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You got to like a guy who can quote from The Big Lebowski chapter and verse- this is Kurt Lockwood, film buff, who started off with a SAG card, wound up in porn but whose mainstream legacy can be witnessed in the Steve Martin movie Mixed Nuts, though Kurt tells me his big line was left on the cutting room floor.

I had the big chat with Kurt and Ava Vincent Saturday afternoon- Kurt had the chicken Caesar salad; Ava and I had the all you can eat salad bar. We talked about a lot of shit including their appearance on The Conway and Steckler Show the night before on 97.1 FM. Ava has been appearing at the “L.A. Single’s Fest” this weekend, which is put on by the same people who organize the major yearly spectacle, “The Best of L.A. Festival.” Ava’s participating in a panel called “Sex and the Centerfold” that went down Friday, Saturday, and, once more, tonight.. Also appearing on the panel are: Sam Phillips, Nikki Nova, and Seana Ryan. Ginger Lynn will also be making a special appearance on the panel to promote her forthcoming FOX television series, “Skin,” as well as her own talk radio show on

With all that said, look for the chat with Kurt and Ava coming up on





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