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Operation Desert Stormy – Wicked’s Biggest Project to Date; Stormy beat Leonardo DiCaprio at poker

Porn Valley- Powder reported on KSEX Friday night that he had been to the casting call for Operation Desert Stormy earlier in the day.

“It was interesting to watch,” he said. “Jonathan Morgan was there. Stormy Daniels was there. It was just having girls read lines and they made them do stupid things like The Robot, Matrix kung-fu moves, it was really entertaining. From what I saw of the script, it looks like it’s going to be a really good movie. It’s very, very funny. I was very impressed.”

Earlier in the week on her KSEX show, Stormy Daniels talked some more about the project including a celebrity brush in Las Vegas with 300’s Gerard Butler [pictured].

“Everybody’s been talking about the big movie coming up in the Valley,” Daniels’ co-host Mike Moz said. Daniels, announcing the casting call which was held this past Friday, said Wicked had an advance meeting discussing all the possible excuses girls would have for not coming up with an ID.

“You know we’re going to hear it all- I just shot for you guys last week, can you just pull it up or can I fax it over,” commented Daniels, noting that with no ID you wouldn’t even get in the front door because they were filming the casting.

“This year everybody’s already talking about Operation Desert Stormy,” noted Moz, acknowledging how the buzz in previous years went to Pirates and Coruption. Moz referred to the Daniels project as ODS and Daniels asked if he’d refrain from calling it that, saying he made it sound like a feminine hygiene product.

Daniels went on to say that the purpose of the casting call was to bring in fresh faces.

“People are excited about that,” said Moz. “People always talk about the feature companies using the same people over and over. Excluding the contract players, they tend to use the same talent. I tell people that’s because they’re proven actors and you know what you’re getting.”

“There are so many parts,” explained Daniels about this new project. “There’s parts of varying degrees of having to be able to act. Two of the parts I’m auditioning for, for females are big. Big, big parts. Lots of dialogue. Lots of acting. Lots of emotion changing. I’m auditioning the guy parts, too. I’m auditioning for the lead role for the guys- there are some stunts required. But then there’s also some parts where you don’t have to say one word. I just want to look at your pretty face. There’s a lot of range. And the costumes are going to be cool- so you get to dress up and be beautiful.”

Daniels also described how a couple of lucky people will get to ride a camel.

“And one unlucky person gets to ride Ron Jeremy,” she laughed. “But it is the biggest movie I’ve ever been involved in and Wicked for that matter. We have a production of 10 days, a 90 page script. I wrote it along with Marcus London. He helped me out with some of the British dialogue. There are four fight scenes and there will be some training required. And explosions- I get to blow shit up.”

“Just like Carmen Hart,” mused Moz.

“She’s my pyrotech,” said Daniels. “She’s going to douse a truck with moonshine.”

Daniels said she was pretty excited by it all but, at the same time, exhausted, because she was doing everything herself.

Moz noted how Daniels has been constantly in the news as of late, and that she [along with Tera Patrick] was in Blades of Glory.

“That’s the second number one comedy in the country you’ve been in including The 40 Year-Old Virgin,” added Moz.

“I got to grab Will Ferrell’s package,” laughed Daniels. She set up the gag in the movie.

“He’s the only ice skater to win a gold medal and an AVN award,” Daniels continued. “Of course if you’re going to win an AVN award you should do it with myself and Tera Patrick. It was shot on a green screen. He was cool- he was totally professional.”

Daniels announced that she will be in yet another movie coming out in June called Knocked Up.

“I have a speaking part in that one.” Beyond that, Daniels announced that they’re filming another mainstream movie she’ll be in called Pineapple Express.

“I play the lead guy’s wife,” she said. “I’m in prison for check fraud but we’re very much in love.” Moz also mentioned the fact that Daniels did another episode of The Mind of Mencia. Daniels explained how she had to do a stand-up bit in front of a live audience for that. According to Daniels, it also included Mario Lopez and Paulie Shore with her spending a great deal of time avoiding Shore.

Moz then brought up a “rumor.”

“You’re quite the Hollywood socialite,” he said. “You’re everywhere- you’re on all the red carpets and all these events and hang out with a lot of Hollywood types and stuff like that. I think a lot of people in the mainstream call you that crossover girl. Not only do you get these bit parts but you actually hang out with relatively well known actors and actresses and singers and stuff like that.”

To that Daniels added the fact that she participated in a poker tournament a couple of weeks ago.

“I’m very proud of this- I had never played poker before,” she stated. “And literally my assistant taught me how to play poker on Friday night and Saturday afternoon I was in a tournament. I didn’t win. I did get to the second round. But in one hand I beat Leonard DiCaprio. He sat at my table, and I played against him and I beat him.”

Daniels explained that the torunament was celebrating the one year anniversary of the niteclub Jet in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t actually talk to him for the record, but I did beat him at poker.”

Moz then brought up 300’s Gerard Butler and the rumors that Daniels was very close to him.

“It’s a rumor,” Daniels said unconvincingly. Moz then played a clip with an announcer asking, academically, who the mystery blond was with Gerard Butler.

Asked what she had to say about it, Daniels commented that she thought Butler is a very nice, intelligent man.

“And that’s all I’m going to say.”

“Are you guys friends?” asked Moz.

“I’m not saying anything else,” Daniels replied. “And he loves his ‘mum. We’re just friends although if he did propose to me I would say yes. I would ride him like Seabiscuit. But none of that has happened- for the record. He’s a hottie. But you know what’s hot about him is how talented he is. And I was chatting with someone who worked on 300- someone who was with Gerard at the poker-thing. And we were talking. I was saying it takes so much more talent to act on a green screen because you can’t really get into the moment.

“We were talking about how they did some of the stuff- imagine standing up in front of 300 people and getting all into it. That’s scary enough. Imagine standing on a styrofoam rock with two guys behind you on a sound stage and trying to get into the moment.”

Daniels mentioned that Butler in one scene because of child labor laws had to play to a sandbag [standing in for a child].

Moz imagined that for Daniels it must be similar to working with some of the male talent.

“About as much personality as a sandbag,” Moz said.


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