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On the Internet Bisexuality is an Ever-Growing Business

Porn Valley- [Gay Wired] Bisexuality is often a part of sex in general that is greatly overlooked. While the gay community refers to bisexuals in their acronym LGBT, the thought of men and women actually being able to appreciate both sexes is often seen as foreign and as a copout for hiding one’s true sexual identity.

For the “straight” community, bisexuals, especially males, are typically considered all the way gay if they are able to have sex with other men, but by mere definition bisexual sex is not that easily categorized.

In the 1940’s the Kinsey scale was created that rated one’s homosexual/heterosexual inclinations on a 7-point scale. Most men and women, including Kinsey himself, fall between the outer poles, which suggests that a very large majority of the population is in fact, attracted to both sexes to some extent, and therefore, is considered somewhat bisexual.

Acting out those sexual proclivities is often considered taboo, but on the internet, bisexuality is an ever-growing business and the men and women behind and in front of the camera are quickly developing the market.

It is not easy to force the guys of the adult industry into cookie cutter categories, as they are as diverse as the websites and movies they appear in.

The cliché “gay for pay” was created to denote “straight” performers who were willing to have sex with men on camera. Sexy Clay Maverick, who appeared in over 20 films for companies such as Studio 2000 and Falcon, considered himself straight away from the camera, but was able to turn out some award winning roles in films with his perfect physic and manly appearance.

“I love hanging out with guys and have a great camaraderie with them, but I’m just not physically attracted. I don’t usually like kissing guys, but sex is sometimes just sex,” Maverick said. “On the other side, I’m not so sure I would want to perform with woman in front of the camera even if the money was better because, for me, sex with woman is more about intimacy and romance. I think filming it for the public would take some of that away. “

As Maverick points out, many of the straight male adult performers are only paid a fraction of what gay film stars make per scene. There are, of course, acceptations, but in the straight side of the industry most of the focus is on the women, and therefore, the men are often times more scene filler than actual star.

Porn legend Ron Jeremy, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for appearing in more adult films than any other performer once said that guys who rent porn don’t want to see other hot guys having sex with the women. He claimed that his appeal was that he looked like the guys who rent movies and gives hope to other men that they too could have sex with these beautiful women.

There are other stars that do identify themselves as bisexual and have established relationships with both men and women. Controversial cutey Billy Brandt explained that he was attracted to both men and women during different times of his life. The bond that he felt between he and other men was almost more of kindred spirits, which lead to sex, while his relationships with women tended to last longer.

Brandt, who is the father of two children said, “ I have had relationships with both men and women, but the men seem to bring more drama. It’s harder to for me personally to separate sex with feelings and with most men that I have dated, I haven’t felt the same love that I experience with a girl.” Billy appeared in the film Bi Bi American Pie with Annie Cruz and Antonio Ryan.

“That was probably the easiest scene for me to do because I felt comfortable with both of the other performers. While Billy says he is generally attracted to women more than men, he doesn’t consider himself fully straight.

Porn god Caesar [pictured] was discovered by legendary director Chi Chi Larue at a nightclub in Indiana. He began a successful run in gay adult films and has won several awards for his performances. On his website, he features live web cam shows of him with buddies and a host of galleries where he shows off his ever growing physique.

While he has relationships with women, Caesar has never denied his attraction to men and has made a career a long lasting career out of his openness about sex. “I’m sexual, I prefer not to label myself, I enjoy sex with all types of people; men, women, transsexuals…”

Along with being one of the hottest men in the adult industry, he is one of the nicest and most professional people to work with, which has earned him a well-respected name in the industry.

“Every morning, after I wake up. I thank the powers that be for letting me, BE ME! Most people assume, before meeting me, that I’m arrogant. After people meet me they usually say: “What a crazy guy” or “You are so Down to Earth”, the hunk explains on his website.

Playgirl cover model Tommy D has taken a different approach to the adult world and developed his own website which showcases solo, gay and bisexual scenes. has become one of the most popular amateur sites on the net, and when you take a look at Tommy there is absolutely no denying why. His great looks are only enhanced by his sexual prowess, and with girlfriend Ruby Knox by his side, the young couple is developing a porn empire.

Knox and Tommy both have an appreciation for both sexes and consider themselves bisexual. “ That’s why we get along so great, we don’t have any hang up’s about each other and can separate the business from our personal lives.” “Its kinky!” Knox explains, “I never thought I would marry a bisexual porn star, it’s all very erotic and exciting.”

Mike Hancock who runs and operatives has featured models that run the gamete of sexuality on his site from straight solo’s to “gay for pay” and has even been involved with developing a bisexual line of videos.

“I don’t pressure my models to commit to being straight or gay. Most of them are willing to experiment, and I want them to feel comfortable with their partners and that’s the way to create a truly great sex scene.” Recently Ryan Andrews, Alton Cox and Mia Lelani had an exceptional bisexual threeway that Hancock says is truly amazing to watch. “All three performers were totally into each other and it was such amazing chemistry. It was great to see them interact and be totally into each other without holding anything back.”

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sex and as the internet has proven that there is a market for everything you can think of. Labels are something that were created by society to help recognize differences in people, but as society grows, the lines are continuously blurred and there is no longer a “normal” approach to sexuality.


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