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Orgasm News Interviews Teal Conrad

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from – Orgasm News had a chance to speak to Teal Conrad. A hot, young porn star who has been in the industry for a few short months. Recently out of a contract, Teal has been experiencing many offers for shoots in the last month and work is expected to increase. Teal also balances her time with school and her passion for all things technology.

Orgasm News: You recently became a free agent on October 1st, 2012. Did you anticipate how busy you were going to get this month?

Teal Conrad: I knew I’d be busy but I didn’t think that I would be this busy!

Orgasm News: What factors do you consider when deciding what shoots you want to do?

Teal: I’m still very new and I’m trusting my agent for the most part. I want to do stuff that really represents me and doesn’t make me look bad. I like to be the dominant one except for the love making scenes.

Orgasm News: Can you tell us some of the shoots you’re doing now and which ones are your favorites?

Teal: My favorite shoot that I’ve done so far past my contract shoot, would either be the movie I shot for Elegant Angel called Seduction 2 or the movie I shot for Jewels Jordan called Bedhead. But for scenes I really
like shooting for Passion HD because it’s a little bit similar to the Babe stuff that I’ve done. I really like those; it’s like the making love stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting fucked hard but just the art and the glamour of the slow motion stuff is really pretty and really nice.

Orgasm News: How did you initially get into porn, Teal?

Teal: I love telling the story of how I got into it because it’s so unusual. Most girls you would think get in it because they need money. I used to be a fitness model/lifestyle model and when I came to Los Angeles for a lifestyle-fitness shoot I discovered porn. You do make more money [in porn] than you do in mainstream, but that wasn’t what I was after.

I was after being able to be myself. In mainstream you’re modeling the product and in porn I am the product. So it’s a little different modeling yourself versus the product. I’m overcoming that now but it’s really nice and it’s so different. Mainstream really brought me to porn, which is crazy.

Orgasm News: You’ve probably answered this question a million times before, but how did you come up with your porn star name?

Teal: Teal is my favorite color and has been for years. I think in 5th grade that became my favorite color when I discovered it. It’s a really deep shade of blue and green mixed together…It’s hard to find teal and when I find something teal I get very excited. And Conrad: I didn’t want just one name for my porn name. I wanted to represent the tomboy in me so I decided to use a boy’s name.

Orgasm News: How has the reaction been to your name because it’s so unique and different?

Teal: People ask me about it all the time. At first, it was really weird. I wanted to change my name…because: why would you want to be called a color? Now I’m starting to be really more accepting of it. I wanted to change it but my agent just loves it, so I have kept it!

Orgasm News: It’s working out for you so far, Teal. It’s a very nice name.

Teal: Thank you.

Orgasm News: Is there something people don’t know about you? A talent or even a hobby?

Teal: Yeah. I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m actually going to buy a GoPro Camera. I really like technology. I have four computers. I can’t settle with an iPhone. Don’t get me wrong I love Apple, but I need the buttons because when you’re typing you’ve got to be able to do it on a Blackberry…But I’m just a bit of a nerd. You’d never guess it. Some people can guess I’m a tomboy but I can be a girly girl too! It’s kind of all in one.

Orgasm News: You’re kind of a nerdy type. Are there any books you’re reading right now, that you want to share with your fans out there?

Teal: I actually just read the Jenna Jamison book, called “A Cautionary Tale”. It’s not normally the type of book I would read but I liked it especially since I’m new to the industry and it explains how the industry used to be and her experiences. I can relate to some of it and it’s really cool to read about someone who made it so far in the adult industry. So I did like it.

Orgasm News: I’m finding it amazing that you’re balancing everything. You have a hectic career, things are taking off, but you’re also finding time to go to school. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Teal: School’s very hard. I’ve had to drop a class. Unfortunately, that sucks. I wanted to be like: I can do everything, but I can’t…especially because I’m shooting almost four times a week right now. I literally wake up, go to school and then go to the set. I have a day off here and there. I’m lucky and I’m thankful for it.

I want to be busy and I want to work hard no matter what I do and I’ve never had a real job before. So being this busy, keeping up with school and the interviews and the work…I love it and I love the busy lifestyle.

Orgasm News: You recently got into the adult entertainment industry. How’s the reaction from your friends and family back home? Are they supportive?

Teal: Supportive is not the right word, that’s for sure! I have a few friends that are supportive of it. I’ve lost friends but I’ve [also] made friends. My family [doesn’t] approve…They don’t want their daughter in porn. I feel like since I’ve just started that they’re afraid of what they’ve read online: that every girl gets [addicted to] drugs etc…and I’m really not like every other girl. Because when I’m out and about and I’m at the mall shopping around, at the grocery store, whatever it is I’m not Teal. I don’t have the big, extravagant makeup on unless I’m out on the weekends. And I don’t tell people I’m in porn. I don’t know what I’ll say in the future but I’m still getting away with [being a] fitness model!

