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Pamela Peaks- 50 Triple G’s But Still No Anal

Porn Valley- Layla Jade kicked off an evening’s worth of live broadcasting at the Key Club Thursday night by interviewing Pamela Peaks- Peaks, who throws interim parties for the industry these days, sports 50 GGG’s and states that it took her a series of implants to reach that astounding girth. Peak said she’s been featuring her current size about 2 1/2 years. “I had to get a couple of jobs- you can’t move up right away to this size.” Jade seemed to have been in positive awe of Peaks’ orbs.

Asked how people by and large react to her pneumatics, Peaks said she gets treated nice by men but often times gets the fish eye from other women. “Dirty looks.” Peaks said she’ll come home from a shoot and go to the grocery store. “I’ll notice like the whole store will shut down. They stop typing and everything. Sometimes when I go out in public I try to cover them- car accidents- it’s not good.”

Asked if she ever caused one, Peaks, said, yeah. “Actually I have that’s why I try to cover them a lot. It depends where I’m going. If I’m going to a niteclub, I don’t care if I’m half naked. But normal places like Vons, yeah. People just can’t concentrate. It’s just not normal that you see these evry day.”

According to Peaks, Peaks there aren’t that many girls in the big breast fraternity. “We kind of all go through the same thing- even in Vegas, places like that where you think you’ll see them more often, because there’s show girls- people still flip out. Even if you’re working in a strip club, they still flip out. Because double D’s are like the norm anymore.”

Jade said when she first got her boobs done- which are not nearly the size of Peaks’- she’d have guys talking to her chest and not her face. “I would just stand there and stare into the guy’s face until he’d eventually make eye contact with me.” Peaks suggested staring at their two-inch dicks.

Jade noted that Peaks has been on Entertainment Tonight, VH1, HBO and Jenny Jones. Peaks said a lot of those shows were to help her promote her website and feature dancing. “They just contact me through my website.” Peaks also does private shows and bachelor parties which form the main basis of her income. Peaks said her appearances on TV were to talk about her shows and talking about what that was like to advertise your services on the Internet.Peaks said she now throws porn parties for the industry. “Because we all need a break,” she says. Peaks says she’s been throwing the parties about four months and at one of them, Entertainment Tonight came by and interviewed her.

“There were plenty of chicks flashing.” Peaks said she gets a lot of exposure from those interviews, noting that something she did at the AVN awards has been getting repeated broadcast on E!. “It’s just great- you don’t even know you’re going to be on.”

Peaks said a show like Jenny Jones is a set up. “Everybody knows that. You get paid to basically play a part. And you have to sit there and make up a bunch of crap.” Jade said she’s had a long time history with those types of shows, particularly in England. “I also turned so many of them down because my issue with it is that they never want to do a positive story about the porn industry.” Jade said her story is from humble origins where she used to make $100 a week.

“but they never wanted to talk about that- about how I had become a success in America. They always wanted to make up something where I had a big issue with my career.” Jade said inevitably those appearances would wind up in mock food fights. “I’m not going to represent myself or the industry in that kind of way.”

Jade said she had another experience with the Jerry Springer show when it came over to the UK. Jade said she was going to be paid $500 for a segment where she was supposed to be doing food fetish videos. “The grand finale was I had a friend who was hoity-toity and didn’t like it. Then we had a big food fight at the end.” Jade said she wound up not getting paid and thus prompted phone calls going back and forth. She was told that because it was a Springer show, people were doing stuff for free. “I told them to go to hell in the end.” Peaks said another thing is they make it sound like you’re going to be put up in a nice hotel and it turns out to be a dump.

Peaks said she’ll ask in advance what the show entails. “Jenny Jones they kind of deluded me, but it’s not until you get there. But I was paid so I’m not complaining. You do get a lot of publicity.” Peaks said if you watch her on those shows, she’s looking at the ceiling half the time in boredom. “They ask the same questions.”

Peaks remembered one question being about whether she gets one boob done at a time. “I can’t even believe this is happening. Is this real?” Peaks said after awhile you can’t stand to be there any more with some of the retardation that ensues. “It’s not challenging in the least.”

Peaks said she’s done some cool documentaries in Vegas. “Those are really fun to do- cause you’ll cruise around and I’ll be like a tour guide. And we talk about these neat casinos and where to hang out in strip clubs.”

Peaks has done about 70 movies but hasn’t done anal. “Just normal hardcore- boy/girl, fetish, bondage, wrestling- I do a lot of wrestling stuff. I’m real good with scissors and pinning people. It makes me feel good as a girl.”

The discussion got around to strap-ons and Peaks said it’s very popular in movies such as those done by Brittany Andrews. “I do those, too.” Jade said she never quite got doing guys in the ass. “Well, I do get it, but I don’t like it,” she said. “Because to me to do that to a guy completely demasculinizes them.” Peaks begged to differ and said men love it. Jade said if she fucked a guy in the ass she didn’t think that she’d enjoy him fucking her afterwards. Jade said it wasn’t very masculine to her to see a guy do something like that. “Then, again, if I find the right guy, maybe I will.”

Peaks said many of the people she sees in her private shows are the last that she’d expect to take it in the ass. “I’m starting to think this whole world is gay. Seriously like so many guys love it up the ass it’s amazing.” But Peaks said she didn’t blame the guys who claim that they get big orgasms from it. “I’m all for bigger O’s- that’s great.”

Peaks said her next party is at the Barfly on March 28th and that she normally gets between 500 to 700 people attending those. Peaks also said she’s starting her own production company this year. “I’m all excited,” she said. “As talent we don’t get paid enough. I make a lot more money doing the private shows, but that’s okay. You do the movies for exposure.” Peaks said she wants to make the kind of movies she can masturbate to and what she thinks would look good.



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