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One Athlete Who’s Got Good Taste; The Does a Q&A with Isis Taylor

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In one of those who gives a shit story, Fox Sports ran a story how
Elisha Shaw a four-star recruit out of Tucker, Ga., and is considered to be the No. 3 defensive tackle in the country, has a yen for porn chick Isis Taylor. The story itself didn’t make much sense except for the fact that Shaw was twittering his fantasy draft picks and included Taylor.

Meanwhile, Taylor so happenes to be a subject of a Q& A at www.the

I decided to change things up a little for this interview. Today’s Model at 10 is Isis Taylor. She isn’t as much known for being a model as she is known for being a porn star. You’ve probably heard her name back when Charlie Sheen was at the height of winning. He opened up auditions for interns and Isis made it in. That’s over now though.

Isis is also married to Ethan Hunt who she coincidentally did her first scene with. They met on MySpace. When Ethan Hunt asked if she had a fat pussy. Yea, this interview is slightly NSFW.

Q: You’ve been in 130 movies, maybe more. Do you remember all of them? Would you say you have a… pornographic memory?

Most of the movies I have released are re-released movies so most are just compilations. Best movie to date that I feel like I’ve done is FILTHY CHIXXX (Filthy Rich Entertainment)

Q:Do you have a favorite movie?

Hot Tub Time Machine is hilarious as is Fired Up!

Q:How did you get started in porn?

It was completely by accident. A girl I knew kept speaking so highly of this one guy, Ethan Hunt, so i had to see for myself. In hindsight it was one of my most amazing scenes, so raw yah know?

Q:Why did you get started in porn?

No particular reason. It was available to do I have a ton of friends prior to doing adult. I live life. Like it, a bunch of it, seemed like a good idea stringed together.

Q: Was your first audition just straight up sex?

No audition. Ethan Hunt just asked me via Myspace if I had a phat pussy (obviously i did).

Q: Does your family know what you do?

Of course my family knows what I do. How can you hide something like that forever? You just embrace your decisions in life and be the first to tell them.

Q: Who writes the script for pornos? Do you think people need a scene set up for them? I’d imagine most people fast forward to somewhere near the end.

I’m not much behind the scenes so I have no idea. I personally think they are silly.

Q: Important question: Are you faking it?

Most of the time yes. You can’t have that kinda connection with everyone.

Q: You married another performer in the industry. Is there any jealousy when one or the other gets really into a scene?

Never jealous. There are boundaries just like any relationship.

Q: Seen any porn accidents lately?

No, you hear about any?

Q: Big dicks: Yes, please or overrated?


Q: Better title for a porn based on old cartoons for kids: Pound Puppies, The Angry Beavers or Rocko’s Modern Life?

There should be no pornos based on any of those. It’s just silly.

Q: Favorite position?

Depends with the partner.

Q: You have to pick 6 performers to join The Avengers of porn. You need 4 women, 2 men. Who would you choose out of active porn stars?

Daisy Marie, Ethan Hunt, me, Breanne Benson, Brooke Banner, Shay Laren.

Q: Who has the hottest celebrity sex tape?

They all suck have you seen them?

Q: What was it like working for Charlie Sheen? How many bricks of coke did you have to smuggle for him?


Q: How can fans keep in touch with you?

Isis Taylor XXX


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