Orgasm News: Do you find it difficult having sex in your personal life now that your in porn?

Teal: I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t really want [one] because I’m so busy, and I don’t want to get distracted. I don’t really have time for it.

My Hitachi sits next to me every single night, and that’s fine. You’ve got to be able to set the table for one before you set it for two. I really need to make sure I am friends with myself before I make friends with somebody else. And I just need to slow down before I get a boyfriend. I’m young. I have really good sex on camera, and right now that’s fine.

I don’t need to have sex every single day. I need a little break too every once in awhile, even though I am a bit of a nympho.

Orgasm News: Have you had any mentors or any other porn stars that have taken you under their wing and have helped you out?

Teal: A little bit. I don’t have specific names, but I’ve gotten some really good pointers. I’ve met some really great people. The way I think I’m learning in the industry is I’m learning what not to do. What I mean by that is, when I’m out at an event with a bunch of people in the industry and I hear their stories, and they say where they’ve messed up it’s more like, “I’m not going to let that happen to me!” I think that’s how I’ve been learning for the most part being new [to the industry.] I don’t want to get taken advantage of, and I won’t let that happen.

Orgasm News: Another issue you’re dealing with, as well as the porn industry, is Measure B. What are some of your thoughts on that?

Teal: I think it could be good in both ways. I think that if the condom law was to go through, and if we were to have to wear condoms it wouldn’t affect companies like Wicked. …I think that it would be safer for the talent but I wonder if they would have to use condoms for blowjobs because you can still get something that way.

I haven’t done a lot of research on it, but I feel like people would still shoot porn in Los Angeles and it would take about a year to be able to transfer over to Vegas or wherever they’re going to shoot it next.

I think it could be good in both ways because if you think about it what would happen is people are already going over to Vegas to shoot. If everyone were to transfer the industry to Vegas they could do that but they’re still going to be shooting here in Los Angeles. So it’d take a year to get transferred over but some people wouldn’t be as safe and protected. I think it’s just a big mess and a big Mr. Marcus thing has a big impact on it; because people are concerned about the tests and stuff like that. Either way I think whatever happens we’ll be able to figure it out. We still have to shoot.

Orgasm News: Earlier on you mentioned that you’re a big techie—that you love technology. How have you used technology, Internet, and social media to get you noticed?

Teal: Honestly, I would think having a PR service is the best thing to do as a new comer. I wish I signed with Rising Star earlier in my career, before I signed the contract, just to get it out there. But I signed early enough and they have taught me a lot and really helped me out. That is important when it comes to getting yourself out there, because then you have the articles and the interviews about you all over the Internet.

But it’s not for everybody and some people can’t do interviews or don’t want to talk about themselves and they’re not open. I think it just depends on what type of girl you are. For me I like twitter but I hate texting and I would rather email than sit there and text back and forth.

[As for] Internet [it] has helped me a lot, because I’m really, really good at searching the web for something and hunting something down. I’m able to hunt down scenes that I’ve shot very quickly…[to] find them and [easily talk about them.] After I took my twitter off of private my followers have just been going up. People love reading about you and just learning more and more about you, and I love it! I love being able to get my name out there and be able to share that I’m not like very other porn girl.

Orgasm News: You talked a little bit about Jenna Jamison’s book. What kind of things have you learned from a legend like her?

Teal: She talks about a time when she was on set and they were treating her poorly and she didn’t know how to react. I told myself I wasn’t going to be treated like that just because it’s porn…I’m not going to let that happen.

I haven’t had any shoots where that has happened but I’m prepared for it. She really did prepare me for the worst and I haven’t had the worst. I’ve only had the best, so far.

It’s really cool that she talks so good about some of the people like Suze Randall, Hustler, Penthouse, Holly Randall and Steve Orenstein. She talks [well] about some of the people that I’ve met that I absolutely love that I’ve shot for and worked with.

Orgasm News: For you, what are some of your short term goals including this year and 2013?

Teal: I started out slow and [to continue] build[ing] slowly. I’m not in any rush. I’m not money hungry. I’m going to school. I’m busy…I want to try to just make every scene better than the last one and as I keep doing that I think that it will only get better. Hopefully by the end of the year or by the beginning of the year I’ll have my website up and I won’t be the ‘porn girl.’ Maybe I’ll be on my way to becoming a porn star, but right now I’m a porn girl.

Orgasm News: Great! Thanks Teal, it was a lot of fun talking to you.

Teal: Thank you so much.


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