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On the Set of Squirtwoman 3

Porn Valley- Posted by Chef Jeff on Shooting sex scenes outdoors is very difficult. There are so many elements to deal with. I arrived at the set of Elegant Angel’s “Squirtwoman 3” just as the crew and talent were getting ready to shoot an outdoor scene featuring 4 girls, Kinzie Kenner, Claire, Anna Mills and Cytherea.

Tianna Lynn was hanging around the set too, this was the first title in which she was the production manager. I said my hellos, Tianna offered me a beer which I gladly accepted. I took a seat next to her and made sure my cell phone was turned off. The scene got underway with Cytherea on her back, Anna Mills was licking her pussy.

Cytherea,, was already working herself up so that she could squirt. Kinzie sticks a dildo up Claire’s ass, meanwhile Cytherea gushes out the first of many squirts. Anna was supposed to take the squirt in her face, and she did but she kind of dodged it. Aside form that something was amiss. The scene was lacking energy, it was lacking the raw passion that Patrick Collins was looking for. The crew could have kept shooting the scene, and probably could have wrapped the entire shoot with another 20-30 minutes of footage. The girls could have kept going, kept performing and the scene would have been ok just like that. But somehow, Patrick Collins instinctively knew that a break was needed. Although the scene was good, Patrick wanted more, and he got more.

Patrick called for everyone to take a break. He also made another brilliant decision by moving the entire set inside the house. The outdoor set-up looked great, but Cytherea had grass hanging from her ass and although the girls were fucking on a mattress, none of them seemed to be able to get into “the zone”. And lastly, heading into the much needed break, Patrick made the decision to insert Tianna Lynn into the scene, even though half the scene had already been shot without her. In his mind it didn’t matter, Patrick wanted to elevate the scene to another level. He knew Tianna would help elevate all the girls to that next level.

During the break, I spoke with the short-haired Claire Robbins [pictured]. Claire is represented by Mark Spiegler, but she confessed to me that she was within hours of throwing in the towel, being fed up with her experience with the adult industry. She also voiced her displeasure with her former agent, Dick Nasty. She called Dick a “Douche” and also described him as being “full of shit”. She said he misled her from day one, especially concerning living arrangements that he promised her in his bid to get her to come to California. According to Claire, she met Dick Nasty through an adult internet company that she shot for in Florida.

She went on to tell me that Dick had told her that he had a house and that she could have her own room in that house. She then told me that as time went on, he changed his story, the house turned out to be an apartment and that she would be sleeping in the living room with 2 other girls. She was represented by Dick Nasty for two weeks and she was about to return home to Portland, Oregon. She then met Mark Speigler and said that she is very happy, now, that she did not return home.

I also had the good fortune of meeting a very talented photographer who is totally new to the adult industry. Kaden has been shooting nudes and fashion style photography for a few years, but this was one of his first adult gigs. I took a look at his book and I was very impressed at the quality, style and originality of his photography.

Meanwhile, everyone else is still taking a break. Patrick Collins and director William H. are waiting until the sun goes down to shoot the rest of the scene. This gives the girls a chance to put down a few drinks, and put down a few they did, except for Cytherea who was taking a nap in the make-up room. Tianna Lynn is now down to her panties, she does a shot of Vodka, Anna Mills is double fisting Amstel Lights, “Boss Man” isn’t left out of the drinking, he exclaims “I’m tanked”! That must have been the cue everyone was waiting for.

The girls make their way to the new indoor set and Patrick feeds Cytherea a few lines to introduce Tianna into the scene and off they go. There was an immediate and dramatic difference in the scene, compared to what was being shot outdoors just an hour earlier. The girls were more relaxed, they were communicating with each other, telling the others what they each liked and it just goes to show how important communication is in your private sex life and in a professional sex scene.

Claire Robbins is bent over doggy style, Kinzie is fucking her in the ass with a dildo, meanwhile, Cytherea is standing over her about to gush, just before Cytherea squirts, Kinzie pulls the toy out of Claire’s ass and gapes it wide open, Cytherea times it just right and lets out as large a squirt as I have ever seen, right into Claire’s gaping ass, Tianna Lynn goes in and licks it up. And if that weren’t enough, Tianna Lynn steps up to the plate and also gushes her squirt into Claire’s gaping ass. I’d say that, yes, the break that Patrick called for did everyone good. Cytherea had her nap, Anna had her beer, Tianna had her Vodka and now Patrick Collins has the scene he wanted, intense, passionate and clearly a scene that must be considered for best all-girl sex scene.

I made my way outside to catch my breath, as I did so I had several thoughts. Say what you will about Cytherea, there are a few things that cannot be disputed. Cytherea delivers. She showed me, and everyone else on set, why she is number 3 on that Genesis list of top 100 porn stars. When it counts, she cums through.

Outside I find Jerry, the make up artist. We have a very nice chat about a variety of subjects. She misses the days when business could be done with a hand shake. Her son shows up and the subject turns to poker. We talk about why poker has become so popular recently, Shane (Jerry’s son) says its popularity is due in part to TV exposure, but also in part to the fact that a night of poker is just a good, cheap form of entertainment.


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