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Paris Hilton on Suicide Watch

Los Angeles- Petrified Paris Hilton mouthed “I love you” to her parents last night — before being carted off to face a hostile reception in prison.

The blonde heiress sobbed constantly during a one-hour hearing as a court overturned her early release from jail.

Onlookers in the Los Angeles court said her whole body was shaking and having spasms.

As Judge Michael Sauer ordered her back to prison to serve her FULL 45-day sentence, Paris screamed: “It’s not right”.

And as a female cop dragged her away to the cells, Paris looked up at mum Kathy and wept, “Mom! Mom!” Mrs Hilton broke down in tears and had to be comforted by husband Rick.

Distraught Paris, 26, was last night back on suicide watch at the Century Regional Detention Facility just 36 hours after being freed early on medical grounds.

Prisoner number 9818783 was put back in her special cell — isolated from other inmates — amid fears the angry lags could RIOT over her special treatment.

Wardens even ordered a lockdown as prisoners — who think Paris pretended to be sick to con doctors — threatened a revolt.

An insider at the prison in Lynwood, California, said: “The women inside the jail are seething. They say if you’re a rich white girl you get special treatment.

“They are furious that while Paris had her own special cell with a panic button, was given better food and was kept away from the general population, she was still released early.

“There are girls in here with cancer, TB, and with MRSA. They aren’t allowed to go home and are treated by prison medical staff.

“The prisoners think if you’re rich and pretend you’re sick you can get away with murder.

“Many of the girls have been locked down in their cells all day because they are so furious. The jail is full of screams about Paris.

“Prison bosses fear this could simmer over into violence.”

Ex-inmate Lisa Caprie said she suffered a nervous breakdown inside but was kept there.

She said: “We heard Paris was treated like the Queen of England. It’s not fair. My husband fought to get me out when I had a breakdown but they didn’t listen.”

And Elana Lamb, set free with an ankle tag, said Paris made a nuisance of herself by repeatedly pressing a medical alert button.

Lamb, 38, said: “She was just whining, complaining she was cold and hungry.”

Simple Life star Paris was hauled back to court in handcuffs yesterday 36 hours after prison chiefs freed her amid fears she was suicidal and suffering a breakdown.

She had spent just three full days in jail — and was released to serve out the rest of her sentence with 40 days’ house arrest at her Hollywood Hills mansion.

Paris was originally sentenced to 45 days for violating her probation and driving ban after a drink-driving conviction. She was told the term would be cut to 23 days for good behaviour and because of prison overcrowding.

But angry Judge Sauer last night ordered her to serve the full sentence. Her jail time this week counts as five days, meaning she has another 40 to go.

The judge complained that he had not been shown any medical evidence to show why Paris should be allowed home. He added: “At no time did I approve of the defendant being released from custody to her home.” He also blasted the decision to release her for medical reasons, saying: “I don’t know why the defendant could not be treated at Lynwood, because they have a great medical facility.”

The Sheriff’s Department, in charge of the jail, defended Paris’s release, saying her condition could not be treated in prison.

But the move sparked fury among other law officials.

Judge Sauer was fuming as he had specifically said she should not be allowed any work release or electronic monitoring as a substitute for jail. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo blasted the Sheriff’s Department for releasing Paris early and failing to notify him.

Mr Delgadillo added: “We cannot tolerate a two-tiered jail system where the rich and powerful receive special treatment.”

LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich called the early release “a mockery of due process”. He added: “You’re dealing with a spoiled brat acting out to get her way instead of serving her time.”

Jail insiders said Paris had sobbed herself to sleep every night. She was heard repeatedly complaining she was cold and that she was hungry because she couldn’t eat the prison food.

But once back at her luxury home, Paris celebrated by inviting her family round.

A pal said she had sent her assistant shopping and arranged for her make-up artist to visit.

The pal said: “It’s so cruel what has happened to her. She wasn’t allowed to wax or use a moisturiser. Her skin is so dry right now.”

Paris’s taste of freedom ended yesterday afternoon when sheriffs arrived at her home to put her in handcuffs and take her to court.

Looking pale and hiding behind large sunglasses, Paris had ditched her normal glamorous outfits and high heels to dress in a baggy grey tracksuit and trainers. She hugged her parents and sister Nicky before bursting into tears as she was taken away.

A courtroom observer said many were shocked by her appearance.

He added: “All through the hearing Paris cried.

“She was shaking and biting her nails and nodding her head uncontrollably. She was having spasms, rubbing her forehead and neck. She kept shooting tearful looks at her parents. It felt like we were watching her come apart at the seams.”

Paris may still get out of jail early, as her sentence is likely to be reduced for good behaviour — and her lawyers are planning to appeal next week.


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