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One good thing about Covid 19 corona virus

Not only is the Corona Virus Covid 19 killing off fat lazy welfare, food stamps grabbing, drug dealing criminal nigs right and left at double the rates than whites but its also killing off homos like mad! See most homos already have HIV or AIDS and are at a high risk and because of this the virus is killing off tons of The Gay Mafia. If only we could have a virus to kill all homos!


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  1. Another good positive from COVID-19 is that it rips out the white veil of American feminists with repulsive upper-class western libtards (Ex: Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna & Alyssa Milano) & oust them as utter narcissists for the world to see!

  2. Nowadays we see that victims of covid19 are the ones who are a lot of drug dealers from marihuana to adrenocrome (sic), come on, HIV symptoms are similar to it and also main STD transmissors are gays and bi men, so in a positive trolling vibe it seems China created this to destroy anomarlity in sexuality.

    Feminist and libtards will die in solitude or by a riffle if they want to start posrt pandemic riots.

  3. Well I bet a lot these single childless cat lady feminist types will off themselves in their self quaratines. Its likely they are dropping dead at even faster rates than fat blacks and boomers. Why, they live in empty homes with no husbands/partners or children while their whole identities are based on the corporations they work for, as if women who work long hours in some stupid office job is suppose to be bad ass.

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