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“Paris” Gables Back in Play

Porn Valley- On any given Jim Powers shoot, sex, unfortunately, is a necessary interruption. That’s because there’s always some kind of byplay or bit of business threatening to turn itself into a headline. And Thursday morning it was learned that Paris Gables is no longer exclusive to Extreme, and I get the impression from talking to her that she may be going back to the performing name Heather Gables. Another clue might be the fact that Gables just launched a Heather Gables MySpace page.

Meanwhile porn newcomer Danny Rosales is still using the name Danny Rosales and Johnny Thrust has yet to get his camera gear back from him. This scenario is now becoming known as The Rosales Caper.

On Sunday at the Tuxford House Rosales was supposed to have walked off with Thrust’s camera bag, and Thrust is telling me the missing gear has a market value of over $2200. According to what Thrust is saying, process of elimination puts the finger squarely on Rosales. Thrust tried calling him Sunday night after Rosales left the house. Thrust told him he was going to kick his ass, and Rosales claimed innocence. Though Rosales did say something about coming back to the set with his wife and kid. Thrust is wondering what the hell Rosales’ wife and kid have to do with anything.

“Here’s the deal,” Thrust told him. “I want my camera back on one of the tables at the Tuxford House Monday morning- no questions asked.” Rosales failed to return the camera.

Meanwhile, Thrust is on the phone with Rochelle from Gold Star Modeling over some drama involving a $2400 check Gold Star wants from Powers’ company.

“We’re not yelling,” Thrust is calming Rochelle, meanwhile telling me that Rochelle is now in tears over this situation. And not tears of joy, apparently. Powers then gets on the phone asking for separate invoices not clear on exactly what this whole thing is about.

“I get invoiced all the time for things I haven’t shot,” Powers is saying with a shrug. Meanwhile someone is making comments that they’re going to treat Rochelle like they treat mattresses in a reverse bukkake.

Paris Gables drops her jeans to display the fact that she’s got a butt plug wedged in her ass. Seth Dickens, who’s going to work with her, thinks Gables has nice calves and compliments her on the fact. For his part, Dickens displays a jaw line that could wipe out an army of Philistines.

I ask Gables if she’s now possessed by the devil because that’s what an Extreme Associates press release claims what happened after she did a movie for satanist Shane Bugbee.

“Which gym do you exorcise at?” I ask her.

“Everytime I use my right and left hand,” Gables quips.

I mention to Gables that people might assume the Satan movie had something to do with her wanting out of exclusivity.

“It wasn’t like I was running from the Satan movie,” Gables explains. “The worst part of it was, it was cold and damp. I’d rather be buried in manure.”

Gables, who reminds you of a miniature Tonisha Mills, now wants to work with other companies but will continue non-exclusively for Extreme.

“I couldn’t see where it was furthering the purposes for me or thwem to be there full time,” she states.

Gables, though, is in the middle of directing a movie for them titled: Paris Gables is a Sick Fuck.

“I did a masturbation scene in a pool of blood and meat,” she’s saying. “I thought I was going to throw up. I haven’t eaten meat since.”

Gables got into the business in 2004. She went to college at US Santa Barbara. According to her, what made her decide on porn for a career is the fact that she wrote a paper on the porn industry for women’s studies. It intrigued her. I wonder how Gables likes working for Tom Zupko.

“He and I are friends,” she replies. “But I like keeping working for him to a minimum. I respect his creative input but I’m not into the religious aspects.” I wonder if she’s been crucified by Zupko and at first Gables takes this question as though it happened to her literally.

“No, but I do have some issues with a midget on a cross,” Gables goes on to say. “I told Zupko, dude, I’m not blowing the midget. I have nothing against Diablo but I don’t do midgets. I told Zupko it was not going to happen.”


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