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PART 2 – Man’s ‘secret love’ of transsexual women: Do new trends predict a second rexual revolution?

The first part of this article quotes no less an authority on the subject than Seth Rogen:

from – In its 2009 Online Publisher’s Association Market Intelligence Report, information giant ComScore reported that, for all but one of the past eight years, Internet Dating outpaced all other paid-content categories on the web, emerging as the fastest-growing market segment in the US – faster even than Business Content, Investing, Entertainment, Sports and Games.

Not surprisingly, analyst Alex Richards says the same trend can be observed in the adult dating industry as well. “Overall paid memberships and conversion rates have substantially increased,” Richards says. “As more people become unemployed, they miss the social interactions they once had at work. Faced with the extra free time, they are spending even more of it online [and on] dating sites.”

An August 2009 Alexa survey of the top 10 transsexual dating sites reveals that 44 million men aged 35–65 now patron trans-only dating sites – an impressive figure, considering a decade ago the market didn’t even exist. Next year, it’s expected to grow larger still.

Despite the global economic downturn, hitherto unprecedented new-business initiatives are being launched by major US Internet-content providers, movie producers and publishing houses in an effort to satisfy public demand for all things transsexual – including (you guessed it) traditional XXX video rentals. Video sales manager Daryl Jenkins says, “You’ve got every company out there running to make transsexual tapes. Ten to 20 are coming out a week” – a trend that apparently surprised even the industry’s top prognosticators (except for Rogen, of course).

Indeed, for many companies, transsexual titles are now outselling all others. Anthony Simone, an adult-industry marketing manager, told Joanne Cachapero of that, while he suspected his newest transsexual titles would be successful, he was not at all prepared for what happened: “We’ve had some really popular titles that have done well, but [our transsexual titles] have outsold everything so far.”

If there’s a silver lining to this story, perhaps it’s that increased coverage and awareness of the transsexual condition may eventually lead to increased acceptance of transsexual women as equal members of female society. So far, anything approaching real compassion has proved remarkably – and some might argue, rather hypocritically – elusive.

Despite growing worldwide interest in transsexual women, the majority of both traditional and digital sources has yet to treat the topic seriously, opting instead to focus on the more sensational, controversial or pornographic elements of trans culture. This prevailing tendency – evident even among more “enlightened” networks like LOGO (TransAmerican Love Story? Are you kidding me?) – has proved quite vexing to those familiar with true trans culture. Regardless of what the Jerry Springers of the world would have us believe, transsexual women are not all prostitutes, nightclub performers, porn stars or money-grubbing nymphomaniacs.

So just how many women are responsible for this new (trans)sexual revolution? Most scientists and researchers now estimate that one in every 12,000 genetic males is born transsexual. This means that, for every transsexual female alive in the world today, there are more than 750 single men who “secretly love” them.

In light of the colossal challenges transsexuals face simply for being true to themselves, I could think of no better group more deserving of such widespread adoration. Besides, you don’t have to smoke Pineapple Express to know these girls are hot.

Just ask your neighbor … or your husband.


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