that’s when a guy cums inside of her. Seth said it comes back out and they play with it after that. He said he’s not a fan of that. He said he’d be fine doing the ground work but nothing after that.

Howard said Gianna is a big fan of Seth’s. She told Seth how great he is in the movies he’s in. She said he’s very funny. Howard asked if she would do Seth if he was single. She said he’s not single so she can’t say. Gianna said that she doesn’t think he’s ugly either.

Howard asked Seth if he would ever show his penis on film. Seth said there is always a chance. He said he didn’t want to say no because it could happen some day.

Howard said that he was going to have the girls spin the Wheel of Sex and he’d give them plugs after they do that. Howard asked Shyla about doing cum shots on film and there are some things that she won’t do. She said that she likes to swallow but some girls won’t do it.

Howard asked what Shyla’s restrictions are during a ”cream pie” shoot. Shyla said that she has a morning after pill and things like that to take care of the problem if she does do those things. Howard asked if she did double anal. Shyla said ”maybe.”

Howard asked what Double Anal is. She said that was a long time ago. Seth said it must be weird for the guys because it’s two dudes with their dicks rubbing together. Gianna said that she’s awkward with guys touching their penises together. She actually called them wieners so the guys found that a little odd.

Howard asked what’s harder to do, double anal or double vaginal. Shyla said she hasn’t done that in a really long time. She said she doesn’t do it now. Shyla said it was the right thing to do at the time but she won’t do it again.

Howard asked what the problems are with having loads on her face. Shyla said there is no problem with it but she won’t do it in her personal life so she won’t do it on film. She said it can cause problems like eye infections and things like that.

Howard said Shyla likes to do the Pile Driver position. He didn’t know what that was. Shyla said that she likes that position because she’s very visual. Gary knew what it was so he came into the studio to tell him what it was. Gary told Howard that her back would be on the ground with her legs in the air and her vagina straight down so you can pile drive into her.

Howard said that the girls wanted to plug their web sites so they had to spin the Wheel of Sex. Howard said he was going to have Shyla go first.

Shyla spun the wheel and landed on ”Sing While Getting Farted On.” That meant that she had to sing while Will the Farter farted on her. She had to sing ”Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Howard had Will come in so he could do the farting. Seth said he couldn’t be any happier right now.

Will came in and said hi to Shyla and then demonstrated his abilities. Will blasted out a few farts for Shyla. Seth asked if Will could fart out ”Funny People Opens July 31st.”

Shyla wasn’t ready to get farted on so she backed out of doing it. Howard said he can’t give them plugs if they don’t do this. Howard said that they were both being bad sports because Gianna wasn’t doing it either.

Gianna said that she doesn’t think that she should be punished because she didn’t even spin the wheel. Gianna said that Seth should come up and spin the wheel too. Artie said he’s not a hot chick. Seth said that he would do the farting thing if he had gone up and spun the wheel.

Gianna spun the wheel and landed on ”Chocolate Bandit Mask” which was going to be Sal, as Captain Sack, giving her a chocolate mask with his nuts. He was going to put chocolate on his balls and smear it on her face. Gianna turned it down.

The girls weren’t willing to do what they landed on so Howard asked what they would be willing to do. Gianna said they can feel her boobs, spank her and even let Sal put his balls on her face without the chocolate. She said that she would let the whole crew motorboat her over the chocolate thing.

Gary said he wanted to spin the wheel and tell the girls to fuckin’ leave. He said they were done. Howard thanked the girls and said that he thought they were pretty tame things on the wheel. He had Will the Farter blast out a few more for the girls. Will farted some more and it wasn’t helping. Shyla was still saying no. She wanted to lick Sal’s balls instead.

Howard said Seth had to stand in fro them instead. Seth laughed. Gary asked Howard if they could save this bit by having JD come in and feel her up. Howard said he wasn’t going to change the rules. He said that he had to end this bit if they’re not going to do the things they landed on. Howard thanked the girls for coming in and let them go without any plugs.

Howard said that he had to apologize to Seth for this. Gianna ended up getting in a plug for one of her movies. She had fooled Howard but he didn’t hit the delay to block it out. She got in a couple of plugs. Howard asked them to get naked and ride the Sybian and he’d let them get some plugs.

Howard took a vote from the guys and asked what they wanted to do. Jason said he wanted them to end the bit because they ruined it and he had been waiting for it all week. Gary said they had to give them something like a Sybian ride.

Artie told the girls to get the fuck out. Howard said he was going to have to end it then. Gianna got in some more plugs but Sal told her to

Howard had to end it before a fight broke out. Howard thanked Will the Farter for coming in. Will has an iPhone application out now too so he got in a plug for that. He said the app is ”The Ultimate Fart Machine.” You can download that on iTunes or go to

Howard said that maybe Will should demonstrate for Seth since he might get into a movie that way. Will wanted to see how many farts he could do in a couple of minutes. Gary was going to time 2 minutes and Jason was going to count them. Will did a practice run and farted out a few to test his ass. Then he started blasting out his farts.

George Takei was laughing and said he was astounded by this. Will kept farting as the guys were talking over him. Seth said it sounded like it was trying to talk to them. George said it was musical. Sal was standing over him while he was blasting them out.

After the two minutes Howard gave Will some plugs for his web site and iPhone app. Howard said that he did 145 farts in 2 minutes. Seth congratulated him on that. Howard said he impressed Seth with that. George asked if he could do that to Mozart.

Howard thanked Seth for coming in and apologized that the girls didn’t work out today. Seth said that one of them whipped out a tit so he did get to see that.

Robin asked George if he would like Will’s web site since he does some weird stuff. George said he would. He said that he has heard him fart though so he wouldn’t want to see that again. George said that it was enough for him to hear that. Howard gave Will some more plugs and then went to break.


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