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Otto and Audrey Be Goin’ to Trinidad, Mon; Shooting Supercore’s First Feature for Ninn Worx

Porn Valley- Otto Bauer’s about ready to light up a cigarette. Except he forgot that he stopped smoking. Bauer’s sucking on a lozenge and is holding a flame to it. Too funny. Otto, who stopped with the cigarettes about three weeks ago says these lozenges do work except you pay the same amount for them as you would tobacco.

Most people who quit smoking tend to put on the weight, but Otto’s also managed to shed 12 pounds- and it’s all in the waist. He has really leaned out. Otto also tells me he’s heading for Trinidad later this month to shoot a movie.

“We’re going down there to start the principal phototography and production on Supercore’s first big feature,” he explains. “There is a plot, storyline; there’s dialogue. There is interesting production value in terms of waterfalls and flora and fauna.

“We’re going to fluff up a movie with some dialogue and discussion of a sexual nature,” he adds. “I hope we’ll keep the dialogue interesting by making it deviant because I’m writing the script myself.”

Otto says he’s chosen Trinidad because it offers an ethnically diverse population.

“So we can expect to see some ethnic diversity,” he says. “By that I mean it’ll be an interracial movie with performers of color being involved in a sexual capacity.”

The storyline as I understand it, is about an American girl “a model of pop culture,” who’s taken out of her element.

“In one way of thinking she’s being deprived by going to a remote location,” says Otto. “This is a young lady who by taking a vacation is removing herself, symbolically, from American pop culture and all that that means.”

“This sounds like a well thought out thing,” I tell Otto.

“Sure, dude, I’m Otto Bauer,” he replies. “What do you think, I’m just flying from the hip here? You know me better than that!”

“Girls in our country really have it tough nowadays,” he continues. “They have to compete with what gay men find attractive. They havc to look like runway models. But that’s garbage. I don’t want to fuck some girl skinny as a rail- that doesn’t do anything for me. But, essentially, the girl is taken out of that element. However, when one leaves an area of saturation in their life, it’s human nature to find another. So she goes to a new culture and new environment that has its own charms. Of course it’s human nature to absorb oneself in what one does, so she finds new things to involve herself in- whatever the fad is.

“So this is going to become her new fad, her new fashion, her new fetish and her new reason for being in life- far from the malls in Sherman Oaks. She will become obsessed with cock because that’s all there is in this island setting- sexuality and eroticism and naked bodies. That’s the whole point of going to an island vacation. So she takes the same enthusiasm she might have for the Sherman Oaks Galleria and pours it into a new fascination.”

A concept like this seems far flung from your basic Supercore movie where pissing in the face is as close as you’ll get to island intrigue and romance. I ask Otto what prompts this turn of events.

“The short answer is, it’s been forced upon me,” he laughs. “I like to get at the fucking. It’s very important to me to get at the fucking. That’s what the fellows want to see. But, at the same time, I can see the merits of flashing a bit of reasoning behind the fucking. Why is this girl so fucking crazy for cock? Because she’s an American, why else. I take the challenge gratefully and with enthusiasm because I thought of doing a feature for a long time. And we’ve done featuresque sorts of things if you’ve ever seen Live and Loaded in Los Angeles. But the important thing to me is to get to the true oratory and sluttery of all American females. They find their sexuality in our culture very, very quickly.

“And what porn offers like Cosmopolitan offers, is the worship of the female body,” Otto contends. “So when a girl comes to the Valley- if we play our cards right, we can actually make something out of the clay that comes from Kansas. We can shape the Oklahoma dust into a Santa Monica sweetheart. It’s not that hard, but you have to milk it. So that’s what this movie would be about- exploring the animal desire of sexuality that inhabits every American girl from the time that they’e old enough to watch a dirty movie.”

Basically I tell Otto this is the best piece of razzle dazzle I’ve ever had served up to me on-the-fly to explain the concept of a porn movie.


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